virtual reality

Apple AR Glasses Set For 2023 Debut – Report

Rumour mill. Apple's augmented reality venture will reportedly deliver its long-rumoured AR glasses released sometime in 2023

9 months ago

Google Axes Daydream VR Headset

Virtual reality push for mobile ends, as Google calls time on its Daydream VR platform for Android

10 months ago

Facebook To Acquire Brain-Control Startup CTRL-Labs

Controlling computers with the power of your mind. Facebook acquires startup CTRL-Labs for $1 billion

11 months ago

Oculus VR Co-founder Becomes Latest To Leave Facebook

Facebook management exodus continues with departure of Oculus VR co0founder Brendan Iribe

2 years ago

Day-Long Oculus Rift Outage ‘Due To Administrative Error’

Facebook's Oculus Rift VR headset was rendered unusable for more than 15 hours after the company forgot to renew a…

2 years ago

AS Roma Seeks Technological Revolution In Bid To Become Football Superpower

Roma Chairman Jim Pallotta has started a tech revolution at the club to make it a European superpower and to…

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Microsoft Kinect

Some assume the Kinect is another tale of Microsoft hardware woe, but it was both groundbreaking and innovative

3 years ago

Amazon Sumerian Is A Web-Based VR Programming Tool For AWS

The cloud-based 'Sumerian' development tool automates the development of 3D experiences and their deployment across desktop and mobile devices

3 years ago

Apple ‘Prepares’ AR Headset For 2020 Launch

Apple reportedly plans to back its belief in AR with dedicated hardware

3 years ago

Huawei Opens VR OpenLab For Cloud VR Push

Chinese giant hopes to convince industry to turn cloud virtual reality into a fully functioning ecosystem

3 years ago

Facebook Pushes Deeper Into VR With Oculus Go Wireless Headset

The headset will cost $199 and be released early 2018

3 years ago

Nokia Cuts UK Jobs And Stops Ozo VR Development To Focus On Health

Nokia says slower than expected sales have led it stop development on the Nokia OZO VR camera

3 years ago

Microsoft Mixed Reality Push Boosted By Samsung Odyssey

Microsoft targets consumer market with its mixed reality vision, but is the demand really there?

3 years ago

London Dominates Tech Innovation But Smaller UK Cities Thrive In IoT, Data, VR

Manchester is a leader in IoT, while Brighton makes a top ten appearance for AI innovation

3 years ago

IOC Partners With Intel For VR, 5G And 360 Video Replays At Olympics

Intel will get the chance to show off its virtual reality prowess as well as several other technologies

3 years ago

Google, HTC and Lenovo Join Forces To Create Standalone Daydream VR Headsets

Expect portable VR and AR headsets with clever position tracking tech built-in

3 years ago

Google Expands WebVR API To Its Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

The search giant looks to be paving the way to a virtual reality ecosystem

3 years ago

The Story Of CeBIT 2017: AI, VR And Robot Football

IN-DEPTH: CeBIT is not what it once was but it's still the world's biggest computer conference. Here is the story…

3 years ago

Three Education Tech Trends For 2017

What can we expect to see in education technology over the next 12 months?

3 years ago

Google Brings WebVR API Into Chrome

Developers will be able to create VR software for the Chrome browser to cover both desktop and mobile environments

3 years ago

Does Virtual Reality Have A Place In The Classroom?

IN DEPTH: The short answer is 'yes.' The long answer? Well, that's a bit more complicated...

4 years ago

Facebook Takes £400 Million Hit Over VR Lawsuit

Oculus co-founders found guilty of violating non-disclosure agreement with ZeniMax in the company's early days

4 years ago

Android Veteran Hugo Barra Joins Facebook As VR Head

Big name signing to lead Facebook's virtual reality team at Oculus, and welcomed personally onboard by Zuckerberg

4 years ago

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Tells Court That Oculus VR Theft Claims Are ‘Wrong’

Oculus' products are built on its own code, says Facebook chief executive in court testimony

4 years ago

Intel’s VR And AR Project Alloy Headset Due For Release In 2017

CES 2017: Intel outlines IoT, 5G, and driverless car plans alongside virtual reality work

4 years ago

HTC Vive Targets VR Developers With Tracking Peripheral And Subscription Service

CES 2017: Viveport will offer a monthly subscription service, while Vive Tracker presents a way to create peripherals than can…

4 years ago

HTC Gives Vive Wireless Upgrade And Alibaba Virtual Reality Shop

HTC is keen to keep pushing ahead with its virtual reality technology

4 years ago

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Tech Will Move From Consumption To Creation In Next Decade

Microsoft plans to marry software and hardware to help democratise technology and help people do more

4 years ago

Microsoft HoloLens Coming To The UK, But Is More Expensive Than In The US

Microsoft HoloLens holographic computer comes to Europe and Australasia, but US is cheaper

4 years ago

Tech Giants Aware VR Adoption Is As Much About Content As Technology

ANALYSIS: Recent investments show Facebook, Google and others are aware that people need more than just technology to convince them…

4 years ago