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UK Urges Meta Not To Add End-To-End Encryption

Government minister urges Meta not deploy end-to-end encryption on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, after passing of Online Safety Bill

10 months ago

Police Delete Database Containing 150,000 Records

Police database falls down some stairs. British coppers accidentally delete data on 150,000 people from the Police National Computer

3 years ago

Microsoft Asks Staff To Work From Home To Combat Coronavirus

Staff in Seattle and Silicon Valley to work from home, as Microsoft joins other companies trying to limit spread of…

4 years ago

Home Office Admits EU Citizen Breach

Government department blames 'administrative error' for disclosure of hundreds of email addresses

5 years ago

Home Office Launches ‘Start-Up’ Visa Programme

The move aims to attract more entrepreneurs, following criticism of immigration restrictions from the UK's tech industry

6 years ago

Amber Rudd To Earmark £9m For Dark Web Crackdown

Experts question whether additional funding will help in the fight against criminals who exploit dark web

6 years ago

UK Government Shows Off AI Tool For Extremist Video Takedown

Home Secretary on visit to US warns tech firms it may force them to use it for UK operations

6 years ago

Government Urged To Launch Blockchain-Based ID Assurance Overhaul

Blockchain could be used to give citizens control over how their identity information is shared with public services, argues the…

7 years ago

Samsung Awarded Contract For Emergency Services Smartphones

Samsung will supply 250,000 toughened handsets to offer mobile data, live-streaming video and more for the emergency services

7 years ago

Government Offers £2m To Fund Terrorist Targeting Tech

Research projects that help pick out terrorists in crowds are being sought by the Home Office

7 years ago

Home Office Begins Hunt For New Chief Tech Officer

The Home Office's recruitment plans indicate a new chief digital, data and technology officer might not be in place until…

7 years ago

Home Office Overlooks Scale Of Online Fraud Warns NAO

Must do better! National Audit Office says online fraud is costing billions of pounds, but is still not a priority…

7 years ago

Government Plans Online Residency Procedure For EU Nationals

The planned online system is aimed at replacing the unwieldy 85-page paper form currently required to establish UK residency

7 years ago

Home Office Consultation Focuses On Biometric Law Enforcement Devices

The consultation aims to engage with industry ahead of planned procurement for police fingerprint devices, software and frontline systems

7 years ago

Home Office Criticised Over ‘Flimsy’ Consultation For Investigatory Powers Act

Longer consultation needed. Open letter slams Home Secretary Amber Rudd for 'breaching' Cabinet Office guidelines

7 years ago

BT Wi-Fi Repeater System Promises ‘Complete’ Wireless In Every Room

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi could give your home office a wireless upgrade

7 years ago

UK Police Urged To Take Crime Fighting To The Cloud

Digital technology should play an increasingly significant role to help British police tackle crime, says new report

8 years ago

Home Office Grants Another £26m For Police Cloud And Data Transformation

The funding is to support a cloud data-access programme, DNA database, data analytics lab and other schemes

8 years ago

Home Office ‘To Integrate Surveillance Cams With Police Database’

The Law Enforcement Data Service is to include two existing police databases as well as the nationwide Automatic Number Plate…

8 years ago

Home Office Extends Fujitsu Contract Another Two Years

The long-running contract will now extend to the spring of 2018, in spite of official Whitehall policy favouring smaller suppliers

8 years ago

Emergency Services 4G Network Delayed By Five Months

The Home Office said it has 'reviewed' the network's ambitious timeline in order to ensure the plan is achievable

8 years ago

Emergency Services Network Plan ‘High Risk’, NAO Warns

The plan for a new emergency-services communications network relies on an approach as yet untested anywhere in the world, the…

8 years ago

Investigatory Powers Bill Given Cautious Support By Human Rights Committee

Journalist sources must be protected says committee of MPs, but admits bulk data collection can be justified

8 years ago

Theresa May Promises Snoopers Charter Review

Bulk data collection scrutiny - 'draconian' Investigatory Powers Bill to face independent investigation

8 years ago

British Spy Agencies Have Carried Out Bulk Data Collection For Years

British intelligence agencies have been bulk collecting our personal data to a “staggering extent”

8 years ago

MPs Slam Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

Committee of MPs adds to criticism of the Snoopers' Charter, saying it is “not thought through”

8 years ago

Government Reveals Top 10 Cyber Threats Affecting Businesses

TechUK and Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership report finds the same old risks are still causing trouble

10 years ago

Home Office Locked Into £330m Oracle Contract

The Home Office is obliged to continue paying Oracle for ERP services until 2016, even as it signs a cost-cutting…

10 years ago

Emergency Surveillance Rules Being Rushed Into UK Law

Government wants network operators to continue storing metadata, despite EU court ruling

10 years ago

Home Office Leaks Details Of More Than 1,500 Illegal Immigrants

The confidential information was visible on the Home Office website for two weeks

11 years ago