Big Blue

IBM To Axe 8,000 Staff In Europe – Report

Big Blue is reportedly planning to lay off 8,000 staff across Europe, with 2,000 positions expected to go in the…

2 years ago

IBM Hit With Another Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Big Blue once again accused of axing older staff, after another age discrimination lawsuit is filed against grandfather of tech…

2 years ago

IBM To Cut Thousands Of Jobs, But Will Still Pay Shareholders

Another round of layoffs is on the cards for IBM employees, as new CEO swings the headcount axe, but insists…

2 years ago

IBM’s Outgoing CEO Ginni Rometty Pockets $20m

Nice golden handshake for long-serving CEO and chairman Ginni Rometty, after she ends stint at IBM with $20.1 million payout

2 years ago

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Steps Down, Arvind Krishna To Take Over

Long serving CEO and chairman of Big Blue, Ginni Rometty, is to retire on 6 April, and will be replaced…

2 years ago

Tech Quiz Of The Week: What Do You Know About IBM?

Do you know your cognitive computing from you cloud computing?

5 years ago

IBM Cloud And Z Systems Promises Easier Path To Hybrid IT

IBM targets hybrid clouds with new services, systems and software to help with tackle 'dynamic environments'

6 years ago

IBM Reveals Power8 Linux Servers Aimed At AI and Big Data Workloads

Big Blue's new servers mix Power8 processors with Nvidia's NVLink technology

6 years ago

IBM Opens Cognitive Business Unit, Buys Storage Firm Cleversafe

What happened to Smarter Planet? New consulting unit to help clients tackle 'cognitive business'

7 years ago

IBM’s Neurosynaptic Chip Aims To Transform Science And Technology

IBM deepens its cognitive computing capabilities with new energy-efficient chip the size of a postage stamp

8 years ago

IBM Sells Customer Care Unit For £319m

IBM sells its customer care business processing unit to Synnex, as it concentrates on higher value offerings

9 years ago

IBM Targets ‘Big Data’ Skills With University Partnerships

IBM partners with more universities in an effort to ramp up the teaching of 'big data' skills

9 years ago

IBM To Cut Costs With Worker Furlough

The belt tightening at IBM continues with hardware staff taking a furlough week on reduced pay

9 years ago

IBM Results Beat Expectations Despite Revenue Fall

Big Blue offered mixed results as profit and revenues fall - yet it managed to beat Wall Street estimates

9 years ago

IBM DB2 Database Updated For Big Data

IBM has updated its DB2 database to include “BLU Acceleration” technology for big data processing

9 years ago

IBM Acquires UrbanCode For Software Delivery Automation

IBM has beefed up its Rational toolset for software developers after the acquisition of UrbanCode

9 years ago

IBM’s Rometty Demands Faster Reactions From Staff

Ginni Rometty's motivational video tells IBM staff to get moving

9 years ago

IBM Q1 Disappoints As Poor Deal Closures Bite

IBM has surprised the markets after its first quarter 2013 financial results fell short of Wall Street expectations

9 years ago

IBM Increases Big Data Forecast

IBM has increased its revenue target forecast for big data, reflecting its snowballing momentum

9 years ago

IBM UK Appoints New Boss

IBM has named Australian David Stokes to head up its operations here in the United Kingdom

9 years ago

IBM Beefs Up Big Data With StoredIQ Purchase

IBM is adding to its growing 'big data' arsenal with the decision to acquire software maker StoredIQ

9 years ago

IBM Touts Smarter Commerce With New Products, Services

IBM is touting smarter commerce with the announcement of new software and services for enterprise organisations

10 years ago

IBM Saves £27m In 2011 From Energy Scheme

IBM saved $43m in 2011 thanks to its energy-saving program, and is on track double this by the end of…

10 years ago

IBM Snatches TeaLeaf Analytics

IBM buys TeaLeaf for analytics - we dare say it was probably a steal

10 years ago