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EU Assessing Apple Compliance Plan That Provoked Anger

Commission evaluating proposed Apple plan that allows developers to provide information on alternative payments, but keeps fees in place

5 days ago

Microsoft, Meta, X, Match Group Challenge Apple App Store Terms

Big tech players side with Epic Games, and allege Apple is flouting court order over its App Store in the…

3 weeks ago

Apple Reverses Course On Epic Games EU Ban

Apple restores Epic Games EU developer account one day after European Commission regulators question the ban, as new rules come…

1 month ago

Apple Reverses Course Over EU Ban On Web Apps

Apple to allow iOS web apps in EU after previously planning to disable them as Digital Markets Act 'compliance' measure

1 month ago

Apple ‘Infringes DMA’ With New EU Developer Terms

Apple plans for compliance with EU's Digital Markets Act show 'disdain' for regulators and 'should not be tolerated', argues legal…

3 months ago

Fortnite To Return To iPhones In European Union

Epic Games to bring Fortnite back to iPhones under new EU competition rules – but criticises new Apple 'junk fees'

3 months ago

Apple Moves To Dismiss Lawsuit Over UK Developer Fees

Apple argues developer lawsuit 'unsustainable', as it faces multiple UK cases targeting App Store fees, battery slowdown

3 months ago

Spotify Decries ‘Outrageous’ New Apple Developer Fees

Spotify calls new US App Store fees for external payments 'outrageous', calls on UK government to block similar move

3 months ago

US Supreme Court Snubs Apple App Store Appeal

Highest court in the United States declines to hear Apple appeal of lower court ruling in antitrust case from Epic…

3 months ago

Apple Settles Lawsuit Concerning iTunes Gift Card Scam

Agreement reached with Apple to settle a lawsuit that alleged it knowingly let scammers exploit iTunes gift cards, and kept…

3 months ago

Google To Pay $700m To Consumers In US Antitrust Settlement

Google agrees to pay $700m to US consumers in antitrust settlement with users and states as Epic presses to 'open…

4 months ago

Fortnite Maker Epic Wins Antitrust Case Against Google

Legal win against Google for Epic Games may force Android maker to allow more app stores and alternative payment methods

4 months ago

Apple To Allow European Side Loading Of iPhone Apps – Report

EU legislation could mean Apple will allow European iPhone users to 'side load' apps from outside of Apple's official app…

5 months ago

Epic And Google Go To Court Over App Store Fees

Epic Games takes Google to court with antitrust claims over Play Store fees, arguing company faces 'no meaningful competition'

5 months ago

Netherlands Challenges Apple Over App Store Commissions

Dutch competition regulator challenging Apple App Store commission fees in court, in move that could have broad implications

5 months ago

Dutch Competition Regulator Rejects Apple Fine Objections

Dutch competition regulator ACM rejects Apple's objections to 50 milion euros in fines over App Store payment policies

6 months ago

Alphabet Tentatively Settles US Google Play Store Antitrust Probe – Report

Tentative settlement reached between US states and Alphabet over Google Play Store domination of Android market

7 months ago

Apple Takes App Store Appeal To US Supreme Court

Apple petitions US Supreme Court to reverse order forcing it to allow third-party payment systems in App Store software

9 months ago

Montana First US State To Ban China’s TikTok

Montana become the first US state to ban TikTok, after its governor signs legislation to halt downloading it from app…

11 months ago

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Clone, Bluesky, Launches On Android

Decentralised rival service to Twitter known as Bluesky, backed by Jack Dorsey, has now launched an Android app

12 months ago

UK Extends Time To Review Apple’s App Store Monopoly

British competition regulator, the CMA, extends deadline for its investigation into Apple's App Store policies

1 year ago

EU Narrows App Store Charges Against Apple

European Commission drops key charge against Apple over forcing developers to use App Store payment system as case nears second…

1 year ago

Apple, Google Urged To Remove TikTok From App Stores

A democratic senator in the US urges Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their respective app stores ahead of…

1 year ago

Elon Musk: Apple Threatening To Remove Twitter From App Store

Musk reveals Apple has halted most of its advertising on Twitter and is allegedly threatening to pull the platform from…

1 year ago

Google ‘Pressured In India’ Over Illegal Lending Apps

Google reportedly pressured in India to help block spread of illegal lending apps targeting vulnerable groups

2 years ago

French Publishers Sue Apple In Latest Case Over App Store Rules

French publishers sue Apple in California over App Store rules in latest case to target 'excessive' fees and commission charges

2 years ago

Apple Not Fully Compiling On App Store, Says Dutch Watchdog

More fines on the way as Dutch watchdog insists Apple has not fully compiled with order to open App Store…

2 years ago

Apple Services Resume After Multiple Outages

App Store and other Apple services are back online after outages over a two day period, reportedly being blamed on…

2 years ago

Apple Says It Has Complied With Dutch App Store Order

Apple argues proposal to Netherlands consumer regulator requires only 'minor technical change' and no additional costs, as App Store fines…

2 years ago

Apple Fined For Fifth Time Over App Store Fees In Netherlands

Another $5.7 million fine for Apple in the Netherlands, after it continues to ignore watchdog ruling on alternative payment methods…

2 years ago