Japan Passes Law To Allow Third Party App Stores, Payments

Copy of EU's DMA? Japan passes law that will require Apple and Google to open up their respective ecosystems

1 month ago

Payments Regulator Probing String Of Payments Failures

Payments regulator says it is monitoring string of failures that affected payments systems at McDonald's, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Greggs within…

4 months ago

Twitter ‘Hiring’ As Musk Plans ‘Everything App’

Elon Musk says Twitter is hiring as he plans encrypted messaging and payment services to turn platform into 'everything app'

2 years ago

Crypto Executive Says Bitcoin Has ‘No Future’ As Payments Network

Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the digital asset exchange FTX, says Bitcoin tech cannot scale to meet demands of true…

2 years ago

Amazon May Drop Visa As US Credit Card Partner – Report

Clash with Visa over payment fees grows, as Amazon explores partnership options on co-branded credit card in the United States

3 years ago

Twitter Tests ‘Tip Jar’ Payments Feature

Twitter begins limited testing of 'Tip Jar' feature for sending money to other accounts, as users raise ethical and privacy…

3 years ago

Apple Modifies App Store Rules Amidst In-App Payments Row

Apple changes App Store guidelines to respond to criticism over in-app payment restrictions, but Epic Games is still left out…

4 years ago

WhatsApp Launches Digital Payments Service

Chat-based payments system, offered first in Brazil, allows users to send money or pay merchants without leaving chat service

4 years ago

Banks Stay Away From Facebook’s Libra Over Regulatory Risk

Banks also cite their own competing payment projects and past failed digital wallets as reasons to be sceptical of Libra

5 years ago

Facebook Set To Launch ‘GlobalCoin’ Virtual Currency Next Year

But the social network faces tight regulatory scrutiny over its poor track record on protecting users' personal data

5 years ago

IT Life: Tim Thurman, Paysafe Group

Paysafe chief digital officer Tim Thurman talks about blockchain, the Internet of Things and why he loves cooking

6 years ago

PayPal’s TIO Networks Says Data Breach Impacts 1.6m Customers

PayPal only bought bill payment processor TIO Networks For £177m in July but has suspended operations

7 years ago

Mastercard Shows Off Credit Card With Built In Fingerprint Sensor

The technology is being rolled out in South Africa with plans to come to Europe later this year

7 years ago

Visa Offers Amazon Business Purchase Data For UK Enterprise Customers

More visibility into purchases means easier reconciliation for business accountants

7 years ago

Visa Opens London Innovation Centre To Develop Payment Tech

Visa opens its largest innovation centre as the world of digital payments continues to grow

7 years ago

Virgin Money Giving Teams Up With WorldPay To Ease Donation Strain

The new donation site features faster checkouts and a more responsive customer experience

7 years ago

Alipay Partners With Barclays And Other EU Financial Firms To Boost European Push

The Chinese payments giant continues to look beyond China with its European expansion

8 years ago

Credit Cards Hacked In Six Seconds Using Distributed Technique

Visa's online payment system fails to pick up on multiple invalid credit card attempts across multiple websites

8 years ago

Santander Signs Up Blockchain For Speedy International Payments

New blockchain-powered app will mean an end to lengthy waiting period to clear international payments

8 years ago

Why Do Some Payment Technologies Rise And Others Fall?

Barclaycard's Nick Kerigan tells us what can payment companies can learn from tech providers

8 years ago

Oracle Signals Payments Move With £445m Textura Purchase

Deal will allow engineering and construction businesses to continue digital transformation, says Oracle

8 years ago

Japan Prepares ‘Pay By Fingerprint’ System

Japanese government launches biometric payment scheme to encourage tourists ahead of 2020 Olympic Games

8 years ago

Facebook Messenger ‘Plans’ In-Store Payments

Next evolution of Facebook Messenger looks to add direct payments and secret conversations

8 years ago

Microsoft Blocks Bitcoin Payments For Windows 10

Microsoft Store will no longer accept Bitcoin across Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft confirms

8 years ago

MoD Extends Capgemini Payments Contract Until December

Ministry of Defence wants another 12 months of Capgemini's P2P cloud payment and procurement service

8 years ago

MWC 2016: MasterCard Customers Will Be Able To Pay With Selfies

Biometric authentication will be available to UK users this summer, MasterCard confirms

8 years ago

LG G Pay Could Unite All Your Payments On One Card

Upcoming LG G Pay system could include a universal credit card that links to digital wallet

8 years ago

O2 Travel Alerts Service Hopes To Stamp Out Holiday Card Fraud

O2 "World first" technology will mean you no longer have to inform your bank when you want to use your…

9 years ago

Worldpay Offers Loans To UK Small Businesses

Payments firm looks to offer new affordable funding option to small businesses

9 years ago

All London Black Cabs Will Accept Cards From 2016

However minimum fares will rise by 20p in order to support new technology

9 years ago