conspiracy theories

NSA Denies Spying Allegation Made By Tucker Carlson

US intelligence agency denies surprising allegation by right wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson that NSA is spying on him…

7 months ago

Parler App Back Online Using ‘Independent’ Tech

Controversial social platform Parler, popular with the far right is now back online, but difficulties remain for its users

11 months ago

Parler CEO Fired By Board Of Directors

Parler founder and CEO John Matze confirms he has been fired by board of directors, as far right social platform…

12 months ago

Twitter Suspends 70,000 Accounts Sharing QAnon Content

Tens of thousands of accounts spreading QAnon conspiracy content in past few days after US Capitol attack have been suspended,…

1 year ago

Facebook Bans Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Claims

Conspiracy clampdown. Social networking giant Facebook follows YouTube lead in banning false and misleading claims about Covid-19 vaccines

1 year ago

Openreach Engineer Stabbed Five Times Amid 5G Violence

Disgraceful. Engineer suffered five stab wounds amid violent attacks against telecom engineers earlier this year, Openreach boss confirms

1 year ago

Coronavirus Posts Sees Twitter Permanently Suspend David Icke

Former footballer and conspiracy theorist David Icke, who believes reptilians control the planet, permanently suspended by Twitter

1 year ago

YouTube Joins Ban On QAnon Conspiracy Theory

About time? Google's video-sharing platform joins Facebook and Twitter, after announcing ban on content about conspiracy theory QAnon

1 year ago

Facebook Bans QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Two months after Twitter clampdown, Facebook follows suite and bans content linked to conspiracy theory QAnon on its platforms

1 year ago

Twitter Suspends Accounts Tweeting QAnon Conspiracy Content

Content and accounts associated with far right conspiracy group QAnon are being permanently suspended by Twitter this week

2 years ago

Google Bans Ads For ‘Dangerous’ Coronavirus Content

Google will bar advertising from running alongside coronavirus-related content that goes against 'authoritative scientific consensus'

2 years ago