Apple Services Resume After Multiple Outages

App Store and other Apple services are back online after outages over a two day period, reportedly being blamed on…

2 years ago

Ukraine Asks ICANN To Remove Russian Domains

Digital fightback by Ukraine sees official letter to internet domain body ICANN, requesting removal of Russian domains from global web

2 years ago

Microsoft 365 Restored After Outage

Problems with Microsoft 365 and Teams have been resolved Microsoft confirms, after outage on Thursday for thousands of people

3 years ago

Google Chrome Follows Firefox Lead With DoH Option

Three months after Firefox turned on privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), Google's Chrome browser gets same feature, but only if…

4 years ago

Mozilla Turns On DoH By Default For US Firefox Users

Mozilla Foundation has turned on its privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for American users of the Firefox browser

4 years ago

Russia ‘Successfully Tests’ Sovereign Internet – Report

Russian pursuit of “sovereign internet” sees the country test its Internet unplugged from rest of the world

5 years ago

Google Follows Firefox Lead With Chrome DoH Test

Google confirms it will test DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Chrome 78, days after Mozilla makes Firefox announcement

5 years ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With DoH Switch On

Another move to strengthen its privacy credentials, as Mozilla gradually switches on DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for its Firefox browser

5 years ago

President Putin Signs Bill To Isolate Internet In Russia

Controversial law will route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

5 years ago

Thousands Protest At Russian Internet Restrictions

Over 15,000 people protest in Moscow after Russian government moves to tighten control of Internet

5 years ago

Russian Telcos Consider Experimental Disconnection From Global Internet

The exercise would allow telcos to simulate how their networks would function if Russia were cut off from the worldwide…

5 years ago

NCSC Programme Blocks 30 Million Phishing Emails In One Month

The National Cyber Security Centre's 'Active Cyber Defence' strategy has blocked millions of scam emails imitating government addresses

6 years ago

IBM Quad9 DNS Service Offers Rogue Site Protection

Big Blue and partners deliver Quad9 DNS privacy and security service for malicious website protection

7 years ago

Software ‘Feature’ Sent Plain-Text Passwords Across The Internet

The developer of a popular Mac tool has fixed an issue that caused sensitive data to be sent out unencrypted…

7 years ago

WikiLeaks Hacked By Saudi-Based OurMine

OurMine group claims Wikileaks 'hack' after it managed to poison its DNS web address

7 years ago

Researcher Takes Over .IO Domain After Technical Blunder

A technical mistake allowed a security researcher to temporarily take control of nameservers for the .io domain, highlighting ongoing DNS…

7 years ago

GoDaddy DNS Outage Knocks Customer Websites Offline

The Internet domain registrar and web hosting company appears to be fixing the issues

7 years ago

New Android Switcher Trojan Spreading Through Wi-Fi Routers

The trojan hijacks DNS servers and replaces them with malicious versions to re-direct web traffic

8 years ago

‘Sophisticated’ DNS Attack Used IoT Gadgets To Target Dyn

The DDoS attack was unusual in its scale and was backed up by a large Mirai IoT botnet, Dyn says

8 years ago

Massive Cyber-Attack Shows Risk Of Poor Security On Network Nodes

ANALYSIS: While the details regarding the sources and methods of the Oct. 21 DDoS attack that took down vast areas…

8 years ago

US To Cede Control Of DNS With ICANN Independence

Independence day for the Internet will be on 1 October, as the United States surrenders control of Icann

8 years ago

Internet Optimiser Dyn Raises £35m In New Funding

Internet performance management vendor Dyn cashes in on healthy 2016 outlook

8 years ago

Mystery Surrounds DDoS Attacks On Janet/DNS Servers

Janet network suffers DDoS attack, days after a similar attack targets the Internet's core DNS servers

9 years ago

Cisco Warns Of Appliance Vulnerabilities

Cisco warns customers of potential denial of service and DNS vulnerabilities in its kit

9 years ago

BIND Flaw Opens Door To Hacker Attacks On DNS

Patch now! BIND flaw is being exploited by hackers and websites can be taken offline, researchers warn

9 years ago

5 DNS Attack Vectors You Need To Be Wary Of – And How To Defend Against Them

Chris Marrison, consulting solutions architect, Infoblox, explains how to protect your organisation against some of the most sneaky and damaging…

9 years ago

Router Hack Inserts Ads And Porn Into Websites

Fraud scheme uses router hack to intercept Google Analytics tags and replace them with smut and adverts

9 years ago

Apple iTunes, App Store Recovers After Outage

Normal service resumes after outage of the Apple iTunes and App store is blamed on DNS fault

9 years ago

Microsoft Cybercrime Shutdown Hit Users Says DDNS Provider

In its efforts to knock out sub-domains it believes were used to control widespread, Microsoft infuriates a US-based DNS provider

10 years ago