location data

Taylor Swift Threatens To Sue Student Who Clashed With Elon Musk

Florida student Jack Sweeney threatened with legal action by Taylor Swift, over location tracking of her private jet

4 months ago

Google Agrees $93m Location Tracking Settlement With California

Another settlement over Google's location tracking practices, with agreement to pay California $93m to settle lawsuit

8 months ago

Tesla Staff Shared Sensitive Customer Images – Report

Former Tesla workers in the US admit they often shared sensitive videos and images taken by customer's car cameras

1 year ago

Google Ordered To Pay $43m By Australian Court

Search engine Google fined $43 million by Australian court for tracking Android users location data for two years in 2017…

2 years ago

Teenager Who Tracked Elon Musk Jet, Now Tracking Russian Oligarchs

Jack Sweeney, famous for tracking the jets of Elon Musk, has now turned his attention to the private jets of…

2 years ago

Google Sued For ‘Deceptive’ Location Tracking Practices

Four attorneys general in the US are suing Google for allegedly misleading users about when it was able to track…

2 years ago

Mercedes Recalls Millions Of Cars Over Software Bug

Recall for more than a million Mercedes cars, concerning a call location glitch that is supposed to alert the emergency…

3 years ago

NSO Used Real Location Data Of People In Demo, Researchers Allege

In a demonstration of its Covid-19 contact-tracing system earlier this year, researchers allege NSO Group used real people's location data

3 years ago

Google To Delete User Searches, Location Data After 18 Months

Privacy win? Google will automatically delete user's website searches and visits, as well as some location data, after 18 months

4 years ago

Apple Tracks iPhones Stolen By Looters

We are tracking you. Apple warns looters after some street protests in the United States result in the looting of…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: EU Sets Out Guidance For Covid-19 Tracking App

European Commission publishes detailed guidance for EU member states developing their own Coronavirus tracking and warning apps

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Location Data Shows Rise In Visits To Parks

Google releases second tranche of location data that reveals there was a rise in people visiting parks during the warm…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Releases Location Data To Help Authorities Check Lock-downs

Location data is being released by Google in 131 countries so officials can see if people are obeying self-isolating rules

4 years ago

Coronavirus: NSO Offers Covid-19 Tracking Software

Surveillance specialist NSO offers Western governments software that uses mobile phone data to monitor and predict the spread of coronavirus

4 years ago

Coronavirus: WHO Expert Calls For Mobile Phone Tracking

Time to track? To ensure people follow self isolation, their smartphones need to be tracked, expert at World Health Organisation…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Has The Government Requested Mobile Location Data?

Contradictory reports state the government has requested location data of citizens to see if they are obeying Coronavirus advice

4 years ago

Bluetooth 5.1 Delivers Pinpoint Location Accuracy

Location services boost as new spec delivers exact location data, to within one centimetre

5 years ago

Google Slapped With Location Tracking Lawsuit

That didn't take long. Last week's revelation that Google tracks users’ location even if tracking is turned off, prompts US…

6 years ago

US Supreme Court Rules On Mobile Phone Location Data

Court case involving armed robber sees setback for American law enforcement in using historical location data

6 years ago

LocationSmart Flaw Reveals Location Data Of US Mobile Users

Oops. Customers of all major US mobile carriers have their location data leaked without their consent

6 years ago

US Police Don’t Need A Warrant To Track Mobile Users

Privacy setback? US appeals court rules police don't need warrant to obtain cell tower records from mobile operators

8 years ago

Public Happy To Share Location Data But Demand Tougher Regulation

Majority of consumers believe that more regulation is needed to ensure responsible usage of location based data

9 years ago