data breach

GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach Of 1.2 Million Customers

Unauthorised access of customer's WordPress installations, results in the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers being accessed

5 days ago

Labour Party Member Data Compromised After Breach

'Cyber incident' for the UK's Labour Party sees 'significant quantity' of membership data, held by unidentified third party, being compromised

3 weeks ago

Hacker Steals Government Database Of All Argentine Citizens

Argentine government database containing ID card data of all citizens has been stolen by a hacker, and that data is…

1 month ago

Twitch Confirms Huge Data Breach Of Confidential Data

Amazon's video streaming service Twitch admits it has suffered a huge data breach, after source code and earnings information is…

2 months ago

Home Addresses Of Gun Owners Leaked By Activist

Animal rights activist effectively publishes a map that reportedly shows the home addresses of thousands of UK gun owners

3 months ago

Microsoft Warns Cloud Customers Of Potential Breach

Leaky cloud storage bucket. Thousands of Microsoft Azure customers are warned of data exposure risk in Redmond's Cosmos database

3 months ago

FCC To Investigate T-Mobile Data Breach

Data breach that impacted more than 40 million former, prospective, and current customers will be investigated by US regulator

3 months ago

T-Mobile Hackers Stole Personal Data Of 7.8 Million Customers

Hackers stole data of 7.8 million current T-Mobile customers, as well as 40 million records of former or prospective customers

3 months ago

T-Mobile Confirms Data Breach Of ‘Some Data’

US mobile operator T-Mobile confirms “unauthorised access” to its systems after customer data appeared for sale on forum

3 months ago

Colonial Pipeline Admits Ransomware Attack Stole Personal Data

US pipeline operator confirms devastating ransomware attack in May, also resulted in theft of personal information of nearly 6,000 people

3 months ago

Payments Begin For Google Plus Lawsuit

Blast from the past. Lawsuit payouts for data breach begin to flow to users of Google's failed social networking experiment…

4 months ago

Saudi Aramco Confirms Data Breach After $50m Ransom Demand

World's largest oil producer Saudi Aramco confirms compromise of some of its data, after hacker demands $50 million ransom

4 months ago

British Airways Settles Data Breach Claims Case

Costly exercise. British Airways pays an undisclosed settlement to passengers and staff impacted by massive 2018 data breach

5 months ago

Data On 700 Million LinkedIn Users For Sale On Dark Web – Report

LinkedIn denies the personal data of 700 million users for sale on Dark Web was a result of a data…

5 months ago

Hack Exposes Data Of 4.5 Million Air India Passengers

Air India warns passengers their personal information including passport data, has been compromised in SITA software breach

6 months ago

Washington DC Police Dept Threatened After Ransomware Attack

Russian hackers who stole 250GB of data from Washington DC police department in ransomware attack, threaten to expose police informants…

7 months ago

Irish Regulator Investigates Facebook Over ‘Data Leak’

After the discovery last week of a dataset of 533 million Facebook users, Irish regulator warns firm it may have…

8 months ago

LinkedIn Data Of 500 Million Users Being Sold Online – Report

Scraped data of nearly half a billion LinkedIn users is being sold online, with two million records being published as…

8 months ago

European Commission Suffers ‘IT Security Incident’ – Report

Cyberattack carried out last month on the IT systems of the European Commission and a number of other European Union…

8 months ago

Billions Of Emails, Passwords Leaked Online

Huge exposure of personal emails and passwords found on dark web hacker forum, is a compilation of many previous breaches

10 months ago

Hackers Release Data Stolen In Sepa Ransomware Attack

Hackers have released confidential business and staff data stolen in a Christmas Eve ransomware attack on Sepa after the agency…

10 months ago

People’s Energy Data Breach Impacts 270,000 Customers

Entire customer database of People's Energy stolen, compromising names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, and energy meter IDs

12 months ago

Bristol City Council Data Breach Revealed Names Of Disabled Children

Mass email from the council contained the names and email addresses of children with special educational needs and disabilities

1 year ago

ICO Hits Ticketmaster With £1.2m Data Breach Fine

Data breach on website in 2018, results in the ICO data protection watchdog hitting Ticketmaster with a hefty £1.25 million…

1 year ago

UK Watchdog Fines Marriott £18.4m For Data Breach

UK data protection watchdog ICO lowers fine for Marriott data breach to £18.4m, down from a £99 million fine issued…

1 year ago

Finnish Therapy Patients Blackmailed After Data Breach

New low. Confidential records of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland compromised, with some patients now being blackmailed

1 year ago

British Airways Hit With Record £20m Fine For Data Breach

Data protection watchdog reconsiders its £183.4 million fine against British Airways for 2018 data breach, and lowers it down to…

1 year ago

Former Uber Security Chief Charged For Data Breach Cover-Up

Uber's former security boss, Joe Sullivan, charged by US DoJ for covering up 2016 data breach, that was exposed a…

1 year ago

Personal Data Of 24 Million South Africans Exposed By Experian Breach

Oh dear. Fraudster is blamed for breach of credit agency Experian, which has exposed the personal data of 24 million…

1 year ago

Marriott International Sued In High Court Over Massive Data Breach

Hotel chain Marriott International is facing a class action lawsuit in London by millions of former guests, due to its…

1 year ago