Google Assistant

Microsoft Kills Cortana iOS, Android App

Protracted death of digital assistant continues, as Redmond officially pulls support for the Cortana apps on the Android and iOS…

8 months ago

Google Hit With Third Antitrust Lawsuit

Another day, another antitrust lawsuit. More legal action alleging Google operates a search monopoly, and prevents Alexa in speakers using…

12 months ago

Your Post Tap Business: The Future Is Voice

Learn how voice is about to become an essential component of your business. Discover why your business must use voice…

1 year ago

Google Cloud Next UK: G Suite Gains New Assistive Features

Day two of Google's cloud event, sees new assistive features that utilise AI for G Suite to help both consumers…

2 years ago

Google Suspends European Voice Assistant Transcriptions

Privacy concerns have resulted in Google suspending European transcriptions of voice assistance clips

2 years ago

Microsoft Puts Amazon’s Alexa On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Feature arrives in a test Windows 10 build aimed for final release later this year, along with enterprise and security…

2 years ago

Google Admits Contractors Listen To Home Speaker Recordings

'Language experts' used to study small 'snippets' of user recordings gained from Google Home smart speakers

2 years ago

UK Government Offers Information Via Alexa, Google Home

Smart speakers can now be used to access more than 12,000 pieces of government information

3 years ago

CES 2018: Google Assistant Heads To Cars, Smart Screens And Earbuds

Google Assistant expands to more devices, including cars, as Google seeks to establish voice-activated smart assistant dominance

4 years ago

Google Assistant Arrives On Android L Smartphones

Google Assistant is now available on half of Android devices as it arrives on Android Lollipop smartphones, Android M &…

4 years ago

Google ‘Plans’ Chromebook Pixel & Google Home Mini For Autumn

A refresh to the Chromebook Pixel laptop line may be in the offing, along with a miniaturised Google Home smart…

4 years ago

Apple Buys ‘Dark Data’ Firm ‘For AI Training’

Lattice's technology finds patterns in large amounts of unstructured data and could be used to train AI personal assistants

5 years ago

Siri Speaker Expected From Apple At WWDC 2017

The speaker will look to take on Google Home and the Amazon Echo

5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Arrives In The UK: Hands-On Review

Silicon goes hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ as it hits the shelves in the UK

5 years ago

Google Blocks Burger King Advert That Tried To Hijack Google Home

Whopper mistake: Smart home audio hack gets a smack from Google

5 years ago

Samsung’s Siri AI Rival Bixby Will Debut With The Galaxy S8

Samsung has officially unveiled Bixby, its own virtual assistant to take on Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant.

5 years ago

MWC 2017: LG G6 Makes Handling Android Smartphones With Large Displays Easier

Silicon takes a hands-on look at LG's modular-free flagship smartphone

5 years ago

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, And Microsoft’s Cortana Are Set To Hit The Road With Four Major Car Brands

CES 2017: BMW, Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai all look to add virtual assistants into their vehicles

5 years ago

Huawei Mate 9 Is First Smartphone To Host Amazon’s Alexa AI

CES 2017: Amazon looks to expand the reach of its smart virtual assistant

5 years ago

Nvidia Xavier Supercomputer Aims To Turn Cars Into AIs On Wheels

Nvidia is bringing more supercomputer power into cars, and cloud gaming and Google's AI into homes

5 years ago

Microsoft Brings Cortana For iOS And Android To The UK

On the enterprise side, HPE also debuts its latest machine learning tech

5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Set To Get An AI Virtual Assistant

Samsung is planning to launch a virtual assistant to rival the likes of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana in is…

5 years ago

Google’s AI Neural Networks Learn To Create Their Own Encryption

Two neural nets were created to communicate securely while a third tried to crack their inhuman cipher messages

5 years ago

Google: Unification Of Software And Hardware Will Enable ‘Always On’ AI Computing

Google says it can bring the power of artificial intelligence to everyone by combining its hardware and software and shows…

5 years ago

Google Pixel Packs AI Assistant To Realise Android Smartphone Vision

Google releases its first ever "inside out" Android flagship smartphone, powered by AI Assistant and Daydream VR

5 years ago