Mozilla Says No Plans To Make DoH Default For UK Firefox Users

Firefox users in US will get DoH privacy protection by default, but UK users will have to manually switch it…

2 months ago

Google Follows Firefox Lead With Chrome DoH Test

Google confirms it will test DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Chrome 78, days after Mozilla makes Firefox announcement

2 months ago

Mozilla, Google, Apple To Block Kazakhstan Surveillance

Tech giants take action against Kazakh government attempt to spy on all surfing and browsing in that country

3 months ago

Google ‘Set To Roll Out’ Ad Tracker Blocking In Chrome

The move could help Google improve its privacy image – while at the same time giving it an advantage over…

7 months ago

Warning About Chrome Flaw In Address Bar

Researcher finds simple exploit in Chrome for mobile that could be used to launch phishing attacks

7 months ago

Microsoft Extends Windows Defender Application Guard To Chrome, Firefox

Third-party browsers now compatible with Microsoft's secure browsing system – but sandboxed sessions still run in Edge

8 months ago

Windows 7 Users At Risk From ‘Serious Bug’, Google Warns

Millions of PCs still at risk from vulnerability that is being actively exploited by criminals

9 months ago

Critical ‘Magellan’ Bug Hits Google Chrome, SQLite

SQLite is broadly used in most mobile and desktop operating systems, browsers and other software, meaning the code execution flaw…

11 months ago

Chrome OS Update Brings New-Look Browser To Chromebooks

Chrome OS 69 also introduces Night Light timed colour-shifting, Linux support and quicker access to voice dictation

1 year ago

Microsoft ‘Tests’ Pop Up Warning For Rival Browsers

Not again! Microsoft mulls the idea of warning Windows 10 users when installing Firefox or Chrome browsers

1 year ago