Amazon-backed Anthropic has announced two new updates to its AI chatbot, as it seeks to take the fight to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s CoPilot, and Google’s Gemini.

San Francisco-based Anthropic was founded by former OpenAI executives and it announced a business-focused plan of its Claude chatbot (Claude Team), as well as an Claude iOS app, which is available for download for free for all Claude users.

Much like OpenAI, which is heavily backed by Microsoft, Anthropic has also received huge investments from Amazon (as well as smaller investments from Google and Salesforce).

Anthropic Claude Team.
Image credit Anthropic

Claude Team

Amazon made an initial investment of $1.25 billion in Anthropic in September 2023, but also stated it planned to invest up to $4 billion.

Then in March 2024 Amazon provided an additional $2.75 billion of funding, bringing its total investment to $4 billion.

In the past year, Anthropic has closed five different funding deals totalling an impressive $7.3 billion.

Now Anthropic has launched the Claude Team plan for business users, which it said “enables ambitious teams to create a workspace with increased usage for members and tools for managing users and billing.”

The AI business tool utilises Anthropic’s next-generation Claude 3 model family (that was launched in March), and the plan costs $30 per user per month with a minimum of five users.

OpenAI also sells a plan aimed at businesses at the same rate.

According to Anthropic, the new Team plan offers:

  • Increased usage: Provides greater usage per user compared to its Pro plan, enabling every teammate to significantly increase the number of chats they can have with Claude.
  • Access to the Claude 3 model family: Offers the full Claude 3 model family – including Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku – providing teams and business users a suite of AI models tailored for different use cases.
  • 200K context window: Enables businesses to process long documents (e.g., research papers, legal contracts), discuss complex topics (e.g., financial forecasting, product roadmapping), and maintain multi-step conversations (e.g., customer support inquiries, project planning discussions)
  • Admin tools and billing management: Introduces administrative tools to control user and billing management.
  • Everything in Pro: Includes all Claude Pro features including priority access during high-traffic periods, early access to new features, greater usage rates.

Anthropic said that in the coming weeks, it will be releasing additional collaboration features, including citations from reliable sources to verify AI-generated claims, integrations with data repositories like codebases or CRMs, and iterating with colleagues on AI-generated documents or projects.

iOS app

In addition to the Claude Teams plan, Anthropic also launched the Claude iOS app, giving users the ability to access Claude from anywhere.

The Claude iOS app feature seamless syncing with web chats, which picks up where the user left off across devices.

Anthropic Claude iOS app.
Image credit Anthropic

The Apple iPhone app also offers vision capabilities, allowing the user to utilise photos from their photo library, in addition to taking new photos, or upload files so users can have real-time image analysis, contextual understanding, and mobile-centric use cases on the go.

Anthropic is offering free-of-charge access to the iOS app across all its plans, including Pro and Team, and there are reportedly plans to launch an Android app as well in the future.

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