Facebook Says Massive Leak Involves ‘Old’ User Data

Facebook says public leak of personal details of 530 million users involves 'old' data from 2019, while Irish data protection…

1 week ago

Musk Denies Tesla Cars Could Be Used For Spying

Elon Musk reassures China over privacy of data collected by Tesla cars' sensors after vehicles are banned from sensitive military,…

3 weeks ago

WhatsApp Delays Deadline For New Privacy Terms

WhatsApp delays deadline for users to agree to new privacy policy by three weeks as notice triggers backlash over Facebook…

3 months ago

Google Makes More Concessions On Fitbit Deal

Additional concessions by Google over £1.6bn Fitbit acquisition likely to win over EU competition regulators, as proposed deal nears one-year…

6 months ago

Palantir Opens Books To Investors Ahead Of NYSE Listing

Controversial loss-making data intelligence company to lay out its business to investors ahead of unusual direct listing on New York…

7 months ago

Facebook Voices Support For Data Portability Law

Facebook says it would support dedicated data portability legislation in the US as an antitrust measure, ahead of key regulatory…

8 months ago

German Court Strikes Down Telecoms Data Access Law

Current laws give security services 'excessive' access to citizens' data, finds top court, giving government until end of 2021 to…

9 months ago

France Upholds Record Google Data Protection Fine

French court upholds earlier £45m penalty on Google for failing to obtain Android users' consent to use their personal data…

10 months ago

UK Regulator Probes Facebook Giphy Deal On Competition Issues

CMA says it will look into any possible 'lessening of competition' in the UK as a result of the deal,…

10 months ago

Coronavirus: Government Grants GCHQ Access To NHS IT

Fresh twist in privacy debate surrounding Covid-19 tracing app, after government reportedly grants GCHQ access to security data of NHS…

12 months ago

Coronavirus: UK Removes Data Caps For Home Broadband

Netflix bingeing...main ISPs and operators in the UK agree to remove data caps on fixed-line broadband during the Coronavirus pandemic

1 year ago

Coronavirus: US Tech Giants To Help NHS Co-ordinate Covid-19 Data

Amazon, Microsoft and Palantir to help NHS process its own data and that of partners to boost critical resource allocation…

1 year ago

Virgin Media Breach ‘Disclosed Sensitive Data’

Exposed Virgin Media database links user details to requests to unblock pornographic and gambling sites, exposing customers to extortion attempts

1 year ago

Drone Industry Up In Arms Over ‘Remote ID’ Regulations

US regulator proposes 'digital licence plate' for drones, but critics say regulations would be expensive and complex to implement

1 year ago

US State Sues Google For ‘Illegally Gathering Data On Children’

Federal lawsuit by US state of New Mexico accuses Google of illegally gathering students' data via G Suite for Education…

1 year ago

EU Looks To Take Lead On Industrial Data

Data and AI strategy set for launch this week advances bloc's efforts to build industrial data powerhouse while fending off…

1 year ago

ICO Children’s Data Rules Meet With Divided Response

Upcoming regulations hailed as a pioneering step to protect children's data online, but some fear they could favour big tech…

1 year ago

Most Website Consent Mechanisms ‘Illegal’ Under GDPR

Study finds websites' consent platforms largely fail to comply with data protection rules, and may even incentivise 'illegal configurations'

1 year ago

Apple ‘Working On Secret Satellite Data Project’

iPhone maker hiring engineers to develop satellite data tech, potentially allowing it to link iPhones direclty to satellite data services

1 year ago

EU Queries News Publishers On Google Data Practices

European Commission asks news publishers for details on how Google collects user data from their sites as it launches online…

1 year ago

Vodafone Bug Lands Users With Huge Roaming Charges

Users outside the UK left unable to make calls or use data after 'technical error' lands them with bills into…

2 years ago

Adobe, Microsoft, SAP Demonstrate First Open Data System

The Open Data Initiative, announced last autumn to create a common data model for customer data, could pose a competitive…

2 years ago

TfL Begins Collecting Data On Tube Passengers This Week

The anonymous tracking data is to be used to help passengers avoid congestion and improve transport policy

2 years ago

Second Hand Drives On eBay Still Hold Personal Data

Report reveals worryingly amounts of personal data still held on second hand drives for sale

2 years ago

Study Of Pre-Installed Android Software Finds Privacy ‘Wild West’

Pre-installed apps collect a wide range of information and send it to remote servers with little oversight or control, finds…

2 years ago

Quora Mega-Breach Could Open Users To Targeted Scams

The hack exposed personal data on 100 million users, as well as information from linked accounts such as Google, Facebook…

2 years ago

Public Ranks Digital NHS Services Last In Spending Study

Cancer care, staff retention and mental health considered most important for budget increase spending, with access to digital services at…

2 years ago

Google To Take Over Controversial NHS App

The search and advertising giant is accused of 'trust demolition' after announcing that it plans to take direct control of…

2 years ago

British, Canadian Parliaments Join Forces To Put Pressure On Zuckerberg

The two parliaments are to hold a joint session on misinformation at the end of November, and are eager for…

2 years ago

Facebook May Use Data From Portal Video Device To Target Adverts

Facebook says Portal was designed with privacy in mind — but that's not necessarily so for the Facebook Messenger infrastructure…

2 years ago