Tech Quiz Of The Week: What Do You Know About IBM?

IBM has been a part of the technology industry arguably since its birth. And Big Blue was a dominant player for decades.

But these days the company has lost some of its gravitas in the face of trailblazers like Google, Apple and a more invigorates Microsoft.

IBM Quiz

However, IBM is not a company to be discounted in the future of the technology industry, especially as it happens to have one of the world’s larger cloud footprints.

And Big Blue is now pushing innovation, exploring cognitive computing and artificial intelligence Watson as well as pushing into the Internet of Things arena; it is still a company worth watching.

So how much do you know about IBM, from its rich past to its cutting-edge tech? Put your knowledge to the test!

Take our quiz!

Roland Moore-Colyer

As News Editor of Silicon UK, Roland keeps a keen eye on the daily tech news coverage for the site, while also focusing on stories around cyber security, public sector IT, innovation, AI, and gadgets.

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