UK To Address Marketing Of High Risk Crypto Investments

British financial watchdog says it will curb the marketing of cryptoassets and other high-risk investments, amid a surge in online…

5 days ago

O2 Coverage Advert Banned By ASA

Advert by O2 that claimed it had the best coverage citing an uSwitch survey, has been banned by the Advertising…

4 months ago

YouTube Trials Cheaper Premium Lite Option

Not that much cheaper. Google's YouTube is trialing a more affordable premium subscription tier that doesn't display adverts

6 months ago

Signal Shows Data Collection Adverts Facebook Rejected

Signal has had user-targetted adverts on Instagram blocked, as messaging service attempts to highlight Facebook data collection

9 months ago

Twitter Admits Possible $250m FTC Fine Over Targeted Ads

Filing reveals Twitter is facing a possible fine of up to $250 million for using phone numbers and email address…

1 year ago

Apple Criticised For App User Tracking Alert

Plan for iOS 14 to give app users the option to decline ad tracking has been criticised (surprise, surprise) by…

2 years ago

WhatsApp Reaches 5 Billion Downloads On Play Store

Facebook's messaging service has hit 5 billion downloads, amid reports that it has backed off plans to insert adverts into…

2 years ago

Lawmakers Call For Pause On Targeted Political Adverts

Pause online political adverts that are targeted and contain false information, international lawmakers have urged tech firms

2 years ago

Civil Rights Activists Meet Zuckerberg, As Facebook Rebrands

Meeting with Facebook boss over political adverts, as social network rebrands itself as FACEBOOK

2 years ago

Twitter Bans All Political Advertising Worldwide

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that from next month, his platform will ban all political advertising

2 years ago

Amazon Pinged For Misleading Prime Sign Up – ASA

Advertising watchdog: Amazon used misleading payment page to get users to sign up for its Prime subscription service

2 years ago

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Faces Intense Scrutiny From Congress

Zuckerberg goes to Congress to answer questions about Libra, but is tackled about privacy, free speech and political ads

2 years ago

WhatsApp Adverts To Appear In 2020, Facebook Confirms

Time to switch to Signal, Telegram? Facebook confirms WhatsApp will carry adverts from 2020

3 years ago

Vodafone Gigafast Ad Banned After Virgin Complaint

Gigafast broadband service advert gets Vodafone into hot water with advertising watchdog

3 years ago

Facebook Mulls Advert-Free Subscription Model

Would you pay to use Facebook if it carried no adverts? Facebook executives reportedly ponder the option

4 years ago

Facebook Hit With Lawsuit Over Scam Bitcoin Adverts

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis aims to 'give Facebook a bloody nose' for false adverts

4 years ago

Facebook’s Sandberg Admits ‘A Few’ Advertisers Have Paused Spending

Social network is 'systematically' looking at how people's data is used by others, and aims to be 'more restrictive'

4 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg Promises Major Shakeup Of Facebook Newsfeed

More personal posts and less commercial content will be promoted on users' Facebook Newsfeed, CEO says

4 years ago

Google Insists AI Better Than Humans For Extremist Content Takedown

Score one for the machine. Google admits its AI system is better at removing extremist content on YouTube

4 years ago

Adobe Launches Experience Cloud For AI-Driven Enterprise Marketing

Marketing functionality integrated into the Adobe Experience Cloud for enterprises businesses

5 years ago

Ad Blocking Uptake Stablises As Consumers Recognise Need For Adverts

Necessary evil? Study finds 22 percent of British adults use ad blocking software, as growth stalls

5 years ago

WSJ Claims Google Used Search Engine To Promote Own Products

Analysis alleges that Google used its search engine results to place adverts for its own products in top spot

5 years ago

Apple iPhones Hit With Calendar Spam Touting Cheap Designer Goods

Unwanted event invitations continue to appear in iPhones calendars, but Apple remains silent on the matter

5 years ago

Google Hits Back At ‘Intrusive’ Pop-Up Ads

New algorithm will demote mobile websites using interstitial adverts from January 2017

5 years ago

Local Government: ‘Up To’ Broadband Adverts Are Misleading Rural Users

Broadband adverts are misleading if touted speeds are only available to urban areas, says LGA

5 years ago

Facebook To Track Non-Users To Aid Advert Push

Social network giant will begin tracking people without Facebook accounts as part of advertising growth

6 years ago

Three Will Block All Mobile Adverts For 24 Hours

Day-long trial will delight customers but could be bad news for online businesses

6 years ago

GoDaddy Sites Hijacked By Malvertising Attack

Websites of two US television stations hacked to display malware-ridden ads, Malwarebytes reports

6 years ago

Three Wants To Start Blocking Annoying Mobile Ads

However, move to tackle “excessive and irrelevant” mobile ads raises concerns about net neutrality

6 years ago

Google Took Down 780m Bad Ads In 2015

Large rise in adverts that violated Google’s policies, include major malvertising campaigns

6 years ago