Google To Tweak Gmail To Combat Spammers

Battling the spammers. Google makes changes to Gmail to make life more difficult for those send thousands of emails a…

8 months ago

Ministry of Defence Investigates Emails Sent To Russian Ally

Ministry of Defence investigates after 'small number' of emails sent to Russian ally Mali instead of US military due to…

11 months ago

DoJ Alleges Google Deleted Evidence In Antitrust Case

Serious allegation of misconduct made against Google by US Department of Justice, in its antitrust case against the firm

1 year ago

Twitter Says No Evidence Data Leak Originated From Its Servers

Data on 200 million Twitter users posted online by hacker did not come from a Twitter vulnerability, platform insists

1 year ago

FBI Investigates After Internal Server Sent Fake Emails

Investigation begins after internal server at the FBI sends thousands of fake email messages warning of possible cyberattack

3 years ago

Bill Gates Advised To End Emails With Female Staffer, WSJ Alleges

Microsoft executives advised Bill Gates to end email correspondence with a female employee in 2008 when he chairman of the…

3 years ago

Japanese Officials Resist Ban On Fax Machines

Victory for legacy tech, as pushback by Japanese officials against ban on fax machines overturns a mass switch to email…

3 years ago

Zoom To Deploy Email Service, Calendar App

Microsoft and Google watch out? Zoom is developing an email service to be launched next year, coupled with a calendar…

3 years ago

Apple Email Flaw Exposed iPhones To Hacking

A flaw in Apple's Mail app found on iPhones and iPad, has left devices susceptible to sophisticated attacks for years,…

4 years ago

Digital Pollution: Cleaning Your Digital Footprint

As businesses strive to reduce their emissions, their digital services and processes are often forgotten. Taking a comprehensive approach to…

4 years ago

App Developer Calls For Open Revolt Against Apple

Developer of BlueMail publishes open letter calling on fellow app developers to join fight against Apple for allegedly “stealing ideas”

4 years ago

Mozilla Confirms Thunderbird Email Client Move

Thunderbird is go. Thunderbird email client has this week moved to a new wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation

4 years ago

Twitter Admits To Using Emails, Phone Numbers, For Advertising

Sorry folks. Twitter admits to inadvertently using people's email and phone numbers provided for security purposes, for advertising

5 years ago

Yahoo Mail Outage Impacts BT, Sky, TalkTalk Customers

Problems at Yahoo's global emailing service has impacted British customers at Sky, BT and TalkTalk

5 years ago

Human Error Blamed For Visa Data Breach Down Under

Personal information of 317 people applying for Australian visas leaked after email blunder, ABC investigation finds

5 years ago

Email Scammers Reaping Huge Rewards, Study Shows

Email scammers making over $300 million per month in America, US Treasury department warns

5 years ago

Hackers Access Microsoft Email Accounts

The breach occurred at the beginning of this year after attackers compromised a customer support representative's login credentials

5 years ago

Home Office Admits EU Citizen Breach

Government department blames 'administrative error' for disclosure of hundreds of email addresses

5 years ago

Collection 1 Data Breach Exposes 773 Million Email Addresses

One of the largest ever data breaches includes hundreds of millions emails and 21 million passwords

5 years ago

Gloucester Police Fined For Disclosing Victim Details In Bulk Email

An officer failed to activate the 'BCC' function in a bulk email, landing the force a £80,000 penalty

6 years ago

PGP Encrypted Emails At Risk From ‘eFail’ Attacks

Unpatched bugs could allow attackers to decode PGP-encrypted emails - even those that are years old

6 years ago

Google Allows Third-Party Add-ons For Gmail

Gmail opened up for direct integration with business applications across desktop and mobile devices

7 years ago

Windows Trick ‘Can Spread Malware Through Outlook Emails’

The unpatched security vulnerability allows attackers to use a Windows code-sharing feature to trigger malware using formatted Outlook messages

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Fax Machine

Take that Alexander Graham Bell! Faxes are older than the telephone, as the ability to send images over a wire…

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: ‘I Love You’ Virus

The 'I love you' worm had a devastating impact on computer networks worldwide seventeen years ago

7 years ago

Researcher Finds Super Secure Email Service Nomx ‘Riddled’ With Security Flaws

Researcher Scott Helme was left "horrified" at Nomx' level of security after analysing the device

7 years ago

US House Approves Bill Requiring Warrant To Search Old Emails

Tech companies urged the Senate to back the measure tightening controls on law enforcement email searches

7 years ago

French Workers Can Legally Ignore After Work Emails

Under a law that takes effect this week, companies are obliged to negotiate with staff over out-of-hours emails

7 years ago

Obama Orders Full Review Of Russia Election ‘Hacking’

The review is to examine government-sponsored hacks going back to 2008

8 years ago