United States

US, Europe Reach Agreement On Chip Supplies, China, Tech Rules

Inaugural agreement between US and Europe to deepen co-operation centred around chip supplies, rules governing big tech, and trade with…

2 months ago

US Offers $10m Reward For Information On Foreign Hackers

Grass on a hacker. US offers $10 million reward for hackers conducting malicious cyber activities against critical infrastructure

5 months ago

US Sets, Then Suspends, 25 Percent Digital Tax Tariff On Six Countries

America sets, then suspends, a 25 percent import tariff on goods from six countries that have implemented a digital tax…

6 months ago

Chinese, US Chip Trade Associations Team Up – Report

Thaw in China/US relationship? Chip trade associations in China and United States reportedly announce joint working group

9 months ago

Canada Defends Disclosure Of Huawei Emails With US

Canadian government tells court that it has released as much information over the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou as…

1 year ago

United States Tightens Export Screw On Huawei

Trump administration expands its restrictions on Huawei, and bans suppliers from selling it chips that utilise US technology

1 year ago

US Pulls Out Of Global Digital Tax Talks

European Union warns it will impose its own digital tax on technology giants, after the United States withdraws from global…

1 year ago

France Hits Back At US Trade Threat Over Digital Tax

After the United States begins investigations this week into digital tax scheme of some countries, France warns of unity risk

2 years ago

US To Allow Huawei And US Firms To Develop 5G Standards – Report

Kiss and make up? Not really, as United States drafts rules that will allow US firms to work with Huawei…

2 years ago

United States Levels New Charges Against Huawei

US accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets and assisting Iran, as US Commerce Dept extends temporary trading license for 45…

2 years ago

US Urges UK To Reject Huawei For 5G

Final pitch to the UK, as America threatens to cut intelligence-sharing with allies if Huawei is used for 5G networks

2 years ago

France, US To Attempt Digital Tax Agreement In Two Weeks

Both countries have set the target of two weeks to reach agreement over France's implementation of a digital or tech…

2 years ago

Iran Defeats ‘Second Cyber-Attack’, Minister Claims

Telecoms minister of Iran says his country has foiled a second cyber-attack targetting government systems in less than a week

2 years ago

US, Taiwan Hold Joint Cyberwarfare Exercise

Stimulation drill involves Taiwan and US experts, amid cyber threats from North Korea and China

2 years ago

US Carried Out Cyberattack On Iran After Saudi Oil Attack – Report

A secret US cyber-attack was reportedly carried out against Iran after an oil facility in Saudi Arabia was attacked in…

2 years ago

US Adds More Chinese Firms To ‘Entity List’

Another 28 Chinese companies have been added to US blacklist over alleged mistreatment of Muslim minorities

2 years ago

Lenovo Warns Of Price Rise Amid US Tariff Threat

Warning to Trump? Chinese manufacturer warns prices will rise for PCs and laptops, if US tariffs increase

2 years ago

President Trump Orders French Digital Tax Investigation

French plan to impose 3 percent tax on French revenue of large tech firms prompts US investigation

2 years ago

US Ambassador Warns Against Huawei For UK 5G

Allowing Huawei to build UK 5G network would be like letting a "kleptomaniac" into your home - US Ambassador

2 years ago

UK Has Not Made Final Decision On Huawei Ban – US

US national security advisor says UK has not made final decision on Huawei 5G ban

3 years ago

Julian Assange ‘Too Ill’ To Appear For Court Hearing

The health of Wikileaks co-founder in question after his lawyers state he is too ill to appear for court hearing

3 years ago

Iran Tests Firewall To Counter Stuxnet Threats

Industrial systems now protected from foreign cyber threats, Iran tells world after alleging Israeli attack

3 years ago

UK Could Delay 5G Rollout Because Of Security Concerns – Minister

Mike Pompeo warns the UK that Margaret Thatcher would have taken a much firmer line to using Huawei kit

3 years ago

Julian Assange Tells London Court No ‘Surrender To US’

Wikileaks co-founder begins his fight against extradition to the United States with defiant statement

3 years ago

America Will ‘Rethink’ Co-Operation With Allies Using Huawei

US cyber security officials says Washington does not see any distinction between core and non-core 5G network

3 years ago

US Warns Of Pull Out Where Huawei Kit Is Used

Secretary of State warns US will not be able to operate in environments where Huawei equipment is used

3 years ago

Huawei Founder Slams US Arrest Of His Daughter

Reclusive founder says he would close down Huawei before allowing it to undertake spying activities

3 years ago

US Urges Allies To Utilise Western Tech Instead Of Huawei

US envoy to EU alleges there is “classified evidence” of security breaches by Chinese networking giant

3 years ago

Huawei CFO Has ‘Good Case’ Against Extradition To US

Claim comes as US Justice department confirms intension to seek formal extradition from Canada

3 years ago

US To Seek Extradition Of Huawei CFO – Report

The United States will reportedly seek the formal extradition of daughter of Huawei's founder from Canada

3 years ago