Chinese Hack Exposes Ministry Of Defence Payroll Data

Payroll records of nearly all members of the UK's armed forces have been exposed, reportedly to Chinese hackers

3 weeks ago

AT&T Says Data Of 7.6 Million Account Holders Leaked On Dark Web

American telecommunications giant AT&T investigates incident after millions of customers’ data published on dark web

2 months ago

HP Enterprise Hacked By Suspected Russian Hackers

Regulatory filing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise reveals suspected state-backed Russian hackers breached its cloud email system

4 months ago

SEC Investigates After Fake Post On X/Twitter Account

US securities regulator confirms unknown individual accessed its X social media account to post false message about ETFs

5 months ago

Xerox Axes 15 Percent Of Workforce, Admits ‘Cyber Incident’

Happy new year. Tech veteran Xerox is to hand out P45s to approximately 3,000 employees in the first quarter of…

5 months ago

Hackers Steals Customer Data From Car Parking Giant

Owner of parking apps RingGo and ParkMobile has been hacked, and customer data including credit card info has been stolen

5 months ago

Japan Space Agency Hacked, But No Rocket Data Accessed

Admission of 'unauthorised access' of a network server at Japan's space agency (JAXA), but sensitive data not compromised

6 months ago

Board Support Critical For Robust Cybersecurity Defence – Trellix

Security managers receive more board level support following a cyberattack, but cyber incidents are still occurring for majority

6 months ago

Samsung Confirms Hackers Compromised Customer Data – Report

Customers of the Samsung UK Store are being notified of a data breach that exposed their personal information

6 months ago

ICO Drops Investigation Into 2020 EasyJet Hack

BA not happy? UK data protection watchdog confirms it is halting EasyJet hack probe due to lack of resources

7 months ago

SolarWinds Sued By US SEC After 2020 Cyberattack

US regulators sue SolarWinds and its chief information security officer after the high profile cyberattack by Russian hackers

7 months ago

Okta’s Latest Cyber Breach Knocks Billions Off Company Value

Not again. Another security breach admission from Okta wipes more than $2 billion off its market valuation

7 months ago

Sony Systems Alleged Breached By Hackers

Ransomed.vc hackers claim to have breached 'all Sony systems' and are allegedly threatening to sell stolen data

8 months ago

ICC War Crime Tribunal Admits ‘Cybersecurity Incident’

International tribunal responsible for prosecuting those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes has been hacked

8 months ago

Microsoft Account Compromise Led To Chinese Hack Of US Officials

Chinese hack of senior US officials came after the corporate account of a Microsoft engineer was compromised

9 months ago

Paramount Admits Data Breach – Report

Entertainment giant Paramount has notified impacted people that hackers gained access to their personally identifiable information

9 months ago

Met Police Contractor Hack Places Officer Data At Risk

Metropolitan Police on high alert following a significant breach of an IT contractor, led to officers' and workers' data being…

9 months ago

Officials Point To Russia After Electoral Commission Hack

Cyberattack allows hackers to access the names and addresses of tens of millions of voters on the UK's electoral register

10 months ago

Cyberattack Impacts Two Ambulance Services

Supply chain attack. Cyberattack on IT supplier impacts two major ambulance services in the United Kingdom

10 months ago

Chinese Hackers Compromised Emails Of US Commerce Secretary

Fallout spreads from cyberattack by China-based hackers, as emails from head of US Commerce Department reportedly compromised

11 months ago

British Man Pleads Guilty To Infamous Twitter Hack

Man alleged to have carried out 2020 hack of public figures including Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, pleads guilty…

1 year ago

Acer Confirms Huge 160GB Data Breach

Taiwanese PC giant Acer confirms major data breach, with hacker stealing 160GB of sensitive data and hawking it for sale

1 year ago

Poland Blames Russian Hackers For Tax Website Attack

Government official says Russia was behind a hacking attack on the Polish tax website, that blocked access to the online…

1 year ago

Oakland Declares State Of Emergency After Ransomware Attack

Californian city declares local state of emergency, after ransomware attack downed city systems earlier this month

1 year ago

Scottish MP Admits Hack Of Personal Email, After NCSC Warning

SNP MP Stewart McDonald says he was hacked last month and his email system compromised, with suspicion pointed at Russia

1 year ago

US Seizes Servers Of Prolific Ransomware Gang Hive

FBI has hacked the hackers, after it “covertly infiltrated Hive Network, thwarting over $130m in ransom demands”

1 year ago

LastPass Owner GoTo Confirms Hackers Stole Customers’ Backups

It gets worse. Confirmation from LastPass owner GoTo that hackers stole encrypted backups and encryption key for portion of them

1 year ago

T-Mobile Confirms Hacker Stole Data Of 37 Million Customers

Not again. American mobile operator T-Mobile confirms customer data for 37 million users compromised by hacker

1 year ago

FTX Claims $415m Crypto Was Hacked

FTX has now identified roughly $5.5 billion worth of digital assets for recovery, but said $415m has been hacked

1 year ago