US Security Committee Reviews Tencent’s £919m Sumo Takeover

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States launches probe into Tencent's proposed acquisition of British gaming studio amidst increased…

4 weeks ago

China Limits Kids To Three Hours Of Video Games A Week

Draconian move? Children in China now only allowed to play video games between 8 and 9pm on Friday, weekends and…

3 months ago

Facebook Pauses Sales Of Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Over Skin Complaints

Temporary pause of sales of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, after issues with a foam pad causing skin…

4 months ago

Hackers Use Cracked Games To Make Crypto-Millions

Malware found in cracked versions of popular games such as NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 5…

5 months ago

Tencent’s Timi Studios ‘Made $10bn’ In 2020

Tencent's Timi Studios, developer of Call of Duty Mobile, reportedly brought in $10bn in revenues last year, possibly making it…

8 months ago

Is Microsoft About To Buy Discord?

Reports surface that Microsoft is considering a possible $10 billion purchase of messaging and communication service Discord

8 months ago

Mobile Gaming Pioneer Gordon Hall Dies At 51

Gordon Hall was founder of video game studio Rockstar Leeds and developer of some of the top-rated games in the…

9 months ago

Nvidia Driver For New GPU Card Restricts Cryptomining

Global shortages of GPU cards for gamers and digital artists, sees Nvidia trying to stop new cards being snapped up…

9 months ago

Nintendo Shuts the Lid On 3DS

Nearly a decade after it first launched, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo discontinues its popular 3DS handheld gaming device

1 year ago

Intel Acquires Rivet Networks For Killer Cards

Wi-Fi connectivity. Company behind the Killer gaming networking cards (Rivet Networks) is acquired by chip goliath Intel Corp

2 years ago

Facebook Launches Gaming Streaming Service To Rival Twitch, YouTube

Facebook has rushed the launch of its gaming streaming app, in order to capitalise on the enforced lockdown of potential…

2 years ago

Apple iPad, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade

New 10.2-inch retina display iPad starts at just £349, while Apple TV prices and Apple gaming service is revealed

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Nokia N-Gage

In 2003, at its peak, Nokia tried to conquer the handheld gaming market with a console phone hybrid called the…

4 years ago

Google Previews ‘Android-Scale’ Augumented Reality Engine

The ARCore technology builds on the earlier 'Tango' AR project - but needs no additional hardware and can run on…

4 years ago

Android Ransomware Impersonates ‘King Of Glory’ Game

The ransomware encrypts the Android device's files and then displays a ransom message imitating the notorious WannaCry malware

4 years ago

Sky Bet Boosts Customer Experience With Cloudera

Sky Betting and Gaming moves into Cloudera Enterprise to hit instantaneous reward fulfilmet for gamers

5 years ago

Nvidia Prospers As Games, Data Centre Drives Growth

Strong demand for GPUs in gaming PCs and the data centre has driven hugely impressive growth

5 years ago

Pokemon Go Hit By Possible DDoS Attack

Players suffer massive weekend outages as PoodleCorp claim responsibility for DDoS attack

5 years ago

Intel Unveils VR And 4K-Focused 10-Core i7 CPU

Intel lifts lid on new Broadwell family at Computex, including 10-core Extreme Edition 'mega-tasker' ready for 4K, gaming, and virtual…

6 years ago

Sony Powers Up PlayStation VR

Gaming-focused virtual reality headset will look to undercut likes of Oculus and HTC

6 years ago

Microsoft Opens Up Minecraft For AI Testing

Microsoft's AIX aims to allow researchers to train artificial intelligence agents within the game's complex world

6 years ago

Bitcoin Is Getting Steam-y

Valve preparing to open up cryptocurrency to pay for games and downloads, according to leaked information

6 years ago

How To Keep Children Safe While Gaming

Online gaming can be a dangerous pastime. IT security firm ESET offers top tips on keeping your little gamers safe

6 years ago

AWS IoT Launches With Robotics, Gaming And Cars In Mind

AWS IoT platform goes live, with Amazon Web Services counting Philips and Scout Alarm as early customers

6 years ago

Oculus Rift To Feature Native Support For Windows 10, Xbox One

Offering a fully immersive gaming experience, virtual reality headset will go on sale to consumers early next year

6 years ago

Will Nintendo’s Next Console Run Android?

Nintendo NX will use Android to appeal to new audiences, reports claim

7 years ago

Future View – You’ll Soon Be Able To Control Your Favourite Games With Your Eyes

Eye-tracking technology could make future games more immersive than ever

7 years ago

New Assassin’s Creed Game Lets You Control With Your Eyes

Eye-tracking technology looks to give players a more intense and immersive gaming experience

7 years ago

PlayStation, Windows Live Gamers Hit By New Passwords Leak

Derptrolling attack reveals thousands of usernames and passwords

7 years ago

Sony Gaming Network Hit By DDoS Attack

Sony's PlayStation Network was one of several online gaming networks taken offline over the weekend by denial-of-service attacks - accompanied…

7 years ago