Adobe Delivers Final Update For Flash Player

Flash Player is taking its final steps to its overdue retirement, after Adobe issued its last ever update for the…

1 year ago

Microsoft Pulls Plug On Windows 7 Support From Tuesday

Cyber security agency urges users to avoid using Windows 7 systems to access sensitive data or send emails as Microsoft…

2 years ago

Patch Tuesday Fixes Zero-Day Flaw, As Windows 7 Cut Off Looms

Only one more Patch Tuesday update for Windows 7 users in January 2020, as Microsoft delivers its final security update…

2 years ago

Intel Criticised For Removing Older Support Downloads

Users with older hardware components may be out of luck as Intel culls software drivers and BIOS updates for out-of-service…

3 years ago

Many Consumers Still Use Unsupported Operating Systems – Kaspersky

The long goodbye. Many consumers can't bear to say goodbye to Windows XP or Windows Vista, Kaspersky finds

3 years ago

Microsoft Finally Signals End Of Windows Phone

Windows 10 Mobile diehards have just over 360 days to switch to Android or iOS, before Redmond pulls support

3 years ago

Microsoft Extends Life Of ‘Classic Skype’ After Backlash

'Customer feedback' persuades Microsoft to backtrack and extend support for Skype 7.0...for now

4 years ago

VMware Will Not Support Virtualisation On Azure

Oh no you don't. VMware says it will not support any of its virtualisation tech running on Microsoft Azure

4 years ago

Apple Plans End Of Support For iPhone 5 and 5C in iOS 10.3.2

Worrying news for iPhone 5 and 5C users as Apple plans end of support for 32-bit devices

5 years ago

Microsoft Extends Windows 7, 8.1 Support Deadlines

But Redmond insists enterprise customers are moving to Windows 10 faster than any version of Windows

6 years ago

Microsoft To Pull The Plug On Internet Explorer Next Week

So long IE. Microsoft confirms older versions of Internet Explorer will not longer be supported from January 12

6 years ago

Microsoft Security Essentials Support For Windows XP Ends

Another reason to migrate from Windows XP, as Microsoft Security Essentials support officially ends

7 years ago

US Navy Pays Millions For Windows XP Support

American navy keeps 100,000 computers afloat with deal for extended Windows XP support

7 years ago

UK Government Ends Extended Support For Windows XP

Government opts not to renew extended support agreement for Windows XP, as migration continues

7 years ago

Microsoft Office Heads North Of The Border With Scottish Gaelic Support

Scottish Gaelic becomes the 96th language supported by Microsoft Office suite

7 years ago

Microsoft Reveals Details About The Retirement Of Windows 7

Mainstream support will end next year, but security updates will be provided all the way until 2020

8 years ago

UK Government Agrees £5.5m Deal For One Year’s Additional Windows XP Support

The public sector is spending £5.5 million to buy more time for OS migration

8 years ago

Microsoft To End Security Essentials With XP Support Cutoff

Microsoft warns that Security Essentials for Windows XP is also set to end in three months time

8 years ago

LibreOffice Gains Collabora Commercial Support

The open-source LibreOffice office productivity suite is to gain commercial support from Collabora Productivity

9 years ago

Begin Preparing For The End…Of Windows XP

With less than a year until Microsoft takes Windows XP off life support, companies need to ensure they have proper…

9 years ago

Millions Warned As Windows XP Support Ends In One Year

Businesses and individuals facing heightened security risk by not upgrading

9 years ago

IT Life: Linux Crusade Turns To Excellence

Andy Green and Andy Beer started out trying to convert the world to open source. Now, they help users manage…

10 years ago

HP Launches ‘Revolutionary’ Always On Support

HP believes it is bringing a game-changing set of support services to market.

10 years ago

Intel Rolls Out Energy-Efficient Xeon E5 Chips For Cloud And Big Data

IBM, Dell, HP, Hitachi unveil Intel’s Xeon servers offering 80 percent more performance and 50 percent better energy efficiency

10 years ago

Commercial Open-Source Web Server Support Launched By NginX

NGINX enters the world of commercial services with support for its open-source Web server

10 years ago

Salesforce Launches Social Support Tool is targeting SMBs with a cloud-based helpdesk dashboard that integrates Facebook and Twitter feeds

10 years ago

OPEN: A Possible Replacement For The US SOPA/PIPA Laws

The Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) Act is rising in popularity as an alternative to SOPA and…

10 years ago

GoDaddy Backs Down On SOPA But Loses Over 72,000 Domains

GoDaddy's desertion of the Stop Online Piracy Act caused a Reddit revolt to fail but the battle had already been…

10 years ago

Users Threaten Boycott As GoDaddy Announces Support For SOPA

Domain resellers and owners are boycotting registrar GoDaddy over its support for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act

10 years ago

Itanium Users Focus Anger On Cynical Oracle

Users of Itanium servers, angry at Oracle’s decision to stop software development, are seeking alternatives

11 years ago