Twitter Sues Over German Online Reporting Rule

Twitter joins Facebook and Google in filing lawsuits against a new law in Germany that obliges social networking platforms to…

2 years ago

ICO Disagrees With Government-Backed Encryption Campaign

UK data protection watchdog, the ICO, says encryption provides protections for children, after government-backed campaign against it

2 years ago

US Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex

Cryptocurrency exchange Suex hit with sanctions by US Treasury Department for alleged role in laundering ransomware payments

3 years ago

US Mulls Sanctions Use In War Against Hacker Cryptocurrency Payments

White House is reportedly preparing to take a number of actions, including the use of sanctions, against ransomware crypto payments

3 years ago

FSB Head Says Russia Will Help US Locate Hackers

No place to hide? Head of FSB security agency has reportedly said Russia will work with the United States to…

3 years ago

Ireland Tests Decrypt Tool After ‘Catastrophic’ Ransomware Attack

Tool being tested after 'stomach-churning' ransomware attack that crippled Ireland's health IT systems during Coroavirus pandemic

3 years ago

Colonial Pipeline Paid Ransomware Criminals $5m – Report

Multiple US media outlets report that DarkSide criminal gang has been paid $5 million after devastating Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

3 years ago

Former Uber Head Charged With Trade Secret Theft

Anthony Levandowski, former head of Uber’s self-driving program, has been charged with theft of trade secrets

5 years ago

Google Defeated In ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ London Court Case

Wins one, loses one, in London High Court as Google is told to remove links to criminal convictions

6 years ago

Algorithm Uses Facial Features To Detect Criminals, Claim Chinese Researchers

Do you look like a criminal? Chinese researchers believe their facial algorithm can detect your criminal tendencies

8 years ago

Criminals Offer Windows Zero-Day For £66,000 In Bitcoin

Zero days are coming out of the shadows and are fast becoming a commodity for the criminal masses, warns Trustwave

8 years ago

New ‘Wild Neutron’ Hacker Group Targets Bitcoin Firms

Wild Neutron is uncovered by security researchers Symantec and Kaspersky

9 years ago

Skype Taken To Court Over Customer Data Refusal

Microsoft refuses to hand over customer data to Belgian authorities investigating criminal matter

9 years ago

Darkleaks Offers Whistleblowers Black Market Trades For Bitcoins

Shady website offers an anonymous marketplace for potential whistleblowers ...and blackmailers

9 years ago

New Christmas Gadgets Targetted By Cyber-Criminals

Got a new computer or Apple product for Christmas? Beware as cyber-criminals have launched phishing and malware campaigns targetting these…

13 years ago

Illegal Spam Firms Run Like Legitimate Businesses

Spam operations are run like legal business enterprises and rely on banks’ merchant services to function

13 years ago