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Netflix Subscribers Surge Amid Password Crackdown

Saturated streaming market? Netflix pleases investors by recording notable rise in paid subscribers, on top of strong Q4 financials

3 months ago

Apple, Paramount Discuss Bundling Streaming Service Offer – Report

Streaming tie-up? Discussions reportedly between Apple and Paramount discuss bundling respective streaming services

5 months ago

Netflix Mails Its Final DVD As It Ends Postal Service

Netflix's DVD via post , which began back in 1998, has mailed its final DVD on Friday, as the service…

7 months ago

Amazon Prime Video To Feature Adverts Next Year

Amazon to include adverts to its Prime Video service in 2024, unless users opt for a higher cost ad-free subscription…

7 months ago

Amazon Plans Ad Tier For Some Prime Video Services – Report

Ads may appear on certain tiers of Amazon's Prime video streaming, after similar plans were adopted by rival streaming providers

10 months ago

Netflix Ends DVD By Post, Amid Password-Sharing Crackdown

Mostly positive results from Netflix, as streaming giant winds down legacy DVD via post program and expands password crackdown

12 months ago

Amazon Mulls Stand-Alone Sports Content App – Report

Sports on Amazon's Prime Video streaming service could potentially be hived off into a separate stand-alone app

1 year ago

Netflix Advert-Supported Plan To Arrive November

Lower priced ad-supported subscription plan set to arrive in November, to operate alongside existing ad-free plans

2 years ago

Plex Breach Exposes Account Data, Including Passwords

Security breach at Plex has compromised account information, including usernames, email addresses, and even hashed passwords

2 years ago

Streaming Impact On Broadcast TV Revealed In Latest Ofcom Study

Young adults now watching two thirds less broadcast TV than in 2012, as scale of streaming challenge to broadcast media…

2 years ago

Netflix Loses 1 Million Subscribers, But Predicts Q3 Growth

One million subscriber loss is less than 2 million prediction, as streaming giant offsets investor worry with forecast to add…

2 years ago

Netflix Partners Microsoft For Cheaper Subscription Plan…With Adverts

Streaming giant Netflix has partnered up with Microsoft for a cheaper consumer subscription plan, that will feature adverts

2 years ago

Netflix Sued By Shareholders Over Subscription Disclosure

Disgruntled Netflix shareholders are suing streaming giant Netflix, alleging it misled the market after a significant drop in subscriber numbers

2 years ago

Netflix Raises Prices For British And Irish Users

Streaming giant Netflix raises prices again for users in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as it seeks to invest more…

2 years ago

Twitch Confirms Huge Data Breach Of Confidential Data

Amazon's video streaming service Twitch admits it has suffered a huge data breach, after source code and earnings information is…

3 years ago

Amazon Posts Record Results, As Prime Video Catches Netflix

E-commerce and cloud services giant Amazon is another pandemic winner, after it posted record profits and revenues thanks to strong…

3 years ago

Netflix Tests Crackdown On Password Sharing

Tightening up of account sharing as Netflix confirms test of account passwords, to ensure people are authorised to use account

3 years ago

YouTube Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary Of First Uploaded Video

First ever video on YouTube was uploaded fifteen years ago this week, featuring co-founder Jawed Karim standing around at a…

4 years ago

Facebook Launches Gaming Streaming Service To Rival Twitch, YouTube

Facebook has rushed the launch of its gaming streaming app, in order to capitalise on the enforced lockdown of potential…

4 years ago

Coronvirus: Netflix Cuts Traffic To India

Streaming giant says it will reduce traffic to India by 25 percent as India declares total lockdown due to Coronavirus…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Facebook Lowers Video Quality In South America

Following similar move in Europe, social networking giant confirms it is lowering video quality in South America to ease network…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Netflix, YouTube Lower Streaming Quality To Ease Network Strain

Streaming platforms respond to requests to halt high-definition streaming, with confirmation that Europe will see reduction in video quality

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Japan Ends VCR Production

End of an era. Japan's last VCR maker to halt production, signalling end for the humble video cassette

8 years ago

IBM Cloud Drive Continues With Ustream Purchase

Enterprise video play as IBM opens corporate wallet for cloud video streaming service provider Ustream

8 years ago

Livestream Warns Customers Of Possible Data Breach

Warns customers to reset passwords after 'third party' accesses sensitive account information

8 years ago

Netflix Denies Change To VPN Policies

Netflix denies caving into pressure from Hollywood and TV studios over geographic licensing issues

9 years ago

Google Reportedly Buying Twitch Game Streaming Service

As gaming becomes more mainstream, could Twitch be the next YouTube?

10 years ago

Amazon Fire TV Targets Apple And Google

Amazon releases its Fire TV device that can instantly stream thousands of films and TV series to viewers

10 years ago

Amazon Readies Free Video Streaming Service – Report

Amazon is reportedly about to launch its own cloud-based television station that offers free streaming

10 years ago

France Blocks ‘Ravenous’ Yahoo Dailymotion Deal

A French minister compared Yahoo to a ravenous predator wanting to devour a French startup

11 years ago