Japan, US To Set Up Advanced Chip Research Centre

Japan and US to establish joint research centre for 2-nanometre chips by end of this year amidst ongoing worldwide semiconductor…

1 week ago

Japan ‘Seeking Fines’ On Tech Giants Over Domestic Registration

Japanese government reportedly planning to fine noncompliant tech companies over local registration requirement, amidst global crackdown on tech giants

2 months ago

Japan Aims To Ramp EV Battery Production Amidst Stiff Competition

Japan aims to boost domestic battery production capacity tenfold as country loses market share to Chinese and South Korean rivals

4 months ago

Japan Should Work With AUKUS For Cybersecurity, AI, Says Former PM

We want in. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe welcomes creation of AUKUS alliance, and calls for Japan to be…

9 months ago

TSMC Confirms Chip Plant For Japan

Taiwanese chip giant TSMC confirms it will build a chip factory in Japan, that will focus on the older chips…

10 months ago

TSMC, Sony Mull Joint Chip Factory With Japanese Gov Help – Report

TSMC and Sony reportedly consider building a chip factory together, with financial assistance from the Japanese government

10 months ago

Facebook, Google Reveal Apricot Undersea Cable For Asia

New undersea cable from Facebook and Google to connect Japan with south east Asia, to increase capacity, redundancy and reliability

12 months ago

Japan Sets Data Transfer Speed Record Of 319Tbps

Researchers in Japan have set a stunning data transmission speed record of 319Tbps, over a long distance of 3,001km or…

1 year ago

TSMC Considers Construction Of Japanese Factory – Report

World's largest contract chipmaker is considering construction of a new factory in Japan to help tackle global chip shortage

1 year ago

Japanese Officials Resist Ban On Fax Machines

Victory for legacy tech, as pushback by Japanese officials against ban on fax machines overturns a mass switch to email…

1 year ago

Japanese Nuclear Regulator Suffers Cyber Attack – Report

Nuclear agency in Japan (the Nuclear Regulation Authority) reportedly suffers a cyber attack and switched off its email systems

2 years ago

Microsoft Japan Tests Four Day Week

Productivity jumps by 40 percent after Microsoft tests the benefits of working a four day week

3 years ago

No Drunk Drone Driving, Warns Japan

Prison sentence on the cards for people who fly drones whilst drunk, after Japan passes new law

3 years ago

Rakuten Takes Applications Ahead Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch

Rakuten Wallet is one of several major crypto-asset platforms arriving in Japan in the coming weeks, even as authorities battle…

3 years ago

Japanese Government To Ban Huawei, ZTE Kit – Report

More bad news for Chinese firms as Japan government reportedly plans to halt equipment purchases

4 years ago

Fujitsu Gives First Details On ARM-Powered Supercomputer Chip

Fujitsu's custom chip, the first to use supercomputing extensions to the ARMv8-A instruction set, is set to come into operation…

4 years ago

Japan Drives Ahead With Self-Driving Car System For Tokyo

The system could be in place in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with commercialisation planned for 2022

4 years ago

Tokyo Wants To Make Flexible Working A Reality For 2020 Olympics

Inspired by London 2012, the Japanese government wants remote working to help transport and improve the life of citizens for…

5 years ago

Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (26 May)

Have you been paying attention to this week’s IT and tech news? Then try our quiz!

5 years ago

Panasonic Toughbook At 20: Can ‘Japanese’ Quality And Service’ Maintain Ruggedised PC Lead?

Panasonic is making a big deal of the Toughbook anniversary. But as business becomes more important to PC makers, can…

5 years ago

Smart Stadiums, Streets & Airports: How Tokyo Is Preparing For 2020 Olympics

In three years' time, the Olympics will arrive in Tokyo. But how will smart city technology improve Tokyo 2020, the…

5 years ago

What Will The Japanese Smart Home Look Like?

Japan has traditionally been ahead of the curve when it comes to tech. Panasonic shares its vision of what the…

5 years ago

Japan To Build World’s Fastest AI & Big Data Supercomputer

The AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure is to target machine learning applications and big data analysis for academia, enterprises and start-ups

6 years ago

Brexit: Japan Raises Concerns Over Impact On Its Cloud And Tech Businesses

Japanese tech companies may leave the UK if Brexit negotiations are not transparent, warns Japan's foreign ministry

6 years ago

Japan Prepares ‘Pay By Fingerprint’ System

Japanese government launches biometric payment scheme to encourage tourists ahead of 2020 Olympic Games

6 years ago

Equinix To Open Four New Data Centres Across World

Equinix details 2016 growth plans with new data centres opening in Brazil, Australia, Japan, and the United States

6 years ago

Japanese Police Get Dedicated Drone Takedown Squad

Nuisance drones could soon find their rotars clipped after Japanese police creates a dedicated drone takedown squad

7 years ago

London Is A True World Centre Of Fintech, Says Boris

Mayor of London announces closer tie-up between the capital and Tokyo to promote fintech growth

7 years ago

Equinix Snaps Up Japanese Data Centre Provider Bit-Isle

Acquistion strengthens Equinix's Asia-Pacific footprint with six Japanese data centres

7 years ago

Toshiba Chief Resigns Over Accounting Scandal

Two more executives have quit as a report reveals profit inflation going back several years

7 years ago