Big Data

Seeing the Future: How to Use Predictive Analytics in Your Business

Being able to predict the future may seem impossible. However, with today’s predictive analytics, enterprises can make accurate assessments that…

4 days ago

NHS Patient Database Plan To Proceed Despite Protests

Government to activate centralised NHS Digital database of patient records next month in spite of criticism over lack of public…

6 months ago

Visualizing Data: How Data Insights Could Be About To Change

Gartner recently noted a shift away from data dashboard. Is this a trend that will continue? As businesses collect vast…

1 year ago

Data capital: Mining for gold in the data decade

Across the globe, organisations large and small are starting to harness the power of data. Data capital will be viewed…

2 years ago

Mind Reading Marketing: Predictive Analytics Today

Being able to predict consumer behaviour has been the holy grail of marketing for decades. As businesses now collect masses…

2 years ago

Machine Intelligence: The Value of Today’s AI

As the co-founder and CTO of Rainbird Technologies, Ben is the driving force behind the fusion of human expertise and…

2 years ago

Data Lakes and Big Data Analytics

As the quantities of data collected today by businesses grow exponentially, managing and then analyzing these vast datasets is now…

2 years ago

Big Data: Ecosystems and Infrastructure

As data proliferates, creating robust, integrated and secure infrastructures is essential for all businesses no matter their size. Understanding how…

2 years ago

Big Data: The Race for Talent

Data is now every business’s most precious commodity. Having a workforce that can manage this resource is an imperative for…

2 years ago

Google Cloud Next UK: Google Touts Vodafone, John Lewis Deals

Google kicks off its largest Google Cloud event in Europe touting contracts with Vodafone, as well as the John Lewis…

2 years ago

Making Sense of Big Data

Data is your business’s most precious commodity. Finding value and actionable insight in Big Data are vital components of all…

2 years ago

The future according to Fujitsu: AI, quantum computing, 5G, and the coming struggle for global tech dominance

Fujitsu talks quantum computing, AI, self-driving vehicles, 5G, and the data analytics arms race.

2 years ago

IT Life: Hiren Parekh, OVH

OVH's director of cloud Hiren Parekh talks about the challenges of large-scale data processing, why he likes to keep different…

3 years ago

Xilinx Aims Ultra-Programmable Accelerators At AI, 5G Workloads

Xilinx is looking to take large-scale, cutting-edge workloads to the next level with its upcoming family of programmable hardware accelerators

3 years ago

IT LIFE: Matt Starr, Spectra Logic CTO

Matt Starr talks about the future of storage, the IoT and why he would be making wine if he wasn't…

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What do you know about AWS, the public cloud leader?

4 years ago

IBM Touts AI Credentials Of New POWER9 Server

Developers can build AI applications quicker thanks to new and more powerful big iron from IBM

4 years ago

IT LIFE: Simon Williams, NTT Data

NTT DATA UK CEO Simon Williams talks us through his career, including the integration of Orange and T-Mobile, and why…

4 years ago

HPE Teams Up With ABB To Create Industrial IT

HPE DISCOVER: HPE's enterprise technology and ABB's industrial smarts will be combined to help businesses make more of their data

4 years ago

CA Technologies CTO: We’ve Had To Adapt To Stay Relevant

CA WORLD 2017: CA Technologies UK CTO Rob Coleman explains the shift at the company and why its accelerator programme…

4 years ago

CA ‘Modern Software Factory’ Boosted By DevOps, Automation & Security Updates

CA WORLD 2017: CA releases 20 new products and enhancements as it preaches the power of change through software

4 years ago

Report Praises British Data Expertise But Warns Of Brexit Challenges

New report from data businesses praises British data expertise and government, and also predicts post-Brexit productivity boost

4 years ago

Google Cloud Spanner Database Now Supports Multiple Regions

Google Cloud Spanner promises no more database compromises and 99.999 percent availability with no downtime

4 years ago

Microsoft Power BI Desktop Now More Accommodating Of Big Data Sources

In the November 2017 update to Power BI Desktop, the company adds more options to help users gain insights faster…

4 years ago

On & Off The Pitch: How Fan Data Is Keeping Real Madrid The Kings Of Europe

IN-DEPTH: Real Madrid understands each of its fans more than at any other time in its history. Here's how this…

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: How Did These Tech Companies Get Their Names?

Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Decide for yourself with our tech company name quiz!

4 years ago

Teradata Adds Sophisticated New Capabilities To Its Analytics

Teradata is providing a package that solves the problem enterprises have of stitching together all the required software to manage…

4 years ago

From Kickabout To Boardroom: Microsoft’s Bid To Transform Sport

Microsoft outlines its plan to transform sport at every level, from the elite in the boadroom to jumpers for goalpoasts…

4 years ago

Join A Trade Union Before Your Boss Replaces You With AI

CBI calls on government to establish technology commission involving employee representatives

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: Microsoft In 2017

We've been speaking to Microsoft about enterprise mobility, devices, sports and the future this month. So test your knowledge here!

4 years ago