NHS Website Crashes Briefly Amid Rush For Vaccine Bookings

After the government authorises Covid-19 vaccines for over 45s, NHS booking website crashes briefly under the strain

3 weeks ago

European Commission Suffers ‘IT Security Incident’ – Report

Cyberattack carried out last month on the IT systems of the European Commission and a number of other European Union…

4 weeks ago

Twitter Expands Fight Against Coronavirus Vaccine Misinformation

Platform increases use of warning labels on misleading Covid-19 vaccine posts, and introduces scaling “strike” system for repeat offenders

2 months ago

Pfizer Attack Carried Out By North Korean Hackers

North Korean hackers have attempted to steal valuable Covid-19 vaccine information from Pfizer, warns South Korean intelligence

3 months ago

Google Maps To Display Coronavirus Vaccination Locations

Announcement this week that Google Maps will begin to display US locations that offer Covid-19 vaccinations, with world locations following

3 months ago

Hackers Steal Covid-19 Vaccine Documents From EU Agency

European Union's medicine regulator has been hacked, and documents concerning the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine have been stolen

5 months ago

Facebook Bans Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Claims

Conspiracy clampdown. Social networking giant Facebook follows YouTube lead in banning false and misleading claims about Covid-19 vaccines

5 months ago

Hackers Target Covid-19 Cold Chain, Warns IBM

Firms involved with the specialist “cold chain” infrastructure required for several Coronavirus vaccines, have been targetted by hackers

5 months ago

North Korean Hackers Target AstraZeneca For Covid Vaccine

North Korean hackers pose as recruiters on LinkedIn and WhatsApp, to send job offer documents laden with malware to AstraZeneca…

5 months ago

Coronavirus: YouTube To Ban Misleading Covid-19 Vaccine Content

Anti-vaxxer setback after YouTube confirms it will begin removing videos containing misinformation about Coronavirus vaccines

7 months ago

Coronavirus: Russian Hackers Attack Vaccine Researchers

British and Western intelligence services are warning Russia's APT29 hacking group is targetting Covid-19 vaccine researchers

10 months ago