AWS Lambasts President Trump, As Pentagon Confirms Microsoft Jedi Contract

US Department of Defense confirms Microsoft's JEDI award, but AWS calls it a “politically corrupted contract award” and lambasts US…

2 weeks ago

Study: ‘Cloud-Native’ Development On The Rise

There are now 4.7 million cloud-native developers, with Amazon Web Services a clear favourite for those using cloud-centric technologies

4 months ago

Amazon Vice President Resigns Over Staff Sackings

Tim Bray, a senior engineer with Amazon Web Services, said he 'despised' decisions to fire staff who protested company's Covid-19…

5 months ago

Pentagon Inspector Unable To Say If White House Influenced JEDI Decision

Investigation into JEDI contract award to Amazon unable to determine if President Trump's White House influenced the decision

5 months ago

Pentagon To Reconsider Parts Of JEDI Cloud Contract Award

More bad news for Microsoft, as it is reported the Pentagon is requesting permission to reconsider parts of its decision…

6 months ago

US Court Grants Amazon Request For Pentagon JEDI Delay

Bad news for Microsoft after US court grants Amazon request for halt on all work concerning the Pentagon's JEDI cloud…

7 months ago

Amazon Surges Past $1tn Mark Once Again On Strong Earnings

But Amazon Web Services faces increased cloud competition from Microsoft, whose Azure grew 62 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter

8 months ago

Amazon Files Motion To Halt Microsoft Work On Pentagon JEDI Contract

Amazon has (as expected) filed a motion with US court to halt Microsoft's work on Pentagon JECI contract until appeal…

8 months ago

British Passport Data Exposed On Unsecured AWS Bucket

Who is to blame? Unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket held passport scans and other sensitive personal data, but the…

8 months ago

Amazon Asks US Court To Bar Microsoft From JEDI Contract

Restraining order. Amazon AWS to ask judge to impose temporary block on Microsoft working on Pentagon's JEDI cloud contract

8 months ago

Study: Enterprises Choosing Microsoft Cloud Over Amazon’s AWS

Goldman Sachs study finds Microsoft's Azure used by more large companies than AWS, while Amazon continues to lead in revenues…

8 months ago

Amazon’s Pentagon JEDI Complaint Blames President Trump

US President Donald Trump has been named in official AWS complaint over Pentagon JEDI cloud contract award to Microsoft Azure

10 months ago

AWS Boss Points To ‘Political Interference’ Over Pentagon’s JEDI Decision

Amazon cloud boss cites 'significant political interference' over Pentagon decision to award JEDI contract to Microsoft Azure

10 months ago

AWS Developing Powerful Data Centre Chip – Report

Second generation data centre chip is being designed by Amazon Web Services, based on ARM technology

10 months ago

Amazon Challenges Pentagon Over JEDI Cloud Contract

Political bias? AWS files intention to appeal DoD's decision to give major cloud contract to Microsoft

10 months ago

Microsoft Wins $10 Billion Pentagon ‘JEDI’ Cloud Contract

Pentagon decides not to give lucrative contract to Jeff Bezos' AWS, after much scrutinised bidding process

11 months ago

Google Anthos: A New Age in Hybrid Cloud Services?

Will Google’s innovation fundamentally change how hybrid cloud services are built and deployed?

1 year ago

Pentagon Puts JEDI Cloud Project On Hold After Trump Criticism

After Trump alleges 'tremendous complaints' about lucrative cloud contract, Pentagon put JEDI project on hold

1 year ago

What is the Hybrid Cloud?

As businesses expand their use of cloud-based services, a hybrid cloud approach to developing the network infrastructures they need is…

1 year ago

Republicans Urge Trump Not To Delay Pentagon Cloud Contract

Republicans ask President Trump not to delay Pentagon cloud project for which Amazon is competing

1 year ago

Why the hybrid cloud is the future of retailing

The cloud has transformed retail businesses. Enterprises are now leveraging the hybrid cloud to transform their internal data processes and…

1 year ago

Microsoft, Oracle Partner For Cloud Push At AWS

One time bitter rivals Microsoft and Oracle agree to make their cloud services work together

1 year ago

Oracle Cuts Hundreds Of Jobs Amidst Cloud Confusion

Company reportedly sheds staff in the US and China as it struggles to compete with top cloud players

1 year ago

Microsoft, AWS Shortlisted For Pentagon Cloud Contract

Two leading cloud providers shortlisted for Pentagon cloud computing contract after Google withdraws

1 year ago

Facebook Takes Down Exposed User Data On Amazon Server

Mexican firm responsible however refuses to accept 540 million records on Facebook users was sensitive

1 year ago

Amazon Urges ‘Transparency’ In Law Enforcement Use Of Face Recognition

Amazon's AWS and others face a backlash against the use of AI-powered face identification tools, with privacy groups saying they…

2 years ago

Amazon Web Services’ DocumentDB Takes Aims At MongoDB Workloads

Amazon's new managed non-relational database service raises questions about the future of open source in the cloud era

2 years ago

Biggest NHS GP IT Supplier To Shift 40m Patient Records To Amazon Cloud

Emis Group, used by six in 10 GPs, plans to shift the back-end of its dominant web software to UK-based…

2 years ago

Amazon AWS Puts Custom ARM Server Chip Into The Cloud

re:Invent 2018: AWS says the custom-built 'Graviton' chip, based on a design originally aimed at high-end smartphones, can slash costs…

2 years ago

Cisco To Help Cloud Customers Use Amazon Data Centres

Networking giant teams up with AWS to offer containers that can be used in internal and Amazon data centres

2 years ago