Russia Accused Of Cyberattack On Germany’s Ruling Party, Defence Firms

German foreign minister warns Russia will face consequences for “absolutely intolerable” cyberattack on ruling party, and German companies

2 months ago

Vodafone Germany Confirms 2,000 Job Losses, Amid European Restructuring

More downsizing at Vodafone after German operation announces 2,000 jobs will be axed, as automation increases in the future

3 months ago

Russian Hackers Lure German Politicians With Fake Dinner Party Invite

Russian state-based hackers targeted German politicians with email posing as CDU dinner party invitation as spy activity intensifies

3 months ago

Microsoft To Invest €3.2 billion In Germany, Mirroring UK Investment

Microsoft confirms it will invest 3.2 billion euros in Germany for AI and data centres, in welcome move amid a…

4 months ago

Germany ‘To Approve’ EU’s AI Act

Germany prepared to approve EU's AI Act after coalition's Free Democratic Party drops objections over red tape

5 months ago

German Government Warns Telcos Over China Risk

Networking parts from China may face ban if 'serious security risk' found, regardless of potential cost, German interior minister warns

10 months ago

Chip Shortage In Germany To Last Years, Warns Audi Head

Chip shortage is still a problem for German car makers, say Audi head of procurement, and will likely last years

10 months ago

Germany To Subsidise TSMC Factory In Dresden

TSMC's first European factory will see the German government cough up 5bn euros (£4.3bn) in subsidies for the 10bn euros…

10 months ago

Intel Reaches Deal With Germany Over Magdeburg Chip Plant

Intel reaches agreement with Germany government over 10bn euros in subsidies for planned Magdeburg facility, as costs soar

1 year ago

SAP, Siemens Say EU Data Act Endangers Trade Secrets

Germany's SAP, Siemens and other companies say upcoming Data Act obligations could force disclosure of trade secrets

1 year ago

Germany Denies Chip Making Chemical Export Ban To China

There are currently no plans ban export to China of chemicals used to manufacture semiconductors, Germany says

1 year ago

Intel Seeks $5 Billion More In Subsidies For German Chip Plant – Report

Chip giant Intel is reportedly seeking an additional 5 billion euros in subsidies from the German government

1 year ago

Germany To Ban Huawei, ZTE From 5G Networks – Report

Years of dithering by German officials may soon end, amid report the country is preparing to ban Huawei, ZTE from…

1 year ago

Intel Now Seeks $10 Billion State Aid For German Factory – Report

Chip giant Intel reportedly increases the funding requirement from German government for planned Magdeburg chip factory

1 year ago

German Regulator Opens PayPal Competition Probe

Germany's Federal Cartel Office opens investigation into PayPal Europe over concerns company is blocking competition

1 year ago

Former Wirecard CEO Dismisses ‘Absurd’ Allegations

Defence for former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun begins in Germany, with his lawyer lambasting prosecution charges

2 years ago

Trial For Wirecard Executives Begins In Germany

Trial of former CEO and other managers begins in Germany, following spectacular collapse of Munich fintech Wirecard in 2020

2 years ago

Germany Applies New Competition Rules In Amazon Probes

German Cartel Office applies broader antitrust rules in two Amazon probes after formally designating company a key player

2 years ago

Germany To Block Chinese Takeover Of ERS Electronic – Report

National security. Berlin is reportedly preparing to block a second German chip firm from falling into the hands of a…

2 years ago

Germany Favours Blocking China Takeover Of Elmos’ Chip Production

National security concerns. German government looks set to block Chinese takeover of Dortmund-based company Elmos

2 years ago

Germany Fires Cybersecurity Head Over Allegations Of ‘Russia Ties’

German cybersecurity chief Arne Schoenbohm has been sacked by officials over allegations of ties to Russia

2 years ago

EU Top Court Rules German Data Law Illegal

Germany's data retention law ruled illegal by top EU court, except in cases of serious national security threat

2 years ago

Tesla Allowed To Continue Autonomous Driving Advertising In Germany

German court allows Tesla to continue referring to autonomous driving capabilities in its advertising, after industry body complaint

2 years ago

Tesla Ordered To Refund Customer Over Autopilot Problems

Court in Germany orders Tesla to refund a customer thousands of dollars over problems with Autopilot driver's assistance system

2 years ago

Tesla Factories In Texas, Germany Losing Billions Of Dollars, Says Elon Musk

Car factories for Tesla in Austin, Texas and Germany are “gigantic money furnaces right now” and losing billions, says Elon…

2 years ago

German Regulator Probes Google Maps Under New Rules

Germany's antitrust regulator opens new probe into Google Maps terms, using new powers already applied in two previous cases against…

2 years ago

German Regulator Probes Apple Ad-Tracking Rules

German competition regulator probes whether Apple's ad-tracking rules for third-party apps give iPhone maker preferential treatment

2 years ago

TSMC Rules Out European Chip Factory For Now

Bad news for EU chip manufacturing ambitions, as TSMC says there are no 'concerte' plans to build any factories in…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Return To Office Demand Opposed By German Union

Blunt order by Elon Musk for Tesla staff to return to the office or resign their jobs, faces pushback from…

2 years ago

Meta Criticises ‘Clearly Flawed’ German Decision In Court

Facebook owner Meta Platforms tells European Court of Justice German antitrust regulator overstepped boundaries by making data law assesment

2 years ago