copyright infringement

Microsoft, OpenAI Sued By More Newspaper Publishers

Eight newspaper publishers in the US allege Microsoft and OpenAI used their millions of their articles to train AI models

4 weeks ago

OpenAI Sued For Unauthorised Use Of Journalist Content, Again

Three US online news outlets sue OpenAI, alleging the AI pioneer used thousands of their articles to train its chatbots

3 months ago

Sam Altman Surprised At NYT Lawsuit

ChatGPT doesn’t need New York Times data says Sam Altman CEO, as he expresses surprise at newspaper lawsuit

4 months ago

New York Times Sues Microsoft, OpenAI Over AI Training

The New York Times (NYT) has sued both OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging copyright infringement of its news content. The NYT…

5 months ago

Megaupload Staff Jailed For Role In Kim Dotcom Business

Two executives of banned file storage site Megaupload have been sentenced to prison, after agreeing to testify against Kim Dotcom

12 months ago

Twitter Sued For $250 Million By Music Publishers

Lawsuit from music publishers alleges 'massive' copyright infringement, and that Twitter “routinely ignores” takedown requests

12 months ago

Arm Sues Qualcomm And Nuvia Unit For Licence Infringement

British chip designer Arm Holdings accuses Qualcomm and Nuvia of trademark infringement and breaching certain licence agreements

2 years ago

Tolkien Estate Blocks ‘JRR Token’ Cryptocurrency

“You shall not pass!”, as Tolkien Estate takes legal action against cheeky developer of a cryptocurrency called JRR Token

3 years ago

Apple Files Appeal In Corellium Copyright Lawsuit

And so it continues. Despite settlement of one lawsuit, Apple has filed an appeal in another lawsuit against Corellium

3 years ago

Apple Loses Corellium Lawsuit

US judges dismisses Apple copyright infringement claim against Corellium, but iPad maker may pursue separate federal law claim

3 years ago

Twitter Removes Trump Tweet After Copyright Complaint

Twitter continues to challenge tweets from US President Donald Trump, with takedown of tweet due to image copyright complaint

4 years ago

Apple Alters Corellium Lawsuit Over iPhone Jailbreaking

End of jailbreaking? Apple amends lawsuit to allege copyright infringement in an effort to quash jailbreaking

4 years ago

Google Halts News Snippets For French Users

Controversial European copyright law results in French users losing the ability to view Google news snippets

5 years ago

Kim Dotcom Makes Final Plea To Avoid Extradition To US

New Zealand's highest court has begun hearing final bid to halt extradition of Kim Dotcom to the US

5 years ago

Adobe Warns Of Legal Issues From Use Of Older Photoshop Versions

Really? Adobe warns users of older versions of Photoshop they actual brought, that they could be sued

5 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Appeal Against Extradition To US

Game over for colourful character? Kim Dotcom loses latest court battle against his extradition to the US

6 years ago

Controversial Copyright Bill Approved By EU Committee

But critics argue it will change the face of the Internet as we know it, and herald the end of…

6 years ago

Kim Dotcom Wins Damages From Human Rights Tribunal

Megaupload founder wins human rights court battle and promptly declares extradition case to US is over

6 years ago

Kim Dotcom Demands Obama Appearance In NZ Court

Megaupload founder files for personal appearance by former President Obama in a New Zealand courtroom

6 years ago

Google And Microsoft Agree To Music And Movie Piracy Crackdown

Search engine traffic will be reduced to piracy sites providing illegal downloads

7 years ago

Kim Dotcom Begins Appeal Against Extradition Ruling

Megaupload's Kim Dotcom wants New Zealand court appeal against extradition to be live streamed

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Extradition Battle To US

Merry Christmas! New Zealand court rules the US can have him, but Kim pledges appeal

8 years ago

Pirate Bay Website Reemerges After Shutdown

The Swedish Pirate Bay website returns after it was taken offline during a police raid

9 years ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Warg Faces Stiff Prison Sentence

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg found guilty by Danish court in that country's biggest hacking case to date

10 years ago

UK Police Close Filesharing Search Engine FileCrop

Visitors to FileCrop will now get a message from the police, telling them the site is under investigation

10 years ago

Viacom Settles YouTube Lawsuit Against Google

Viacom settles its long-running copyright lawsuit against Google and YouTube, terms of which were not disclosed

10 years ago

Oracle Wins Copyright Violation Lawsuit

A judge rules in favour of Oracle against a company providing cheap third-party support to Oracle customers

10 years ago

Google Tweaks Search Algorithms For Copyright Clampdown

Google has upgraded its search algorithms to downgrade websites that constantly breach copyright laws

12 years ago