Data Centre

IBM Pledges ‘Net Zero’ Greenhouse Emissions By 2030

Big Blue going green. IBM announces 2030 target, and becomes one of 20 new companies to join the 'Climate Pledge'…

3 weeks ago

Intel Urged To Consider Strategic Options

Activist shareholder urges Intel to consider its strategic options, and whether it should outsource chip production to third parties

2 months ago

Marvell Acquires Inphi For Cloud Push

Consolidation in the chip sector continues with Marvell purchasing Inphi for $10 billion, to deepen cloud data centre and 5G…

4 months ago

AMD Targets Data Centres With $35 Billion Purchase Of Xilinx

More competition for Intel, as AMD signals deepening push into data centre market with $35 billion purchase of US-based Xilinx

4 months ago

Microsoft Raises Orkney Undersea Data Centre

Up she rises! Microsoft’s moonshot project to build more environmentally sustainable data centres under the ocean is deemed successful

6 months ago

Zoom Opens Singapore Data Centre

Singapore gets yet another data centre, as video conferencing giant Zoom becomes latest to open facility in the city state

7 months ago

TikTok Selects Ireland For First European Data Centre

Ireland to get another data centre after the Chinese-owned short video app TikTok announces first European server facility

7 months ago

Google To Spend $2 Billion On Polish Data Centre

Cloud services push in Europe reportedly sees Google investing as much as $2 billion for a data centre location in…

9 months ago

Google To Spend Billions On US Data Centres

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai confirms plan to spend $10 billion in 2020 on Google data centres and offices across the…

1 year ago

Intel Pays $2 Billion For AI Firm Habana Labs

Chipmaker continues to open the cheque book to fund growth of its AI expertise and portfolio, with $2 billion Habana…

1 year ago

AWS Developing Powerful Data Centre Chip – Report

Second generation data centre chip is being designed by Amazon Web Services, based on ARM technology

1 year ago

Data Centre Test Omission Blamed For TSB IT Fiasco

Report alleges former TSB CIO was aware of lack of testing at TSB data centres, as it and Spanish owner…

1 year ago

Digital Realty To Acquire Interxion For $8.4bn

Data centre consolidation sees US real estate giant acquire Europe's largest colocation provider, Interxion

1 year ago

Oracle To Hire 2,000 For Cloud Business Expansion

Aggressive rollout of cloud business to new global locations will entail the hiring of nearly 2,000 additional workers

1 year ago

Google To Spend Billions On European Data Centres

CEO Sundar Pichai says Google is to spend an additional 3 billion euros (£2.6bn) on European data centres

1 year ago

BT Opts For Canonical For 5G Core Build

Open source move for telco as it opts for Canonical as key partner for 5G services delivery

2 years ago

Western Digital Expands NVMe Range For Accessibility, Higher Density

Company aims to make speedy NVMe data centre storage more accessible, while new tech doubles density through support for 15TB…

2 years ago

Securing the Hybrid Cloud: Data breaches, ransomware, phishing and more

As enterprises continue to develop their hybrid cloud architectures, more sensitive information has the potential to become exposed. Learn about…

2 years ago

Cisco Warns Of Flaws In Data Centre Kit

Cisco warns of two critical flaws affecting its equipment commonly used in data centres

2 years ago

Google To Invest 600m Euros In New Finland Data Centre

The new facility adds to Google's existing facility in Hamina, which is on track to be powered by wind energy

2 years ago

US Start-Up Accuses Top Huawei Executive Of Conspiracy To Steal Trade Secrets

The confrontation between Huawei and a start-up co-founded by one of its ex-employees arrives amidst broader trade tensions with China

2 years ago

China ‘Delays’ Enforcement Of Data Law As Trade Talks Continue

Chinese regulators are reportedly looking to avoid a fresh confrontation with US companies amidst sensitive trade negotiations

2 years ago

Researchers Find ‘Doomsday’ Bug In Docker, Most Other Container Systems

The bug could allow a malicious container to attack a host system and the other containers found on it, qualifying…

2 years ago

Apple Admits To Storing Data In Russia – Report

Some data on Apple users is stored on Russian servers to comply with local laws, iPad maker admits

2 years ago

Gartner: Cloud Fuels Enterprise Software Spending Surge

Brexit and US-China trade tensions pose less of a threat than skills shortages, as businesses buy into the cloud and…

2 years ago

Ministry Of Justice Network Chaos ‘Not Caused By Cyber-Attack’

Justice minister blames unknown partner data centre issues for network disruption affecting courts and other MoJ services over the past…

2 years ago

IT Life: Justin Day, 6point6 Cloud Gateway

6point6 Cloud Gateway chief executive Justin Day talks about the shift from hardware to software, flying cars and the historic…

2 years ago

Huawei Launches Server Chipset To Lessen US Reliance

Chinese firm pledges to continue Intel partnership and insists chipset is complimentary, not competitive

2 years ago

New Fibre Breaks Petabit-Per-Second Data Barrier

The fibre, developed in Australia and Japan, is slightly narrower than standard fibre-optic cable but has 12 times the capacity

2 years ago

Instagram Back Online After Worldwide Outage

Normal service resumed after brief worldwide outage for the photo-sharing service

2 years ago