generative ai

OpenAI Adds Voice Conversation To New ChatGPT Model

Microsoft-backed OpenAI releases new AI model GPT-4o with voice conversation capability, desktop app and updated user interface

2 weeks ago

Intel Unveils Latest AI Chip To Counter Nvidia

Nvidia AI chip challenger? Intel takes wraps off its latest artificial intelligence chip, called the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator

2 months ago

Google Expands AI-Powered Search Test To UK Users

Google now showing AI-powered search summaries to some logged-in UK users, in expansion of test that began almost a year…

2 months ago

Samsung To ‘Redefine’ Bixby With Generative AI

Samsung's Bixby voice assistant could be upgraded with generative artificial intelligence technology, executive says

2 months ago

US Congress Bans Use Of Microsoft AI Copilot – Report

Risk of leaks. US House of Representatives implements strict ban on congressional staff using Microsoft's Copilot chatbot

2 months ago

Amazon Pumps Another $2.75 Billion Into Anthropic

Amazon completes its $4bn investment into AI firm Anthropic, after providing an additional $2.75bn in funding

2 months ago

GPT-4 ‘Kinda Sucks’ Admits Sam Altman, Says GPT-5 Will Be Better

Old tech now? OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman admits ChatGPT's GPT-4 'kinda sucks' now, but says GPT-5 will be better

2 months ago

Microsoft Hires DeepMind Co-Founder Mustafa Suleyman

AI push. Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman joins software giant Microsoft to lead newly created consumer AI division

2 months ago

OpenAI Issues Public Rebuttal To Elon Musk Lawsuit

Skewered? OpenAI seeks to dismiss them Elon Musk's lawsuit claims, countering his allegations with his own words within his own…

3 months ago

Apple To Disclose AI Plans This Year, Says Tim Cook

CEO Tim Cook once again indicates Apple will open up about its generative artificial intelligence plans later this year

3 months ago

Gartner Predicts Concerns For Enterprises Using Cloud-based Generative AI

Cloud technology will continue to be best delivery option for generative AI applications at scale, says Gartner

3 months ago

Samsung Embeds Google’s AI Tech In S24 Smartphones

Samsung unveils its portfolio of S24 smartphones, and reveals they will include Google's generative AI technology

4 months ago

Silicon UK Roundtable: Tech Trends for 2024

In this Silicon Roundtable we bring together industry visionaries, thought leaders, and experts to delve into the exciting landscape of…

5 months ago

AWS re:Invent: Amazon Q Touted As New Business Chatbot

Amazon answer to ChatGPT? Amazon Web Services confirms launch of business focused AI chatbot called Amazon Q

6 months ago

AWS re:Invent: Amazon Nvidia Expand Collaboration

Amazon Web Services and Nvidia expand partnership with new supercomputing infrastructure, software and services for generative AI

6 months ago

Amazon Cuts Hundreds Of Jobs In Alexa Division

More job layoffs again at Amazon's Alexa division, on top of the 27,000 jobs already let go in the past…

6 months ago

Gartner Cites Generative AI Impact On Business Going Forward

Focus on worker augmentation to improve productivity and quality of work, rather than role automation from AI, Gartner warns

7 months ago

EU Sees ‘Convergence’ With Japan On Generative AI

EU official says bloc sees 'convergence' with Japan on generative AI as countries seek to regulate popular technology

8 months ago

Amazon Hires Former Microsoft Head Panos Panay As Device Boss

Panos Panay is hired by Amazon as head of device business, just weeks after his sudden departure from Microsoft

8 months ago

Amazon Adds Generative AI To Alexa, Amid Device Updates

Launch event sees Amazon offer more conversational interactions with Alexa, after upgrading it with generative AI capabilities

8 months ago

Global IT Spend To Rise Amid Automation Focus, Says Gartner

Economic uncertainty and ongoing struggle with skills shortage, will not impact IT spending for businesses, Gartner finds

10 months ago

Anthropic Opens Rival AI Chatbot To Public

Challenge to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google Bard, after Anthropic debuts Claude 2 AI chatbot, and opens it to public

11 months ago

AWS Reveals $100m Programme To Fund AI Initiatives

Amazon Web Services launches its AWS Generative AI Innovation Centre, to help deliver generative AI solutions

11 months ago

Travel Agency Priceline To Adopt Google AI

Travel agency Priceline to offer travel bookings chatbot powered by Google AI, plus more Google techologies for internal staff

12 months ago