Connected Business: The Post-COVID Supply Chain

With supply chains being massively disrupted as the pandemic took hold, what does a post-pandemic supply chain look like? How…

2 days ago

Tech Giants, Car Makers Set For White House Meeting Over Chip Shortage

Big names within the tech and car industry are to virtually attend a White House meeting to discuss the ongoing…

6 days ago

Google Delays Office Return Until 10 January 2022

Search engine giant Google, joins Amazon, Facebook and Apple in delaying staff return to offices and campuses, citing Coronavirus 'uncertainity'

4 weeks ago

Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

A lack of diversity and inclusion has been a significant issue for many industries. However, tech enterprises are showing the…

1 month ago

Apple Delays Staff Office Return Until 2022

Office return delayed again. Apple staff now informed they should only return to the corporate office or campus in January…

1 month ago

Chip Shortage Forces Toyota To Cut Production By 40 Percent

World's biggest car maker Toyota announces it will dramatically reduce car production next month as the chip shortage bites

1 month ago

Man Admits Arson After Destroying 5G Mast

Conspiracy theorist David Patterson caused between £100,000 to £150,000 of damages when he set fire to a 5G mobile mast…

1 month ago

Twitter Tests ‘Misleading Tweet’ Reporting Option

Limited numbers of users in the United States, South Korea and Australia will be allowed to report misleading tweets, in…

1 month ago

Facebook Delays Office Return Until January 2022

Latest tech firm to delay office return. Social networking giant tells US and other staff, to return to office in…

2 months ago

YouTube Suspends Rand Paul Over Facemask Claims

Another social platform has banned yet another US Republican politician over false claims about facemask effectiveness during pandemic

2 months ago

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene, Again

Third suspension from Twitter for Republican far-right conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene, who tweeted misinformation about Covid vaccines

2 months ago

Amazon Reinstates Mask Requirement For US Warehouse Staff

All Amazon staff in its US warehouse are now required once again to wear masks indoors, irrespective of their vaccine…

2 months ago

Amazon Delays Office Return Until 2022

E-commerce giant Amazon becomes latest tech giant to delay staff returning to the office or campus, with offices only reopening…

2 months ago

Uber CEO: Governments, Not Companies, Should Push Vaccinations

Boss of ride hailing firm explains reasoning behind why Uber office staff must have vaccinations, but not its fleet of…

2 months ago

NHS Covid-19 App Updated To Ease ‘Pingdemic’

As expected, government eases sensitivity of its NHS Covid-19 app in effort to reduce 'pingdemic' causing worker shortages

2 months ago

Facebook To Require All US Office Staff To Wear Masks

In addition to requiring staff be vaccinated, Facebook will also order all employees to wear masks when in office or…

2 months ago

Amazon Online Sales Growth Slows Amid Lockdown Easing

Growth for online shopping at Amazon settles down to more normal levels after the pandemic boost, but AWS continues to…

2 months ago

Google, Facebook To Require Covid Vaccinations For Office Return

Employees looking to return to work in the offices of Facebook and Google will be required to be vaccinated

2 months ago

US Targets YouTube, Facebook In Covid Misinformation Push

US presidential administration targeting YouTube as well as Facebook and other social media companies over Covid-19 vaccine misinformation as cases…

2 months ago

Amazon To Halt Covid Testing For US Workers

Too soon? E-commerce giant Amazon has confirmed it is to end testing for Coronavirus for warehouse workers at the end…

2 months ago

Biden Backtracks Over Facebook ‘Killing People’ Comment

President Biden backs down after he made a surprise comment last week that Facebook was “killing people” over misleading online…

2 months ago

Apple Delays Staff Office Return As Covid Cases Rise

Delayed return. Staff at Apple will not return to the office until at least October, as Covid cases in US…

2 months ago

NHS Covid App Could Be Changed, Minister Confirms

Government minister admits that as Covid restrictions are eased in England on 19 July, the NHS app will need to…

3 months ago

Microsoft Gives Staff $1,500 Coronavirus Bonus

Thank you all. Employees at Microsoft around the world to get $1,500 bonus for their efforts during the global Coronavirus…

3 months ago

Japanese Officials Resist Ban On Fax Machines

Victory for legacy tech, as pushback by Japanese officials against ban on fax machines overturns a mass switch to email…

3 months ago

British Airways Settles Data Breach Claims Case

Costly exercise. British Airways pays an undisclosed settlement to passengers and staff impacted by massive 2018 data breach

3 months ago

Apple To Bank On Revised Retail Store Strategy

Doubling down on its retail stores, after Apple retail chief confirms post pandemic extension of its retail operations in US

3 months ago

Composable: The Future of IT Infrastructure?

With composable infrastructure, IT can provision on-premises infrastructure just as quickly and painlessly as public cloud resources can be acquired…

4 months ago

Apple Seeks Staff Return To The Office

Remote working setback? CEO Tim Cook wants Apple staff to return to the office by September for at least three…

4 months ago

Amazon Halts Workforce Testing For Marijuana

America's second largest employer confirms it will no longer test staff for marijuana use, and begins testing for Covid variants…

4 months ago