Twitter Ghana Staff Finally Paid, More Than A Year After Layoffs

X, formerly Twitter, reaches settlement with Ghana-based staff more than a year after they were sacked in November 2022

4 months ago

Global Smartphone Market Grows After Two Year Slump – Counterpoint

Global smartphone market returned to growth in October after a slump of more than two years, new research from Counterpoint…

7 months ago

World’s Longest Subsea Cable, 2Africa, Lands In South Africa

Expanding global connectivity. 2Africa cable consortium includes MTN GlobalConnect, Meta Platforms, Vodafone and others

2 years ago

Google To Open Product Development Centre In Nairobi

Utilising local talent as Google says is to open a product development centre in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, to better…

2 years ago

Twitter’s Dorsey Survives Shareholder Revolt, Reconsiders Africa Move

Jack Dorsey survives intervention by activist shareholder group, after admitting he will reevaluate plans to move to Africa due to…

4 years ago

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey To Live In Africa

CEO of micro-blogging platform says he will move to Africa for three to six months next year

5 years ago

Microsoft To Open Azure Data Centres In South Africa

'I had a data centre down in Africa'...Microsoft enters Africa with plans for two facilities in South Africa

7 years ago

Mobile-First Bozza Wants To Be Africa’s iTunes, Netflix And Spotify

Bozza hopes mobile-first approach, feature phone support and data compression technology can help it become a Pan-African content giant

9 years ago

Visa Ramps Up Mobile Payments In Africa

Seven countries will now be able to benefit from improved Visa payment capabilities

9 years ago

Zambia Gets Free Basic Internet With’s Facebook App

App gives free access to Facebook, Google and other services on Zambia's Airtel network, at the expense of net neutrality

10 years ago

Can We Clean The Blood Off Our Gadgets?

Some people doubt whether Intel can clean bloodstained "conflict minerals" from its supply chain, but Peter Judge applauds it for…

10 years ago

Giant Kenyan e-Waste Scheme Hopes To Clean Up Toxic Tech

A new e-waste business, backed by Dell, could cut toxic hazards for Kenyans

11 years ago

BlackBerry Smartphones Still An Object Of Desire in Africa

BlackBerry remains the second most popular mobile phone maker in South Africa, but could its strategy throw away its lead…

11 years ago

Satellite-Linked Cameras Could Keep Rhinos Safe

Raspberry Pi-controlled cameras in Kenya's wildlife parks could help keep rhino poachers at bay

11 years ago

Data Efficient Orange Baidu Browser Targets Emerging Markets

New browser set to come pre-loaded on Android smartphones in 22 countries

11 years ago

IBM Expands Mauritius Branch

IBM has said it is investing in future growth markets with an increased presence in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

12 years ago

Computer Aid Ships 200,000th PC To Developing World

Charity shifts focus from recycling to empowerment through third world projects

12 years ago

Kickbacks And Corruption Undermine African Innovation

As global leaders look to international aid to support the developing world, SOFTtribe’s Herman Chinery-Hesse, argues that aid actually damages…

12 years ago

Camfed And Google To Launch ICT Centres In Ghana

ICT centres run by women provide hubs of learning in remote rural regions of Ghana

13 years ago

Efforts To Block Illegal E-Waste Shipments Failing

Lack of funding for the UK Environment Agency and Defra could exacerbate the e-waste problem, warn experts

14 years ago