US Officials Call For Federal Oversight Of Social Media Firms

Twitter's self regulation not working says US report, citing its embarrassing hack in the summer that compromised high profile accounts

6 days ago

Twitter Account Of Indian Prime Minister Hacked

The official Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hacked, asking for a cryptocurrency donation

2 months ago

Former Uber Security Chief Charged For Data Breach Cover-Up

Uber's former security boss, Joe Sullivan, charged by US DoJ for covering up 2016 data breach, that was exposed a…

2 months ago

Personal Data Of 24 Million South Africans Exposed By Experian Breach

Oh dear. Fraudster is blamed for breach of credit agency Experian, which has exposed the personal data of 24 million…

2 months ago

Liam Fox MP Hacked In Russian Operation

Liam Fox MP attacked by suspected Russian hackers who stole classified US-UK trade documents that were leaked ahead of general…

3 months ago

Twitter Confirms Phone-based Spear Phishing Attack On Staff

Twitter confirms attack vector used by hackers on its staff, which successfully compromised internal systems for bitcoin scam

3 months ago

Twitter Admits Hackers Viewed Direct Messages Of 36 Accounts

Hackers have read the private DMs (direct messages) of 36 Twitter accounts, including an elected official in the Netherlands

3 months ago

Twitter Admits 130 High Profile Accounts Targeted, As FBI Investigates

Hackers targeted 130 Twitter accounts, as the FBI investigates how the unprecedented hack compromised the firm's internal systems

3 months ago

Hackers Compromise Twitter Accounts Of Major Public Figures

Bitcoin scam sees Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, as well as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and…

3 months ago

Hackers Steal Data From US Nuclear Missile Contractor

Confidential data from the US military contractor that supports the Minuteman III nuclear deterrent has been stolen by hackers

5 months ago

EasyJet Hack: Security Expert Reactions

Beware the phishing scams warn experts, as the hack of easyJet make available more valuable personal information on the dark…

5 months ago

EasyJet Admits Hack From ‘Highly Sophisticated Source’

Personal information of 9 million customers accessed in a “highly sophisticated” cyber-attack, which saw the credit card details of 2,200…

5 months ago

Celebrity Law Firm Hacked, Attackers Threaten To Leak Stolen Data

Personal information and contracts belonging to celebrities including Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Elton John have been stolen by hackers

5 months ago

Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI Hacked

Privacy compromise. American company that has a database of more than three billion photographs of people has been hacked

8 months ago

Russia’s GRU Blamed For Huge Cyberattack On Georgia

The United Kingdom and the United States have called out Russia's campaign of “unacceptable cyberattacks against Georgia”

8 months ago

Facebook Accounts On Twitter, Instagram Hacked

Facebook has been targeted by Saudi-based hacking collective OurMine after compromise of its Twitter and Instagram accounts

8 months ago

United Nations Covered Up Hack – Report

Hack compromised 20 admin accounts and malware was implanted on 40 servers, but the UN opted to cover up the…

9 months ago

Hacked Ring Camera Found In Child’s Bedroom

Parental nightmare. Video of young girl being shared online, shows her talking to stranger in her bedroom via hacked camera

10 months ago

Facebook Lawsuit After Hack Must Not Include Damages – US Judge

Facebook should not face financial damage claims after the hack of 29 million accounts, but can pressure for better security

11 months ago

Thousands Of Disney+ Customers Hacked – Report

Subscribers of the newly launched streaming service from the house of mouse say their accounts have been hacked

11 months ago

NordVPN Confirms Hack After Data Centre Mistake

Panama-based VPN provider confirms it was hacked after Finnish data centre provider left server unsecured

12 months ago

Former Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts For User Porn

Reyes Daniel Ruiz pleads guilty after hacking 6,000 accounts, targetting younger women, to search for porn

1 year ago

Asics Says Sorry After Porn Plays For Hours On Shop TV Screen

Store TV hacked. Adult content shown for nine hours on New Zealand’s busiest shopping street

1 year ago

ECB Closes Website After Breach By ‘Unauthorised Parties’

European central bank shuts down banking industry website after it discovers it was accessed by unknown parties

1 year ago

Facebook Lawsuit After Hack Of 29 Million Users

Lawsuit filed alleging social network failed to inform users of risks associated with its single sign-on tool

1 year ago

Hacked Ad Server Pushed Ransomware – Report

Fresh threat. Sodinokibi ransomware distributed by malvertising, warns researcher

1 year ago

NASA Hack Blamed On Rogue Raspberry Pi

Unauthorised Raspberry Pi device blamed for hack at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

1 year ago

Hackers Steal $41m In Bitcoins From Binance Exchange

Major crypto-currency exchange is hacked, but wners pledge to cover the millions stolen in the cyber heist

1 year ago

Citrix Admits Hackers Had System Access For Six Months

Firm only found out it's core internal systems had been hacked after the FBI contacted them

1 year ago

Wipro Hires Forensic Firm After Hack

Firm investigates alleged hack of IT systems that are being used to launch attacks against customers

2 years ago