Kenya Halts Worldcoin Data Collection, Citing Privacy

Setback for Sam Altman's Worldcoin cryptocurrency project in Africa, as Kenya halts its iris-scanning data collection scheme

11 months ago

Google Deploys Passkeys, Cites ‘Beginning Of End’ For Passwords

No need for a password to login into Google accounts, as they now support passkeys to replace passwords and 2FA

1 year ago

Texas Sues Google Over Facial, Voice Data Collection

Republican Texas Attorney General sues Google, alleging it unlawfully captured and used biometric data of millions of Texans

2 years ago

Texas AG Sues Meta For Biometric Data Collection

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Facebook parent Meta, alleging it captured and used biometric data of millions of Texans

2 years ago

Artists, Rights Groups Protest Use Of Amazon One Palm Scanner

Group of 200 artists and 30 rights groups have written an open letter demanding Amazon Palm Scanner is removed from…

3 years ago

Facebook To End Facial Recognition Use – Cites ‘Societal Concerns’

Social networking giant confirms it is 'shutting down the Face Recognition system on Facebook', due to lack of rules and…

3 years ago

China Approves Far-Reaching Privacy Law

Beijing approves tough new rules about the collection and use of personal data, including stronger rules governing surveillance systems

3 years ago

Amazon One Scanner To Use Veins In Palm For Payments

Amazon One device will scan the veins in a human hand to authorise supermarket checkout payments for example, or entry…

4 years ago

Google Finally Addresses Pixel 4 Face Unlock Flaw

Five months later. Google updates Pixel software to address problem with flagship Pixel 4 that can be unlocked if a…

4 years ago

Facebook Settles Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Social networking giant pays out nearly half a billion dollars to settle long running biometric data lawsuit in the United…

4 years ago

Samsung Acknowledges Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Flaw

A software patch will be by Samsung issued to stop any fingerprint unlocking the Galaxy S10 smartphone fitted with a…

5 years ago

Biometrics Database Breach Not So Big, Says Suprema

'Errr yes it was' security researchers insist, estimating that 'large amounts of biometrics data' has been exposed

5 years ago

Biometrics Database Used By Banks, Police Contains Major Flaw

Data risks highlighted after researchers uncover major breach in biometric database used by police, banks

5 years ago

Concern Mounts Over Facial Recognition At Kings Cross District

UK's biometrics commissioner urges government to update laws surrounding use of facial recognition

5 years ago

Facebook Loses Facial Recognition Appeal

Federal court rejects Facebook attempt to quash class action lawsuit over storage of biometric data

5 years ago

HMRC Begins Deleting Voice ID Data Of 5 Million Users

Regulators found tax authority had given 'little or no consideration' to data protection when setting up its biometric service

5 years ago

US Police Cannot Force Suspects To Unlock Devices

Suspects cannot be forced to biometric unlock their devices as it breaks self-incrimination laws, US judge rules

5 years ago

Fake Wax Hand Cracks Vein Authentication

Biometric bypass sees researchers use fake wax hand to trick vein authentication system

5 years ago

Tapplock Smart Padlock Hackable With Smartphone

Researcher finds smart fingerprint padlock is not as secure as first thought, and can be unlocked in seconds

6 years ago

Biometrics Are Increasingly Favoured For Authentication

Fight to protect digital identity sees biometrics, two-factor authentication and password managers increasingly favoured

6 years ago

TSB Becomes First European Bank To Deploy Iris Scan Tech

No more passwords? Biometrics move as TSB readies iris recognition technology for its mobile banking app

7 years ago

Credit Card And Biometric Data Compromised In Avanti Hack

Hackers used malware specifically designed to steal payment card information

7 years ago

Visa: Most People Back Biometric Payments

Majority of people want to use biometrics when making payments, with fingerprints the favoured option

8 years ago

Facebook Blocked From Taking Biometric Data From Users

California court rules that social media giant should not have access to personal details garnered from photographs

8 years ago

Researchers Detail ‘Severe’ Mobile Fingerprint Flaws

Attackers can hijack fingerprint-protected transactions and harvest fingerprints from mobile devices, according to FireEye

9 years ago

Will Robots Replace Border Guards At Airports?

Aeroplane passengers in the future could be greeted by robot border guards instead of immigration officers

9 years ago

NSA Tests Smartphone Handwriting ID Tech

Fact or fiction? Can your smartphone identify you just by the way you type on the keyboard?

9 years ago

US Military Develops Invisible Biometric ‘Passwords’

The end of traditional biometric and password security? US Military signs deal for new ID verification system

9 years ago

Hacker Clones Fingerprint From Photograph

A hacker claims to have 'cloned' the fingerprint of a German politician using a humble photograph

9 years ago

GCHQ Former Boss Issues Smartphone Data Warning

Former boss of British spy agency says smartphone biometric security measures need more control and supervision

10 years ago