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TikTok Sues To Halt US Divest Or Ban Law

US government sued by TikTok in bid to block law that will force sale of the short video app or…

3 weeks ago

US Provides Assurances For Julian Assange Extradition

As President Biden 'considers' request to drop Julian Assange extradition, US provides assurances to prevent last-ditch appeal

1 month ago

Julian Assange Wins Temporary Reprieve For US Extradition Appeal

US assurances required. Julian Assange handed a slender reprieve in fight against his extradition to the United States

2 months ago

Australian Parliament Calls For Return Of Julian Assange

Call for the UK and US to return Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who remains in Belmarsh prison amid US extradition…

3 months ago

Apple To Drop Sensor From Some Watch Models – Report

Redesign plan to remove blood-oxygen sensor on certain Apple Watch models is dependent on an appeal court decision

4 months ago

Twitter Appeal Against Search Warrant For Trump’s DMs Denied

Federal Appeals court denies challenge by Elon Musk's X (formerly Twitter) to search warrant for Donald Trump's DMs

4 months ago

Judge Overturns Centripetal Patent Fine Against Cisco

Networking giant Cisco defeats $2.75bn patent ruling for Centripetal Networks, after five years of courtroom battles

6 months ago

FTC Urges Appeals Court To Reject Microsoft-Activision Merger

Last regulator standing. US FTC tries again to block Microsoft's already closed Activision purchase at Federal Appeals Court

6 months ago

UK’s CMA Wins Appeal To Investigate Apple

Apple's mobile browser and cloud gaming services will be investigated after the CMA won an appeal on Thursday

6 months ago

Appeals Court Dismisses Lawsuit To Break Up Meta

US Federal Appeals court dismisses antitrust attempt by US states to breakup Facebook parent Meta Platforms

1 year ago

US Appeals Court Likely To Dismiss Race Lawsuit Against Amazon

Christian Smalls lawsuit against e-commerce giant Amazon is unlikely to succeed in the US Appeals Court, according to reports

1 year ago

Texas Social Media Law Enforcement Paused By Federal Appeals Court

Federal appeals court pauses Texas social media law’s enforcement, as case heads to the US Supreme Court for ruling

2 years ago

Elon Musk Lawyers Appeal To Remove SEC Tweet “Muzzle”

Legal fight by Elon Musk continues, as he seeks to free himself from the 2018 agreement with the US SEC…

2 years ago

Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Huawei 5G Ban

Fresh setback for Huawei after Swedish Appeal Court upholds lower court ruling that banned equipment from the Chinese giant

2 years ago

Texas Social Media Law Restored By US Appeals Court

Social networking firms can be sued by Texas officials or local residents over moderation decisions, after Appeals Court restores local…

2 years ago

Meta Begins Appeal Against UK Order To Sell Giphy

Closely watched appeal. UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) says it will defend its Giphy sale order 'vigorously'

2 years ago

Apple Wins Court Delay To App Store Payment Change

Appeals court grants stay, meaning the Apple doesn't have to implement alternative payment methods just yet, to its App Store

2 years ago

ByteDance Challenges Trump Over TikTok Ban

'Now Donald Trump has lost the US election, are we still going to be banned?' TikTok owner ByteDance asks in…

4 years ago

Uber, Lyft Ordered To Classify California Drivers As Employees

Landmark ruling for gig economy? Californian Appeals Court orders ride hailing firms Uber and Lyft to classify their drivers as…

4 years ago

French Appeals Court Orders Google To Talk To Publishers

Begin talks now about reusing content. French Appeals Court tells Google it must talk to French publishers over payments to…

4 years ago

NSA Surveillance Program Exposed By Edward Snowden, Ruled Unlawful

Spying setback. US Court of Appeals rules the NSA surveillance and mass data collection program exposed by Edward Snowden, was…

4 years ago

Uber, Lyft Granted Emergency Injunction By California Court

Gig economy development. No California shutdown yet for Uber and Lyft, after court grants emergency injunction over worker status

4 years ago

Police Use Of Facial Recognition Breached Privacy, Court Rules

Milestone ruling. The UK Court of Appeal rules use of automatic facial recognition (AFR) tech by South Wales Police is…

4 years ago

Facebook Tracking Lawsuit Renewed By US Appeals Court

Federal Appeals Court has approved proposed class action by Facebook users over alleged tracking of their internet activity, even after…

4 years ago

US Appeals Court Refuses To Overturn Net Neutrality Ruling

American court refuses to rehear an appeal against controversial FTC decision to reserve net neutrality rules in the United States

4 years ago

Google Court Case For Tracking Safari Users Receives Go Ahead

British court rules legal action against Google for tracking Safari users browser history can go ahead

5 years ago

European $14 Billion Tax Demand On Apple ‘Defies Common Sense’

Order for $14 billion in back taxes from Apple “defies reality and common sense”, iPad maker argues

5 years ago

San Francisco Appeals Court To Hear Net Neutrality Challenge

Appeals court in San Francisco selected to hear legal challenges to FCC's decision to reverse net neutrality

6 years ago

High Court Urged To Force Urgent Changes To Surveillance Law

Campaigners want changes to Snooper's Charter in place by July after court found portions 'incompatible' with EU law

6 years ago