Government Told To Open Up On AI Decision-Making

Government advisory body publishes roadmap to 'responsible' use of AI and algorithms, following summer chaos over computer-determined school grades

1 year ago

Government Inquiry Into AI Algorithm Bias

Worried that AI may discriminate on race or gender? Government orders inquiry despite ongoing use in policing

3 years ago

Police Seek ‘Balance’ In Use Of AI To Predict Crime

Cash-strapped police chiefs defend their use of AI as campaign group finds 14 forces across the UK are using algorithms…

3 years ago

How Deliveroo Is Using Big Data And Machine Learning To Power Food Delivery

Food delivery firm relies heavily on data and machine learning to increase efficiency

5 years ago

Google Touts Smaller JPEGs With Open Source Guetzli Encoder

Does size matter? Google certainly thinks so with the launch of a new encoder to shrink JPEG files

5 years ago

Labour Ridiculed For Wanting To Regulate Algorithms

Companies algorithms should be made transparent to government for industrial regulation to be effective, the party argues

5 years ago