Google Says Gmail ‘Here To Stay’ After Hoax Goes Viral

Google says Gmail 'here to stay' after fake email message viewed millions of times on social media

5 months ago

Google To Begin Deleting Inactive Accounts On Friday

Users have until Friday, as search giant Google moves ahead with plan to delete accounts inactive for at least two…

8 months ago

Google To Tweak Gmail To Combat Spammers

Battling the spammers. Google makes changes to Gmail to make life more difficult for those send thousands of emails a…

9 months ago

Google To Sunset Gmail’s Basic HTML View In 2024

Another Google product is being sunsetted, with the simple version of its Gmail service set for retirement in early 2024

10 months ago

Google Adds AI Chatbot Bard To Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs

Major expansion for Chatbot Bard as Google connects it to full suite tools including Google Docs, Gmail and YouTube

10 months ago

Google Gmail Rolls Out New Interface For All Users

Check your inbox now. Users advised to check the unified refresh for Gmail's interface, which is now being rolled out…

2 years ago

Google Services Including Gmail Suffer Disruption

Rare event. Disruption around the globe after outage hits Google services including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs on Thursday…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Blocks 18 Million Daily Covid-19 Scam Emails

Online threat. In the past week alone Google says it has blocked 126 million Covid-related daily phishing scams

4 years ago

Former Cortana Boss Javier Soltero Joins Google

'Hey Cortana... please forward my email to Google', as former Microsoft man joins search engine giant

5 years ago

Huawei Mate 30 Cut Off From Google Apps

Goodbye Youtube and Gmail. Bootleg access to Google apps is shut down as US blacklisting bites

5 years ago

Google Cloud Restored After Four-Hour Outage

The disruption affected Google's online tools such as Gmail as well as those of third-parties, including Snapchat and Vimeo

5 years ago

Baltimore Struggles After Ransomware Attack

Ten thousand computers belonging to American city still crippled by devastating ransomware attack

5 years ago

Third Party Developers Can Read Gmail Emails

Google privacy form gives third party developers the ability to read millions of emails from Gmail users

6 years ago

Google Refreshes Gmail With AI, Improved Privacy Protection

First overhaul of webmail system since 2013 as Google seeks to take the fight to Microsoft

6 years ago

Google Allows Third-Party Add-ons For Gmail

Gmail opened up for direct integration with business applications across desktop and mobile devices

7 years ago

Google Adds ‘Advanced Protection’ Account Security Option

The feature, aimed at 'high-risk' users including politicians, journalists and dissidents, requires two hardware keys amongst other protections

7 years ago

Additional Google Account Security Aims To ‘Deter Political Hackers’

The programme, aimed at high-profile executives and politicians, is to introduce a secont physical key and block access to data…

7 years ago

Google Splits Hangouts, Boosts Drive, And Will Open Gmail Up To Third-Party Add-Ons

Google's raft of updates revealed at GCP Next shows the search giant is chasing enterprise customers

7 years ago

‘Highly Effective’ Phishing Scam Steals Gmail Login Details

Victims are sent a spoofed email directing them to a fake Gmail login page

7 years ago

Security Experts Cast Doubt On Severity Of ‘Massive’ Email Breach

Cache of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo email credentials obtained by Hold Security needs to be verified, claims Have I been…

8 years ago

Millions Of Stolen Microsoft, Google And Yahoo Accounts Found Online

Hold Security finds hacker trying to offload stash of 272.3 million stolen email account credentials

8 years ago

Google Drops ‘Mic Drop’ Gmail April Fool

Feature has apparently permanently deleted Gmail threads, causing some users to worry about their jobs and friends

8 years ago

AWS WorkMail Email And Calendar Service Moves Into General Availability

WorkMail email service goes public with future updates including a single Global Address Book and email journaling feature

9 years ago

Google To Introduce Warnings For Unencrypted Emails

Email encryption has risen dramatically since the reports of US mass Internet surveillance two years ago, Google has found

9 years ago

Expired Certificate Causes Global Gmail Glitch

Google neglected to renew a key certificate, causing error messages for the 'majority' of Gmail users over the weekend

9 years ago

Gmail Brings Google Wallet Online Payments To The UK

Emailers can now send or request money using Gmail

9 years ago

Google Gmail Block Continues In China

China's Great Firewall reportedly blocks access to Gmail, but the Chinese media blame Google for the disruption

10 years ago

Google Inbox Offers Gmail Users Smarter Email

Google invites selected Gmail users to trial its 'Inbox' app designed to 'reinvent' the entire email experience

10 years ago