Alphabet’s Wing Unveils Larger Drone For Bigger Payloads

Bigger drone for larger deliveries. New Wing drone can carry 2.3kgs, cruise at 65mph, with a 12 mile range

6 months ago

Royal Mail Begins UK’s First Drone Delivery Postal Service

No more postman Pat? Drone service begins to deliver post and other items in the remote Orkney Islands, off Scotland

12 months ago

British Police At Risk From Chinese Drones, CCTV Cameras

Amid concern of Chinese spy balloons, UK's Camera Commissioner warns British police about their use of Chinese drones, cameras

1 year ago

NHS To Trial Drone Delivery Of Chemotherapy To Isle Of Wight

NHS launches latest trial of drone delivery, with vertical take-off and landing drone from start-up Apian carrying chemotherapy materials to…

2 years ago

Amazon To Begin Drone Deliveries In Californian Town

Amazon to begin drone delivery of 'thousands' of items weighing under 5lb in Lockeford, California, nearly ten years after creating…

2 years ago

US Adds Drone Maker DJI To Investment Blacklist

US Treasury adds Chinese drone giant DJI to financial blacklist, prohibiting investors from owning shares, as trade war with China…

3 years ago

Microsoft, Amazon Win Project Maven Contracts – Report

Analysis shows Amazon and Microsoft win Pentagon drone contracts, after Google exited Project Maven in 2018 amid staff protests

3 years ago

UK Considers Response After Fatal Drone Strike – Report

After Iranian drone strike on Israeli ship kills a Briton and a Romanian sailor, UK reportedly mulls cyber response

3 years ago

Amazon Acquires Facebook’s Satellite Internet Team

Amazon pays Facebook an undisclosed sum of money to acquire the social networking giant's satellite Internet team of specialists

3 years ago

UK Drone Regulation Update ‘Clarifies Rules’

UK brings in new drone rules to harmonise regulatory environment across Europe, with light-weight devices now permitted to fly around…

4 years ago

US To Permit Drone Operations Over Homes, Plus Night Flights

Significant development in the US for the future of drone operations will allow flights over homes, and operations at night

4 years ago

Drone Industry Up In Arms Over ‘Remote ID’ Regulations

US regulator proposes 'digital licence plate' for drones, but critics say regulations would be expensive and complex to implement

4 years ago

Boris Johnson Victory: What It Means For Tech Sector

What does the general election victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservatives mean for the technology sector? Silicon UK takes…

5 years ago

UK Drone Users Register Today Or Risk £1,000 Fine

British drone pilots have until today to register or risk a £1,000 fine. But will criminals and rogue drone operators…

5 years ago

Police To Use Drones To Locate Missing Persons

Drone programme officially launched in Scotland this week using AI to help search remote areas for missing or vulnerable people

5 years ago

Drones Disrupt Singapore Flights For Second Time In A Week

More than a dozen flights were affected by drone sightings, after a similar incident at the same airport last week

5 years ago

Government ‘Can Now Deploy Drone Detection Systems Throughout The UK’

Ministers say unidentified systems have been readied to prevent further chaos of the kind that struck Gatwick last week

6 years ago

IBM Patents Coffee Delivery Drone

The drone system makes use of complex AI and sensors to detect when caffeinated beverages are required

6 years ago

Alphabet’s X Spins Off Wing, Loon Into Separate Companies

The research projects, dealing with delivery drones and balloon-based internet provision, are to join Alphabet's 'Other Bets' division

6 years ago

Facebook Shuts Down ‘Aqulia’ Drone Program

Bye bye to Somerset-based aerospace outfit Ascenta, as Facebook cancels high altitude drone connectivity program

6 years ago

Government Looks For Tech To Support Prison Anti-Drone Squad

The specialist squad formed earlier this year aims to tackle the problem of drones being used to smuggle contraband into…

7 years ago

Government Demands Drone Registration And Pilot Safety & Privacy Tests

The government wants to prevent drones from taking over UK skies

7 years ago

Google Parent Alphabet Tests Drone Traffic Management System

Alphabet this week started testing an early version of a technology for managing unmanned drone delivery systems

7 years ago

Criminals Making Greater Use Of Tech, Warns Europol

Organised crime study reveals that nearly all criminal gangs are now using some form of technology

7 years ago

Microsoft Makes Its Drone AI Training Simulator Kit Available As Open Source Software

The software simulator toolset could be used to train artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for all manner of devices

7 years ago

Google Officially Ditches Project Titan Drone Broadband

Engineers scattered to other divisions as Titan doesn't make enough progress to continue

8 years ago

Pentagon Tests Swarm Of Drones For Military Reconnaissance

The rise of the weaponised Internet of Things could start here

8 years ago

Web Summit 2016: Drones, Robots And ‘Fashionable’ Wearables

Robots and AI's future in the workplace, how drones can help Africa and Fossil CTO talks about the potential of…

8 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Prepares Anti-Drone Defence System

The system will look to protect airports, car test tracks, stadiums and critical infrastructure from drone snooping

8 years ago

CNN To Gather News Using Drones, Sets Up UAS Unit

Two full-time drone operators will help the network integrate the unmanned aircraft systems into its ongoing news coverage

8 years ago