UK Donates Stolen Passwords To Have I Been Pwned Website

National Crime Agency (NCA) donates a recovered database of 585 million stolen passwords to Troy Hunt's famous disclosure service

4 weeks ago

LogMeIn To Spin Off LassPass As Separate Cloud Security Firm

Six years after it acquired LassPass for $110 million, LogMeIn says it will spin out the unit as a separate…

1 month ago

Government PSTI Bill To Protect Consumer Tech From Cyber Threats

Ban on easy to guess default passwords, plus obligation on manufacturers to be transparent about cyber, included in new government…

2 months ago

Microsoft Looks Beyond Password Protection For Accounts

Future is 'passwordless' says Microsoft, as it gives users option to delete account passwords and login via authenticator app

4 months ago

Old Routers Pose Security Risk, Warns Which?

Elderly routers that can no longer receive firmware updates posed security risk to millions of people, consumer group Which? warns

9 months ago

Netflix Tests Crackdown On Password Sharing

Tightening up of account sharing as Netflix confirms test of account passwords, to ensure people are authorised to use account

10 months ago

World’s Worse Passwords Revealed By NordPass

Oh dear, Despite persistent cyber threats, research from NordPass reveals the most commonly used password is still '123456'

1 year ago

GoDaddy Warns Customers Of Password Breach

Attackers gained access to customers' websites last October, says hosting giant, but only via SSH, with 'main accounts' not affected

2 years ago

Tesco Warns 600,000 Clubcard Holders Of Fraud

Supermarket is issuing new cards to 600,000 Clubcard account holders after discovering some accounts had been compromised

2 years ago

Apple Joins FIDO Alliance To Replace Passwords With Trusted Devices

Significant development? The FIDO Alliance that aims to remove the need for passwords, signs Apple as new board member

2 years ago

Sky Customers Told To Change Passwords – Report

Incident or just best practice? Sky urges account holders to change passwords, prompting speculation of an incident

2 years ago

Have I Been Pwned Website Up For Sale

Needs support. Troy Hunt puts popular security website up for sale as admin and coding take him close to burn-out

3 years ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With Firefox Lockwise Password Manager

Open source community also bolsters Firefox security with tracking protection set to default

3 years ago

Google Admits To Storing Unhashed Passwords

My bad. Google admission after it stored plain text passwords for 14 years on its internal systems

3 years ago

Most Hacked Passwords Revealed By NCSC

Riskiest passwords to use revealed by UK cybersecurity agency, includes "123456" and "password"

3 years ago

Facebook Uploaded 1.5 Million Email Contacts

Oh dear, oh dear. Facebook admits uploading email contact data on 1.5 million people without consent

3 years ago

Facebook Takes Down Exposed User Data On Amazon Server

Mexican firm responsible however refuses to accept 540 million records on Facebook users was sensitive

3 years ago

Facebook Stored Millions Of Passwords Unprotected

Oh dear. 600 million passwords stored in plain text with no encryption, social network admits

3 years ago

Collection 2 Data Breach Exposes 2.2 Billion Unique Accounts

Massive new data dump of 2.2 records are being distributed on hacker forums and torrents

3 years ago

Collection 1 Data Breach Exposes 773 Million Email Addresses

One of the largest ever data breaches includes hundreds of millions emails and 21 million passwords

3 years ago

Twitter Urges Users To Change Passwords After Internal Gaffe

“Bug” caused passwords to be stored on internal server in readable text instead of being hashed

4 years ago

IoT Smart Devices Easy To Hack, Researchers Warn

A simple Google search can show how to hack IoT devices such as baby monitors, web cameras, doorbells, and thermostats

4 years ago

Biometrics Are Increasingly Favoured For Authentication

Fight to protect digital identity sees biometrics, two-factor authentication and password managers increasingly favoured

4 years ago

IT Bosses Admit Password Chaos At Their Organisations

Password madness. Companies are aware of user's password problems, but are not doing enough to solve them

4 years ago

Apple MacOS Has ‘Another’ Password Flaw

Questions for Apple's quality control after yet another password vulnerability found in Mac OS

4 years ago

Software ‘Feature’ Sent Plain-Text Passwords Across The Internet

The developer of a popular Mac tool has fixed an issue that caused sensitive data to be sent out unencrypted…

4 years ago

Spambot Contains 711 Million Email Addresses

Huge data breach. Misconfigured spambot reveals 700m email addresses and number of passwords

4 years ago

Why Passwords Still Have A Huge Role To Play In Cybersecurity

ANALYSIS: Despite its flaws, the password’ legacy means it still has a place in the cyber-crime battle argues ZoneFox CEO…

4 years ago

Password Expert Regrets Complex Password Advice

William Burr says he basically got it wrong when it came to password advice

4 years ago

Russian Hackers Stole And Traded British MPs’ Passwords

Emails and passwords belonging to British MPs and high level public servants traded online

5 years ago