healthcare IT

Google Signs Healthcare Deal With US Firm Ascension

Privacy worry? Search engine giant Google to gain access to health data on millions of Americans

2 months ago

Orangeworm Gang Stealing Healthcare Data Since 2015

Healthcare trojan found on X-ray and MRI machines after three year campaign by Orangeworm gang, Symantec warns

2 years ago

Barts Health Trust Cancels Operations Due To IT Failure

A 'major' computer failure beginning on 20 April has led to a number of systems being inaccessible to clinical staff

3 years ago

Scientists Develop Safer Child-Friendly Battery Coating

Scientists invent coating to prevent visits to hospital A&E departments due to battery ingestion

5 years ago

Micro Robots To ‘Swim’ Through Human Body

Doctors in the future could make use micro robots swimming through your body to deliver medicine

5 years ago

Jawbone UP3 Device Enters Fitness Race

'Advanced' UP3 band monitors sleep cycle and workouts thanks to new “state-of-the-art” sensors

5 years ago

Microsoft Enters Wearables With Fitness Band

Microsoft Band targets the health and fitness market, and is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Phone

5 years ago

Google To Develop ‘Nanoparticle’ Pill For Cancer Detection

Search engine giant lends its R&D prowess to tackle health problems including cancer and heart attacks

5 years ago

Facebook To Launch Healthcare Services

Support communities and Facebook fitness apps among offerings rumoured to be on the way

5 years ago

NHS Develops Backbone With Upgraded IT

The NHS Spine is used by more than 20,000 organisations that provide health care across England

5 years ago