Amazon Settles Lawsuit With Two Fired Staffers

Undisclosed lawsuit settlement reached with two former Amazon employees, who alleged they were fired over their 'workplace activism'

4 months ago

Google Proposes Settlement In EU Digital Advertising Probe

Google tries to stave off lengthy investigation of its digital advertising business by reportedly seeking settlement with EU

4 months ago

Twitter Offers $800m To Settle Investor Lawsuit

Twitter offers to pay $809.5m to settle class action lawsuit which accused it of allegedly deceiving investors over user engagement

4 months ago

Apple Drops Corellium Lawsuit

Apple has dropped its copyright lawsuit against Corellium at the last minute, before the two sides were due to go…

6 months ago

Zoom Settles ‘Zoombombing’ Lawsuit, Pays $85 Million

Video conferencing giant Zoom to pay $85 million to settle a lawsuit over data sharing, security and 'zoombombing' issues

6 months ago

British Airways Settles Data Breach Claims Case

Costly exercise. British Airways pays an undisclosed settlement to passengers and staff impacted by massive 2018 data breach

7 months ago

Daimler Ends Nokia Spat With Royalty Payment Agreement

End of hostilities between Nokia and Mercedes owner Daimler, after the car maker finally agrees to make royalty payments to…

8 months ago

Nokia, Lenovo Settle Patent Dispute

PC manufacturer Lenovo is to make an undisclosed payment in order to settle Nokia's legal action over video technology patents

10 months ago

Apple Pays $113 Million To Settle iPhone Slowdown Probe

Deliberately policy by Apple to slow down older iPhone models, results in another financial settlement for investigation by US states

1 year ago

Google Plus Users To Receive Financial Settlement

American users of the defunct Google Plus can claim $12 as part of a lawsuit settlement, but have until 8…

1 year ago

iPhone Users Can Claim Money From Apple For Slowdown

Users of old iPhones in the United States can now claim money back from Apple, as a result of its…

2 years ago

Facebook Moderators Agree $52 Million Settlement After PTSD Lawsuit

Facebook has agreed a multi million dollar settlement with content moderators who sued it for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and…

2 years ago

IBM Looks To Have Settled Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Big Blue looks to have settle an age discrimination lawsuit after it allegedly axed mostly older staff and move jobs…

2 years ago

Apple Pays VirnetX $454m Settlement For Decade-Long Patent Battle

VirnetX has declared victory in its long-running patent battle, after Apple pays it a settlement of $454m following supreme court…

2 years ago

Apple To Settle US iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit

Each user affected by the iPhone slowdown will be paid up to $25, in proposed $500 million litigation settlement in…

2 years ago

Post Office Settles Horizon IT System Dispute

Post Office to pay nearly £58m after years of fraud disputes with sub postmasters over the Horizon accounting system

2 years ago

Facebook Privacy Settlement To Include Federal Oversight – Report

Facebook reportedly faces having a federal privacy official on its board, as part of settlement deal with FTC

3 years ago

Elon Musk Settlement Slammed By SEC Commissioner

Musk's settlement with financial regulator over his use of Twitter criticised by SEC commissioner

3 years ago

Apple Surprises With Qualcomm Settlement

Billion dollar lawsuits around the world halted after Apple agrees to pay Qualcomm undisclosed sum

3 years ago

Ashley Madison Offers £8.5m To Data Breach Victims

The fund will be available for anyone with a "valid claim" for being affected by the 2015 breach

5 years ago

Target To Settle Epic Data Breach Lawsuit With $10m Payoff

The stark reality of the financial cost of a data breach is revealed, as Target aims to settle lawsuit for…

7 years ago

LinkedIn Settles Password Theft Lawsuit

LinkedIn pays nearly £1m to settle legal fight after security breach compromised 6.5 million user passwords

7 years ago

Apple And Google Agree ‘No-Poaching’ Staff Deal – Report

Tech workers win settlement from Apple, Google and others over an alleged 'no-poaching' of staff pact

7 years ago

HP Begins Autonomy Lawsuit Settlement Talks – Report

Talks are reportedly underway to settle the lawsuit from HP shareholders over its troubled acquisition of Autonomy

8 years ago

Google Insists EU Search Settlement Offer Is Fair

Google's legal counsel insists the antitrust settlement offer satisfies EU's concerns, despite concerns by rivals

8 years ago

Google Settles Safari Tracking Lawsuits

Google will pay $17m to various US states in order settle the Safari browser tracking cases

8 years ago

Google Reaches European Antitrust Agreement – Report

Google's revised proposals to settle the EC antitrust investigation is reportedly being accepted by the agency

9 years ago

Google Search Settlement With FTC Coming Soon – Report

A settlement deal between the FTC and Google over its search practices is reportedly coming soon

9 years ago

HTC Boss Hits Out At ‘Outrageous’ Apple Reports

The CEO of HTC has described reports that HTC may be paying Apple as much as £5 a phone, as…

9 years ago

Facebook And FTC Agree Settlement Over Privacy Row

Facebook has avoided an FTC fine, but will be monitored for 20 years as part of its settlement with the…

9 years ago