Amazon Gains FCC Approval For $10 Billion Broadband Satellite Project

Watch out SpaceX and OneWeb, as Amazon's Project Kuiper gains official approval from the FCC for 3,200 broadband satellites

7 days ago

Tech Giants Accused Of Harming Competition By US Lawmakers

Google and Facebook singled out for alleged market power abuse, in some of the sharpest exchanges with US lawmakers on…

1 week ago

Tech Firm CEOs To Face US Congress Grilling

The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are to appear on Wednesday before a US Congress hearing on antitrust…

1 week ago

Apple Faces Italian Antitrust Probe Over Beats Headphones, Other Kit

Offices in Italy belonging to Apple and Amazon have this week been raided as authorities open investigation into sale of…

2 weeks ago

Amazon Warns Of Echo Buds Overheating Risk

Ears burning? Amazon warns its Alexa-powered Echo Buds earphones pose a safety risk due to an overheating issue, and issues…

3 weeks ago

Amazon Records Record 2.3Tbps Denial-Of-Service Attack

Amazon says its AWS Shield mitigated a DDoS attack peaking at 2.3Tbps, far larger than previous assaults, amidst increasing cloud…

2 months ago

Amazon Agrees To Make Bezos Available To Congress

Company had previously resisted making Bezos voluntarily available to testify in congressional antitrust probe that also involves Apple, Facebook and…

2 months ago

California ‘Examines Amazon Business Practices’ In Latest Probe

The US state investigation adds to Amazon's regulatory woes, which include investigations by the European Commission and three US federal…

2 months ago

Microsoft Bans Facial Recognition Sales To Police

Software giant follows IBM and Amazon with police facial recognition ban until there is national regulation of the technology

2 months ago

Amazon Joins Police Ban Of Facial Recognition Tech

E-commerce giant Amazon joins other tech firms with announcement it will pause police use of its facial recognition software

2 months ago

Amazon Sued After Warehouse Worker Brings Home Covid-19

Fresh lawsuit filed against Amazon over alleged lack of protection against Coronavirus at its troubled Staten Island facility

2 months ago

Study: ‘Cloud-Native’ Development On The Rise

There are now 4.7 million cloud-native developers, with Amazon Web Services a clear favourite for those using cloud-centric technologies

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon To Make Affordable Face Shields

Amazon to use engineers from its drone and hardware divisions to make face shields for medical professionals, before selling them…

3 months ago

France Requires Social Media Firms To Remove Content Within One Hour

That could difficult. French parliament passes a law that requires social media companies to delete certain content within an hour

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Tech Firms To Allow Staff To Work From Home For Most Of 2020

As some parts of the world emerge from Coronavirus lockdowns, a number of tech firms are telling staff they can…

3 months ago

Amazon Vice President Resigns Over Staff Sackings

Tim Bray, a senior engineer with Amazon Web Services, said he 'despised' decisions to fire staff who protested company's Covid-19…

3 months ago

US Government Calls On Amazon’s Bezos To Testify

House of Representatives calls for testimony from Bezos amidst probe into whether company used data from third-party sellers to develop…

3 months ago

Amazon Tells Investors To ‘Take A Seat’ As Spending Rises

Sitting in the sweet spot as Amazon takes advantage on demand for online goods, groceries and cloud services during Coronavirus…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Uses Blacklisted Chinese Firm For Thermal Cameras

Chinese firm banned by the United States over allegations it aided the Chinese government, supplies thermal cameras to Amazon for…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: French Court To Rule On Amazon Warehouse Appeal

Appeal by Amazon against Trade Union court action, that resulted in the e-commerce giant closing all its warehouses in France

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Hundreds Of Amazon Staff Call In Sick In Covid-19 Protest

Amazon reportedly facing mass protest from workers in protests over safety in its warehouses amid the global Coronavirus pandemic

4 months ago

Regulator Gives Green Light To Amazon’s Deliveroo Stake

Competition and Markets Authority gives provisional approval to £460m investment round after warning Deliveroo likely to collapse without new funds

4 months ago

Pentagon Inspector Unable To Say If White House Influenced JEDI Decision

Investigation into JEDI contract award to Amazon unable to determine if President Trump's White House influenced the decision

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon To Close French Warehouses After Court Ruling

French court rules Amazon must only deliver essential goods during Coronavirus pandemic. In response, Amazon says it will close its…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Fires Two More Staff Critical Of Warehouse Conditions

E-commerce giant fires two more workers after they criticised working conditions in warehouses amid the Coronavirus pandemic

4 months ago

Amazon To Build Own Coronavirus Testing Lab

Company aims to institute Covid-19 testing on a large scale to monitor staff health as it faces criticism of its…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Quizzed Over Sacked Worker

Letter to CEO over fired worker, who raised concerns about worker protection and cleanliness of local Amazon facility during pandemic

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Promises Protection For Workers After Walkouts

After warehouse workers stage walkout in the US, Amazon says it will roll out temperature checks and face masks next…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: US Tech Giants To Help NHS Co-ordinate Covid-19 Data

Amazon, Microsoft and Palantir to help NHS process its own data and that of partners to boost critical resource allocation…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Facebook Joins Netflix, YouTube In Streaming Downgrade

Facebook confirms it will downgrade video streaming quality on its platform and on Instagram in Europe, until bandwidth concerns ease

5 months ago