OpenAI, DeepMind Workers Warn Of AI Risks In Open Letter

Current and former staff members of OpenAI and Google DeepMind warn of lack of safety oversight in AI industry

1 month ago

AI Safety Summit 2024: Tech Firms Agree AI Safety Pledges

Second AI Safety Summit sees major players in the AI space pledge to develop the technology safely, amid rapid advances

2 months ago

Biden Admin Mulls Export Restrictions For AI Models – Report

The United States reportedly considers restricting China and Russia's access to AI models found in tools such as ChatGPT

2 months ago

Google Consolidates DeepMind And AI Research Teams

AI push sees Alphabet's Google saying it will consolidate its AI teams in its Research and DeepMind divisions

3 months ago

Microsoft Hires DeepMind Co-Founder Mustafa Suleyman

AI push. Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman joins software giant Microsoft to lead newly created consumer AI division

4 months ago

Google Rebrands Bard AI Chatbot As Gemini

Bard becomes Gemini, as Google rebrands chatbot and launches monthly subscription for access to more powerful AI system

5 months ago

Google Offers Gemini AI Model To Challenge GPT-4

Google's answer to GPT-4 has been unveiled this week, with the arrival of the large language model called Gemini

7 months ago

Google DeepMind Trials Watermarks For AI Images

Google DeepMind develops tool to identify images generated by machines, as tech industry seeks safeguards for AI

11 months ago

UK To Host First Global Safety Summit For AI

During PM visit to Washington DC , government confirms UK will host first global summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety

1 year ago

Downing Street Acknowledges ‘Existential’ Risk Of AI

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has met the heads of firms including DeepMind and OpenAI to discuss AI safety and regulation

1 year ago

Godfather Of AI, Geoffrey Hinton, Quits Google

Pioneer of neutral networks resigns from Google, to speak openly about misinformation and the dangers of AI

1 year ago

Alphabet To Merge AI Units Deepmind And Google Brain

One better than two? Alphabet doubles down on artificial intelligence, by merging two of its key AI divisions

1 year ago

Government Sets Out ‘Adaptable’ AI Plan

White paper sets out UK government's approach to artificial intelligence (AI) and seeks feedback from AI professionals

1 year ago

Google Sued For Use Of NHS Data Of 1.6 Million Brits

Lawsuit alleges Google and Deepmind Technologies used NHS data of 1.6 million Britons 'without their knowledge or consent'

2 years ago

Google Tests Health Monitoring Via Smartphone Sensors

Yet another healthcare move from Google, which is now testing the sensors on smartphones for heart monitoring and eyeball health

2 years ago

DeepMind Co-Founder Suleyman Departs For Investment Firm

DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman leaves parent company Google for Silicon Valley venture capital firm after controversial tenure

2 years ago

Experimental AI Hones Forecasts For Short-Term Weather Events

Experimental AI from Google sister company DeepMind and University of Exeter could improve accuracy of weather predictions within one to…

3 years ago

DeepMind Hit By Legal Action Over NHS Deal

Class-action lawsuit on the way against Google and AI sister company DeepMind over deal that gave access to more than…

3 years ago

Google Health Disbanded; Staff Sent To Other Divisions

The dedicated health unit at Google has been disbanded, with its 570 staff sent to different divisions within the Alphabet…

3 years ago

DeepMind Uses AI To Predict Human Protein Shapes

Google sister company DeepMind releases massive database of AI-predicted protein shapes in human body and other organisms in 'transformative' breakthrough

3 years ago

Google Investigates Dismissal Of AI Expert Timnit Gebru

After Google staff and outside academics slam Google, Sundar Pichai says it will examine departure of the prominent female AI…

4 years ago

Support Grows For ‘Fired’ Google AI Expert

Open letter signed by more than 4,500 people, including academics and DeepMind researchers, expresses support for Timnit Gebru

4 years ago

Google DeepMind Solves 50 Year Old Folding Protein Problem

Breakthrough at Google's AI unit DeepMind allow researchers to determine a protein’s 3D shape from its amino-acid sequence

4 years ago

AI More Accurate Than Doctors For Detecting Breast Cancer – Report

AI system from Google is more accurate than doctors in diagnosing breast cancer from mammograms, study from UK and US…

5 years ago

Google Completes Integration of DeepMind Health

NHS Trusts agree to allow Google to process NHS data, as DeepMind Health completes integration

5 years ago

Deepmind Co-founder Takes Leave Of Absence

Co-founder of Google's AI division takes extended leave of absence, by mutual agreement

5 years ago

Google’s DeepMind Prepares Clinical Device For Eye-Scan Diagnoses

London-based AI unit demonstrates real-time diagnosis of eye health using cloud-based prototype, as it plans clinical trials

5 years ago

Kheiron Begins NHS Trials For Breast Cancer Diagnosis AI

The tests, involving historic patient records in Leeds and the East Midlands, are the latest to probe the use of…

6 years ago

Google To Take Over Controversial NHS App

The search and advertising giant is accused of 'trust demolition' after announcing that it plans to take direct control of…

6 years ago

DeepMind Diagnostic AI ‘More Accurate’ Than Human Eye Specialists

DeepMind's algorithm outperforms human doctors in initial tests, but questions hang over the use of AI in clinical practice

6 years ago