Microsoft Office

Microsoft Unbundles Teams From Office Suite

Redmond's collaboration tool Teams is decoupled from Office Suite, under new licensing terms announced on Monday

3 months ago

Microsoft To Unbundle Teams To Satisfy EU Antitrust Concerns

In an effort to appease EU antitrust concerns, Microsoft confirms it will unbundle its Teams software in Europe

10 months ago

EU Investigates Microsoft Over Teams Bundling With Office

Bundling of video and chat app Teams into Microsoft Office suite triggers European Commission antitrust investigation

11 months ago

OpenAI Fixes Bug With ChatGPT That Exposed User Chats

Chief executive of OpenAI admits “significant issue” in ChatGPT has now been fixed, after user chat titles were exposed

1 year ago

Microsoft Adds OpenAI Tech ‘Copilot’ To Word, Excel

Redmond continues its aggressive integration of AI into its products, with AI features dubbed Copilot, for Office, Excel

1 year ago

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Meta Quest Pro Headset

Mark Zuckerberg showcases the Quest Pro virtual and mixed reality headset, as Metaverse moves one step closer

2 years ago

Microsoft Granted ‘Mass Market’ Export Licence For Huawei

Sign of a thaw? Huawei will be still be able to utilise Microsoft software after US Dept of Commerce grants…

5 years ago

Former Cortana Boss Javier Soltero Joins Google

'Hey Cortana... please forward my email to Google', as former Microsoft man joins search engine giant

5 years ago

LibreOffice 6.3 Boosts Document Performance, Fixes Security Bugs

Major update improves loading and saving times for complex documents, improves compatibility with Microsoft Office formats and adds new features

5 years ago

BlackBerry, Microsoft Sign Security Agreement

BlackBerry partners Microsoft to provide secure environment for Microsoft Office apps

6 years ago

Microsoft Office 2019 Will Only Work On Windows 10

Microsoft confirms Office 2019 will only run on Windows 10 and Windows Server, and will come with less extended support…

6 years ago

Tech Quiz: Microsoft Office & Office 365

What do you know about Microsoft's office suite?

7 years ago

Microsoft Office 2019 Will Be Released Next Year

Microsoft Office 2019 will deliver improvements for customers who aren't ready for the cloud

7 years ago

Death By PowerPoint: Malware Attacks Use Malicious Slide Show Files To Evade Antivirus

A sophisticated attack uses targeted emails and a known Microsoft Office bug to get around antivirus and take over users'…

7 years ago

Microsoft Will Block Non-Office 365 Users From Skype, OneDrive & Outlook

Beginning in 2020 users of current standalone Office products will no longer have access to Office 365 services such as…

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: PowerPoint

30 years of PowerPoint. Useful presentation tool or bane of office meetings? Discuss...

7 years ago

Microsoft Office 365 Update Includes Accessibility Tweaks

Easy administration features and more accessibility improvements included in latest Office 365 update

7 years ago

Microsoft Office 365 Is Now Available In 150 Countries – Including The Vatican City

Microsoft Office 365 will expand to another 97 markets in the next year as 10 more countries are added

8 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is now 26 and its impact on the IT and business worlds has been immeasurable

8 years ago

Tech Quiz Of The Week: Microsoft Office

What do you know about Microsoft Office?

8 years ago

Office 365 Outage Causes Email Backup

A Microsoft Office 365 outage caused undeliverable emails to pile up in outboxes for some customers in the U.S.

8 years ago

Malicious Documents Use New Tricks To Evade Detection, Warns Zscaler

Attackers utilise social engineering to lure MS Word users to enable macros in order to avoid cyber detection

8 years ago

Microsoft Boosts Office 365 Security With Threat Detection, Visibility Tools

Microsoft says Advanced Security Management can protect networks and make Office 365 deployments more effective with new dashboard

8 years ago

Microsoft Office Online Users Can Chat While They Collaborate

Microsoft is adding to the browser-based software's co-authoring capabilities, allowing users to chat as they work together on Office content

8 years ago

Office 365 Security Risks Rise As Corporate Adoption Increases

Nearly three quarters of enterprise Microsoft Office 365 users have a compromised account each month and more than 200 files…

8 years ago

Microsoft SharePoint Is Revamped For Mobile, Cloud

SharePoint finally arrives for the mobile world with apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10

8 years ago

Microsoft Tests Ad-Free Premium At £2.81

Microsoft tests monthly free for premium, which will offer personalised email, better calendar sharing and remove adverts

8 years ago

Microsoft Offers Cloud Storage Partners New Office Collaboration, iOS Integrations

Microsoft's cloud storage partners such as Box and Dropbox can now take advantage of real-time collaboration, easy attachments and iOS…

8 years ago

LibreOffice 5.0 Delivers Windows 10 Support

Alternative Office suite bundles Windows 10 support, improved source code, and 'cleaner' user interface

9 years ago