X ‘Selling Real-Time Data’ For Law-Enforcement Purposes

X selling real-time data for use by 'dozens' of US law-enforcement agencies even as it protests government surveillance, report finds

3 months ago

Fears Over ‘Mass Surveillance’ With Bill Changes

techUK and other tech, human rights groups say proposed changes to Investigatory Powers Act could introduce 'mass surveillance'

3 months ago

Russia Warns US Over SpaceX ‘Spy Satellites’

'Starshield' spy satellites built by SpaceX for the US government could result in commercial satellites being targetted, warns Russia

3 months ago

China To Install CCTV Network On Moon – Report

Apparently not a joke. Chinese space agency outlines plan to install mass surveillance system on moon, for Lunar assets and…

3 months ago

Taylor Swift Threatens To Sue Student Who Clashed With Elon Musk

Florida student Jack Sweeney threatened with legal action by Taylor Swift, over location tracking of her private jet

4 months ago

Amazon Ring Halts Controversial Police Video-Sharing Program

Ring confirmed it is 'sunsetting' its Request for Assistance (RFA) tool that allowed police to request doorbell footage

5 months ago

France Fines Amazon 32m Euros Over ‘Excessive’ Worker Surveillance

French data protection regulator fines Amazon 32m euros over 'excessive' worker monitoring, including alerts after 10 minutes of inactivity

5 months ago

Microsoft To Allow Cloud Users To Store Personal Data In Europe

In effort to resolve privacy worries, Microsoft is to allow its cloud customers to store all personal data within EU

5 months ago

China Cracks Apple Encryption, Claims It Can Identify AirDrop Senders

Apple's encryption for AirDrop file-sharing has alleged being cracked, as Chinese authorities claim they can ID senders

5 months ago

Three Big Porn Websites Must Verify User’s Age In EU

European Commission classifies Pornhub, XVideos and Stripchat as “very large online platforms”, subjecting them to strict DSA rules

6 months ago

Ofcom’s Age Verification Proposals Pose ‘Significant’ Privacy, Security Risk

Open Rights Group slams Ofcom's proposals for age verification checks on porn websites, citing privacy and security concerns

6 months ago

Ofcom Proposes Face Scanning, Banking Details For Porn Age Verification

Proposals published by Ofcom for porn websites to implement acceptable age verification measures under Online Safety Bill

6 months ago

Politicians, Activists Call For ‘Immediate Stop’ To Live Face Recognition

Cross-party politicians, campaign groups call for 'immediate stop' to live facial recognition amidst government plans for searchable UK passport photos

8 months ago

Mozilla Names And Shames Privacy Compromising Cars

Privacy nightmare on wheels! Mozilla Foundations reviews 25 major car brands, all of which fail privacy tests

9 months ago

TikTok Opens First European Data Centre Amid China Fears

Project Clover effort to alleviate Chinese state surveillance fears, sees TikTol open first European data centre, with more to follow

9 months ago

Online Safety Bill: Lords Demand Changes To Social Media Algorithms

House of Lords fails to object to encryption demands in Online Safety Bill, but rather harmful algorithms for social media

11 months ago

TikTok To Invest Billions In Southeast Asia For E-Commerce Push

ByteDance looks to Southeast Asia amid Western pressure, and pledges significant investment in region to bolster e-commerce

1 year ago

EU Parliament Approves Draft AI Regulations

European Union edges forward into passing the world's first laws governing artificial intelligence (AI), after parliament approval

1 year ago

Ex ByteDance Staffer Alleges Beijing Had ‘Supreme Access’ To All Data

Lawsuit from former ByteDance staffer alleges China’s Communist Party had “supreme access” to all TikTok data, including US servers

1 year ago

Montana First US State To Ban China’s TikTok

Montana become the first US state to ban TikTok, after its governor signs legislation to halt downloading it from app…

1 year ago

Hikvision Denies Illegally Supplying US Government

Hikvision denies claim in leaked documents that it continues to illegally supply cameras to US government for espionage purposes

1 year ago

Clearview ‘Carried Out Nearly 1m Searches’ For US Police

Controversial facial recognition company Clearview has carried out nearly 1 million searches for US police, founder tells BBC

1 year ago

France Set To Legalise AI-Powered Surveillance For Olympics

French National Assembly set to approve 'intelligent' AI-powered surveillance to safeguard 2024 Paris Olympics, amidst human rights outcry

1 year ago

TikTok Banned From UK Government Phones

Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden confirms TikTok is to be banned on government phones over links to China

1 year ago

British Police At Risk From Chinese Drones, CCTV Cameras

Amid concern of Chinese spy balloons, UK's Camera Commissioner warns British police about their use of Chinese drones, cameras

1 year ago

Regulator Warns Over Surveillance Oversight As System ‘Simplified’

Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner warns government plans would reduce oversight of key surveillance technologies

1 year ago

Chinese Police Utilise Tracking Feature In Hikvision Software – Report

Surveillance of protests. Police can track protests in China by enabling ‘alarms’ on software from CCTV giant Hikvision

1 year ago

ByteDance Admits Staff Obtained TikTok Data Of Journalists

Chinese parent of TikTok says some staff improperly accessed TikTok user data of two journalists and have been let go

1 year ago

Alabama, Utah Latest US States To Ban TikTok

More US (Republican) states ban TikTok on state devices and computers, following earlier Taiwanese national security ban

2 years ago

Apple Abandons Plan To Check iOS Devices For Child Abuse Images

Controversial plan to check images for CSAM on iOS devices and iCloud has now been abandoned this week by Apple

2 years ago