Data Centre

Microsoft Invests 4 Billion Euros In France For AI, Cloud

Global spending spree from Microsoft continues, with huge investment for new data centre to drive AI and skills in France

1 week ago

Microsoft Announces Big Investments In Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand

Microsoft's AI investments continue in south east Asia, after investments in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as Thailand

3 weeks ago

Intel Shares Sink As AI Surge Hits Chip Revenue

Intel shares sag after company shares gloomy revenue predictions, as data centre chip demand hit by priority for AI spending

4 weeks ago

Meta Sues Former VP, After Move To AI Startup

Former data centre VP is sued by Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, which alleged “brazenly disloyal and dishonest conduct”

2 months ago

Former Google Chinese Staffer Charged With Stealing AI Secrets

US arrest software engineer for allegedly stealing AI tech from Google, while secretly working for two Chinese firms

3 months ago

China Offers Start-Ups AI Computing Vouchers

China government offers start-ups vouchers to defray rising AI computing power costs as US export controls limit access to Nvidia…

3 months ago

Nvidia Nears $2 Trillion Value, As AI Boosts Profits, Sales

Financial results surpass Wall Street expectations and drive Nvidia's market value close to the $ 2 trillion mark

3 months ago

Microsoft To Invest €3.2 billion In Germany, Mirroring UK Investment

Microsoft confirms it will invest 3.2 billion euros in Germany for AI and data centres, in welcome move amid a…

3 months ago

Google To Invest $1 Billion To Build UK Data Centre

New data centre for Alphabet's Google to be constructed in Hertfordshire to meet demand for AI and cloud services

4 months ago

Nvidia Finds Reduced China Demand For Slower Chips

Nvidia sees significantly reduced demand in China for slowed-down chips as it prepares latest line-up to comply with US export…

5 months ago

Oracle Shares Sink On Disappointing Cloud Results

Oracle shares trade lower on disappointing cloud results and sluggish forecast, as company cites capacity crunch in monetising AI boom

6 months ago

Microsoft To Invest £2.5 Billion To Bolster UK AI, Data Centres

Prime Minister and Chancellor welcome Microsoft's £2.5 billion investment to expand AI data centre infrastructure

6 months ago

Microsoft Unveils Two Customised Chips For AI

Two custom-designed chips will deliver AI services and will be used internally in Microsoft data centres and Azure cloud

6 months ago

Nvidia Shares Sink On Report Of $5bn China AI Chip Cancellations

Nvidia's shares tumble on report that it may be forced to cancel $5bn worth of AI chips destined for China…

7 months ago

Nvidia, Foxconn Partner Up To Build AI Data Centres

New class of data centres are to be constructed by iPhone maker Foxconn and Nvidia to “accelerate the AI industrial…

7 months ago

AMD To Buy AI Startup As Nvidia Battle Heats Up

US chipmaker AMD is to acquire startup for undisclosed amount, as AI competition against rival Nvidia ramps up

8 months ago

China Plans Aggressive Expansion Of Computing Power

Chinese ministries say they want 50 percent expansion of national computing power by 2025 amidst trade war with US

8 months ago

TikTok Opens First European Data Centre Amid China Fears

Project Clover effort to alleviate Chinese state surveillance fears, sees TikTol open first European data centre, with more to follow

9 months ago

Intel Says Upcoming Data Centre Chip More Than Doubles Efficiency

Intel says upcoming Sierra Forest data centre chip offers 240 percent efficiency gains over current-generation Xeon, as it looks for…

9 months ago

Nvidia Reaps AI Chip Demand As Profit Surges

Quarterly profits at Nvidia rocket up 843 percent, as GPU powerhouse benefits massively from demand for AI chips

9 months ago

China Looks To Expand Computing Power Amidst US Sanctions

China prioritising expansion of core computing capacity as basis for digital economy, say top officials, as US cracks down

9 months ago

Global IT Spend To Rise Amid Automation Focus, Says Gartner

Economic uncertainty and ongoing struggle with skills shortage, will not impact IT spending for businesses, Gartner finds

10 months ago

TikTok Data Centre Blamed For Hampering Ukraine Ammo Production

Defence contractor Nammo blames TikTok data centre for hampering effort to ramp up ammunition production for Ukraine

1 year ago

Meta Halts Construction Of Two Data Centres In Denmark

Meta axes construction of two additional data centres in Europe, as Facebook continues cost cutting measures

1 year ago

Intel Unveils ‘Pay-to-Play’ Feature For Upcoming Xeon Chips

Fancy paying twice for data centre server chips? 'Intel On Demand' webpage signals major change to the way users pay…

2 years ago