Samsung AI-Upgraded Bixby Voice Assistant Coming This Year

Samsung reportedly confirms it will launch the upgraded voice assistant Bixby this year, that will feature its own AI models

1 week ago

Amazon To Discontinue Astro Security Robot

End of the line for Amazon's Astro security guard robot for businesses, which will be bricked in September this year

2 weeks ago

Amazon Mulls $5 Monthly Charge For AI Alexa – Report

“Desperate attempt” to monetise service. AI upgrade of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant will entail a monthly $5 or even $10…

4 weeks ago

Amazon To Refresh Alexa With AI, Charge Monthly Subscription – Report

Alexa voice assistant to be upgraded with AI capabilities, and users charged a monthly fee not included in Prime, report…

2 months ago

Amazon Cuts Hundreds Of Jobs In Alexa Division

More job layoffs again at Amazon's Alexa division, on top of the 27,000 jobs already let go in the past…

8 months ago

Amazon Hires Former Microsoft Head Panos Panay As Device Boss

Panos Panay is hired by Amazon as head of device business, just weeks after his sudden departure from Microsoft

10 months ago

Amazon Adds Generative AI To Alexa, Amid Device Updates

Launch event sees Amazon offer more conversational interactions with Alexa, after upgrading it with generative AI capabilities

10 months ago

Amazon To Hire Former Microsoft Head Panos Panay – Report

Panos Panay reportedly heading over to Amazon's devices division, following abrupt departure from Microsoft

10 months ago

Amazon Hardware Boss To Step Down

Head of Amazon's hardware devices, David Limp, is to leave this year - months after assuring Amazon's commitment to Alexa

11 months ago

Amazon Alexa Labelled ‘Colossal Failure’ – Report Alleges

Amazon's 10,000 job cuts reportedly impacts Alexa unit the hardest, while device hardware group is described as 'division in crisis'

2 years ago

Amazon Unveils Sleep Tracking Device, Updates Echo, Kindle

Arrival of Halo Rise sleep tracker comes amid updates to Fire TV, Kindle, and new Echo devices that double as…

2 years ago

Amazon Alexa Recovers After Morning Outage

Alexa wake up alarm didn't work this morning? Smart lights didn't turn on? Outage of Alexa services in the UK…

2 years ago

Microsoft Kills Cortana iOS, Android App

Protracted death of digital assistant continues, as Redmond officially pulls support for the Cortana apps on the Android and iOS…

3 years ago

How Voice Control is Coming to Your Enterprise

As smart speakers continue to expand in the home, using voice to control a range of devices is now familiar.…

4 years ago

Your Post Tap Business: The Future Is Voice

Learn how voice is about to become an essential component of your business. Discover why your business must use voice…

4 years ago

Microsoft Pulls Plug On Cortana Mobile App For Some Users

Microsoft is set to end support for its Cortana iOS and Android apps in some regions as it integrates the…

5 years ago

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Unlocked Via Laser

“Alexa, unlock the front door!” Researchers warn they can remotely control digital assistants and smart speakers

5 years ago

Smart Speakers Hacked To Listen In, Steal Passwords

Malicious third-party apps for Google Home and Amazon's Alexa can listen in on conversations and trick users into revealing passwords

5 years ago

Amazon Expands Echo Range, Adds Wearables, Alexa Personalisation

Surprise motherf****r! Alexa's voice can soon be replaced by the voice of actor Samuel L Jackson

5 years ago

Google Suspends European Voice Assistant Transcriptions

Privacy concerns have resulted in Google suspending European transcriptions of voice assistance clips

5 years ago

Microsoft Puts Amazon’s Alexa On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Feature arrives in a test Windows 10 build aimed for final release later this year, along with enterprise and security…

5 years ago

NHS Teams Up With Alexa For Health Advice

Doctor Alexa? NHS to provide health advice via Amazon's AI-driven Alexa personal assistant

5 years ago

Amazon Keeps Alexa Voice Recordings Indefinitely

Amazon admission in letter to US senator re-ignites privacy row over Alexa and its range of smart speakers

5 years ago

Alexa Patent To Listen To All Words Spoken

Privacy threat? New Amazon patent means Alexa could always listen and record every word spoken to it

5 years ago

Digital Assistants Enforce Gender Bias – UN report

Report claims female-voiced Siri and Alexa entrench gender biases with submissive responses

5 years ago

UK Government Offers Information Via Alexa, Google Home

Smart speakers can now be used to access more than 12,000 pieces of government information

5 years ago

CES 2019: Google Advances Assistant Against Amazon’s Alexa

Google has tripled its presence at CES as it builds its Assistant into more devices, while other tech on display…

6 years ago

Alexa Urges User To ‘Kill Foster Parents’ In Unsettling Incident

Amazon's use of experimental chatbots on its Alexa AI platform has led to some disturbing conversations and a security breach,…

6 years ago

US Judge Asks Amazon For Echo Data In Murder Case

Did Amazon Echo device hear the murder of two US women? Police ask Amazon for the audio recordings

6 years ago

Facebook Shows Smart Video Device On Heels Of Privacy Scandal

Facebook is emphasising the built-in privacy features of the Alexa-powered Portal, which arrives immediately after a major data breach at…

6 years ago