FBI Investigates After Internal Server Sent Fake Emails

Investigation begins after internal server at the FBI sends thousands of fake email messages warning of possible cyberattack

2 months ago

Bill Gates Advised To End Emails With Female Staffer, WSJ Alleges

Microsoft executives advised Bill Gates to end email correspondence with a female employee in 2008 when he chairman of the…

3 months ago

Japanese Officials Resist Ban On Fax Machines

Victory for legacy tech, as pushback by Japanese officials against ban on fax machines overturns a mass switch to email…

7 months ago

Zoom To Deploy Email Service, Calendar App

Microsoft and Google watch out? Zoom is developing an email service to be launched next year, coupled with a calendar…

1 year ago

Apple Email Flaw Exposed iPhones To Hacking

A flaw in Apple's Mail app found on iPhones and iPad, has left devices susceptible to sophisticated attacks for years,…

2 years ago

Digital Pollution: Cleaning Your Digital Footprint

As businesses strive to reduce their emissions, their digital services and processes are often forgotten. Taking a comprehensive approach to…

2 years ago

App Developer Calls For Open Revolt Against Apple

Developer of BlueMail publishes open letter calling on fellow app developers to join fight against Apple for allegedly “stealing ideas”

2 years ago

Mozilla Confirms Thunderbird Email Client Move

Thunderbird is go. Thunderbird email client has this week moved to a new wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation

2 years ago

Twitter Admits To Using Emails, Phone Numbers, For Advertising

Sorry folks. Twitter admits to inadvertently using people's email and phone numbers provided for security purposes, for advertising

2 years ago

Yahoo Mail Outage Impacts BT, Sky, TalkTalk Customers

Problems at Yahoo's global emailing service has impacted British customers at Sky, BT and TalkTalk

2 years ago

Human Error Blamed For Visa Data Breach Down Under

Personal information of 317 people applying for Australian visas leaked after email blunder, ABC investigation finds

2 years ago

Email Scammers Reaping Huge Rewards, Study Shows

Email scammers making over $300 million per month in America, US Treasury department warns

3 years ago

Hackers Access Microsoft Email Accounts

The breach occurred at the beginning of this year after attackers compromised a customer support representative's login credentials

3 years ago

Home Office Admits EU Citizen Breach

Government department blames 'administrative error' for disclosure of hundreds of email addresses

3 years ago

Collection 1 Data Breach Exposes 773 Million Email Addresses

One of the largest ever data breaches includes hundreds of millions emails and 21 million passwords

3 years ago

Gloucester Police Fined For Disclosing Victim Details In Bulk Email

An officer failed to activate the 'BCC' function in a bulk email, landing the force a £80,000 penalty

4 years ago

PGP Encrypted Emails At Risk From ‘eFail’ Attacks

Unpatched bugs could allow attackers to decode PGP-encrypted emails - even those that are years old

4 years ago

Google Allows Third-Party Add-ons For Gmail

Gmail opened up for direct integration with business applications across desktop and mobile devices

4 years ago

Windows Trick ‘Can Spread Malware Through Outlook Emails’

The unpatched security vulnerability allows attackers to use a Windows code-sharing feature to trigger malware using formatted Outlook messages

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Fax Machine

Take that Alexander Graham Bell! Faxes are older than the telephone, as the ability to send images over a wire…

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: ‘I Love You’ Virus

The 'I love you' worm had a devastating impact on computer networks worldwide seventeen years ago

5 years ago

Researcher Finds Super Secure Email Service Nomx ‘Riddled’ With Security Flaws

Researcher Scott Helme was left "horrified" at Nomx' level of security after analysing the device

5 years ago

US House Approves Bill Requiring Warrant To Search Old Emails

Tech companies urged the Senate to back the measure tightening controls on law enforcement email searches

5 years ago

French Workers Can Legally Ignore After Work Emails

Under a law that takes effect this week, companies are obliged to negotiate with staff over out-of-hours emails

5 years ago

Obama Orders Full Review Of Russia Election ‘Hacking’

The review is to examine government-sponsored hacks going back to 2008

5 years ago

Scottish Football Association Suffers Third-Party Data Breach

"I'd rather be associated with being hacked by some porn site," says one unhappy football fan

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Email

Email was invented before the Internet arrived, with early versions being used more than fifty years ago

5 years ago

US Legislators Demand Briefing On Yahoo Email Scan

Lawmakers want to judge the legality of intelligence services' access to Yahoo Mail

5 years ago

Yahoo ‘Temporarily’ Disables Email Forwarding As Users Seek To Flee

The change makes it more difficult for email users to switch away from the embattled company

5 years ago