OpenAI To Announce Google Search Competitor Next Week – Report

Google's search domination to be challenged next week, with OpenAI reportedly set to announce its own AI search product

3 weeks ago

Apple, Microsoft Win Exemption From EU Gatekeeper Designation

Apple's iMessage and Microsoft Bing win exemption that would subjected those services to Europe's tough DMA rules

4 months ago

EU Seeks Feedback On Bing, Apple iMessage DMA Classification

European Commission ask whether Microsoft's Bing, Edge, and Apple's iMessage should be subject to Digital Markets Act (DMA)

8 months ago

Microsoft Boss Nadella Testifies Against “Google Web”

“Everyone talks about the open web, but there is really the Google Web,” testifies Satya Nadella in landmark trial against…

8 months ago

Apple, Microsoft Push To Keep iMessage, Bing Off EU Gatekeeper List

Apple and Microsoft are said to be lobbying the European Union to keep iMessage and Bing off DMA Gatekeeper designation

9 months ago

Microsoft Opens Up AI-Featured Bing Search Engine To All Users

Anyone with a Microsoft account can now use the new version of its Bing search engine, featuring the OpenAI chatbot

1 year ago

Google’s Pixel Fold, Set For June Launch – Report

Internal documents reportedly show Google is planning to launch its first foldable smartphone, dubbed the Pixel Fold, in June

1 year ago

Microsoft Rolls Out Bing AI To Windows 11

Update to Redmond's latest operating system, Windows 11, will add search button that promotes its Bing AI chatbot

1 year ago

Microsoft ‘Testing Ads’ In Bing Search AI Chat

Microsoft reportedly in early conversations with ad agencies about inserting paid links in Bing search AI chat results

1 year ago

Microsoft Adds AI To Bing Search Engine, Edge Browser

Challenge to Google, as Microsoft announces new AI-powered Bing homepage that allows a user to chat with search engine

1 year ago

DuckDuckGo Search Engine Grows 46 Percent In 2021

Privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo enjoys record growth in 2021, reflecting people's ongoing preference for privacy

2 years ago

China Orders Microsoft Bing To Suspend Auto-suggest Function

Last remaining major foreign search engine still operating in China, ordered to suspend its auto-suggest function by local authorities

2 years ago

Top Search On Bing Is ‘Google’, Google Tells Court

Top search term on Microsoft's Bing is 'Google', Google tells European Union court as it argues record £4bn antitrust fine…

3 years ago

Google To Halt Charges For Alternative Search Engines On Android

Google is to allow other search engines to be offered on Android for free, after cancelling the default search preference…

3 years ago

Australia Claims Microsoft Bing Ready To Replace Google Search

Government minister claims Microsoft's Bing ready to step in, if Google follows through on threat to withdraw search from Australia

3 years ago

Microsoft Plans To Force-Switch Chrome Users To Bing Search Engine

Microsoft roundly criticised as it plans to force-install Bing search engine extension for Office 365 ProPlus installations using Google's Chrome

4 years ago

Google Wins Significant Victory In ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Case

Victory against censorship? Google wins landmark ruling from Europe's top court over right to be forgotten case

5 years ago

Microsoft Brings AI To Bing For Smarter Answers

Software giant reveals AI updates to its product portfolio, as it signs deal to bring Reddit content to Bing

6 years ago

Microsoft Merges Research, Cortana And Bing Divisions To Create AI Arm

Redmond is looking to push AI technology into more of its services and has created a fourth group at the…

8 years ago

Premier League 2016-17: Microsoft Bing Predicts Manchester City Title

Microsoft Bing crunches data and social media sentiment to predict Manchester City Premier League victory. Not that it got it…

8 years ago

Bing Malware Warnings Get More Specific

Microsoft's broswer will now alert users when a dangerous site is looking to steal information or contains malicous links

8 years ago

Microsoft Stops Cortana Working With Anything Except Bing And Edge

Searches made using Cortana will only open in Bing and Microsoft Edge as struggle for browser and search market share…

8 years ago

Bing Lets Users Edit Code Samples In Search Results

Microsoft's search engine now displays editable code snippets for common programming problems directly in results

8 years ago

Microsoft To Combat Revenge Porn With Web Form

Promises to remove 'revenge porn' images and video from Bing etc, but warns global action is needed

9 years ago

Microsoft Search Deal Sees Yahoo Make Gains

A search deal with Microsoft and Yahoo has been renewed and amended with two key changes that make the deal…

9 years ago

Bing Predicts The 2015 Academy Awards

Microsoft turns its predictive analytics tech on Hollywood as Oscar night approaches

9 years ago

Yahoo, Bing Begin ‘Forgetting’ Links

Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing have joined Google in complying with 'right to be forgotten' requests

9 years ago

Google – “Amazon Is Our Biggest Rival”

Eric Schmidt says Google doesn’t always have it all their own way, despite having 90 percent of the search market

10 years ago

Microsoft Updates Bing To Be ‘More Conversational’

Bing will now continue a conversation even after the initial search query has been answered

10 years ago