Ofcom Revokes RT’s Broadcast Licence

UK regulator revokes RT's broadcast licence with immediate effect, due to its ties to the Russian state, plus previous impartiality…

2 months ago

FCC Revokes China Telecom Licence In US

US communication regulator has officially revoked and terminates the license of China Telecom to provide services in the United States

7 months ago

British Reseller Sues Microsoft Over Pre-owned Licences

British software reseller ValueLicensing alleges Microsoft is abusing its power over second hand software licences, and sues Redmond in High…

1 year ago

Apple Deletes 39,000 Games From Chinese App Store

Mass purge of unlicensed gaming apps on Apple's Chinese app store, ahead of local law requiring publishers to obtain licence

1 year ago

Is ARM Raising Prices For Chip Licences?

ARM is reportedly seeking to raise licensing prices for some customers, leading some customers to consider ARM alternatives

2 years ago

US Agencies In Favour Of Axing China Telecom US Licence

Ability of Chinese teleco to provide communication and data services between US and China could be jeopardy amid review of…

2 years ago

US Extends Huawei Trade Licence Again

US Commerce Department grants its fifth licence extension for Huawei, to allow the Chinese firm to continue trading with US…

2 years ago

Google Seeks Huawei Trade Exemption – Report

Google has reportedly applied for a trade exemption licence from the US government, so it can continue working with Huawei

2 years ago

Uber Loses Licence To Operate In London

Company calls Transport for London decision 'extraordinary and wrong' as TfL identifies 'pattern of failures' that put passenger safety at…

3 years ago

Microsoft Granted ‘Mass Market’ Export Licence For Huawei

Sign of a thaw? Huawei will be still be able to utilise Microsoft software after US Dept of Commerce grants…

3 years ago

Huawei CEO: 5G Talks With US Firms Have Yet To Begin

Huawei has yet to engage with any US firm over its offers to licence its 5G tech to ease national…

3 years ago

US Commerce Department ‘Has Received 130 Huawei Exemption Requests’

Applications pile up, but department has yet to issue a single licence allowing US firms to get around Huawei blacklist,…

3 years ago

Equifax Admits 38,000 Driver Licences Stolen In Breach

Hacker treasure trove. Equifax data breach also saw the theft of data belonging to 3,200 passports

4 years ago

Microsoft Hands Out Free Windows Phone Licences – Report

Selected smartphone OEMs have been given free Windows Phone licences by Microsoft to drive uptake

8 years ago

MWC 2014: Microsoft To Trim Windows Phone 8 Licence Fee – Report

Microsoft is preparing to drop the OEM licence fees for Windows Phones in an effort to increase adoption

8 years ago

IBM To Licence ARM Designs For Network And Comm Chips

Big Blue opts to licence a range of ARM designs for use in its networking and communications systems

9 years ago

Microsoft Confirms 100m Windows 8 Licence Sales

Microsoft reveals it has sold 100 million Windows 8 licences as it seeks to strike an optimistic tone for the…

9 years ago

ZTE Signs Android Licence Agreement With Microsoft

ZTE is the latest in a long line of companies that have signed up to Microsoft’s Android licensing scheme

9 years ago

Foxconn Signs Android Agreement With Microsoft

Fxconn signs Microsoft's patent licensing campaign against Android, which Google previously called 'extortion'

9 years ago

Microsoft Retreats Over Office 2013 Licence Restrictions

Microsoft has performed an abrupt u-turn over its restrictive licensing policy for Office 2013

9 years ago

SAP Users Slam Complex And Rigid Licensing

A survey of British SAP users has revealed that many are unhappy over licensing complexity and lack of flexibility

10 years ago

Cisco Modifies Licensing Model for UC Platform

Cisco has revamped its licensing model for its unified communications portfolio, in light of new workplace trends

10 years ago

AT&T And T-Mobile Marriage – It’s Complicated

Both telcos say the merger is on but AT&T is paying T-Mobile $4 billion for a missed deadline. Wayne Rash…

11 years ago

Casio Coughs Up Microsoft Fee Over Linux Use

Microsoft’s licensing campaign continues with Casio Computing the latest to sign a deal for using Linux

11 years ago

Leaks Reveal Microsoft Links To Tunisian Regime

A leaked diplomatic cable has reveal concern over Microsoft's links to the former Tunsian regime

11 years ago

Regulator says Microsoft Must Sell Back Novell Patents

US Department of Justice rules that Microsoft will acquire licences for Novell patents rather than ownership

11 years ago

Whistleblower Sticks Label Firm With Licence Payment

A label-making company has paid out nearly £25,000 after a whistleblower told the BSA of unlicensed software

11 years ago

Oracle And the Cloud’s Lead Lining

The cloud could do a lot more for users who understand how to work with licensing schemes which can limit…

12 years ago

Government Scraps £80 Million Microsoft NHS Licence Deal

The government has scrapped a £80 million software licensing deal with Microsoft for the NHS Connecting for Health (CfH) programme

12 years ago

Symantec Looks To SMBs With Expanded Licensing Scheme

Security giant Symantec has expanded its licensing program for business partners in an effort to help reduce their costs

12 years ago