Google Won’t Use Other Tools When It Ends Chrome Cookies

Pledge not to build or use third party tools to track web traffic once Google ends tracking cookies in its…

2 months ago

Google Updates Plan To End Cookies In Chrome Browser

Look ma, no cookies. Google says it has made progress in effort to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome web…

3 months ago

Google Faces UK Investigation Over Chrome Cookie Change

The UK's CMA opens investigation of Google’s proposals to remove third-party cookies and other functions from Chrome browser

4 months ago

Google Fined $121 Million By French Watchdog Over Cookies

Stiff financial penalty imposed on Google by French privacy watchdog, which at the time also fined Amazon over advertising cookies

5 months ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With Firefox Lockwise Password Manager

Open source community also bolsters Firefox security with tracking protection set to default

2 years ago

Google Slapped With UK Lawsuit Over Data Gathering

Long rumbling argument over Google tracking Safari users results in mass civil lawsuit against the firm

3 years ago

Cheap ‘Poison Tap’ Tool Hacks Locked Computers

Unattended password-protected or locked PCs or Macs can be hacked with a simple $5 device

4 years ago

Clickjacking Campaign Exploits European Cookie Law

Malwarebytes warns of advertising scam tricking users via the European cookie popup notification

5 years ago

Facebook Backs Down In Cookie Row With Belgian Watchdog

Facebook blinks first in bitter clash Belgian Privacy Watchdog over user tracking cookies

5 years ago

KPMG: 95 Percent of Businesses Not Cookie Law Compliant

The cookie laws are coming, but not many businesses seem to care

9 years ago

Internet Explorer Flaw Allows For Cookie Theft

A security expert has warned that IE has a flaw that allows attackers to steal cookies to access user accounts

10 years ago

Eloqua Prepares For New EU Cookie Law

ePrivacy regulations for website cookie consent has spurred SaaS firm Eloqua to help its customers comply

10 years ago