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Amazon Prime Video To Carry Ads In UK From 5 February

Adverts will start appearing for UK users of Amazon Video Prime on 5 February 2024, unless extra fee is paid

4 months ago

Apple, Paramount Discuss Bundling Streaming Service Offer – Report

Streaming tie-up? Discussions reportedly between Apple and Paramount discuss bundling respective streaming services

5 months ago

TikTok COO Pappas Steps Down

Vanessa Pappas, the chief operating officer of TikTok, has resigned to refocus on her 'entrepreneurial passions'

10 months ago

Netflix Expands Password Sharing Crackdown

Streaming giant Netflix password says sharing by 100 million households is impacting its ability to invest in new TV and…

1 year ago

Amazon Mulls Stand-Alone Sports Content App – Report

Sports on Amazon's Prime Video streaming service could potentially be hived off into a separate stand-alone app

1 year ago

Apple Hikes Price Of Apple Music, Apple TV+

Apple users in the US and UK will have to pay a little bit more per month for their favourite…

1 year ago

Netflix Advert-Supported Plan To Arrive November

Lower priced ad-supported subscription plan set to arrive in November, to operate alongside existing ad-free plans

2 years ago

Meta To Shutter Facebook Gaming App

That didn't last long. Meta is to close its Facebook Gaming app later this year – two years after it…

2 years ago

Amazon UK To Raise Cost Of Prime Service

Streaming costs rise. Monthly Amazon Prime subscription cost to increase to £8.99 per month, as delivery and labour costs rise

2 years ago

Netflix Partners Microsoft For Cheaper Subscription Plan…With Adverts

Streaming giant Netflix has partnered up with Microsoft for a cheaper consumer subscription plan, that will feature adverts

2 years ago

Russian Users Sue Netflix For Market Withdraw – Report

Disgruntled Netflix users in Russia have launched a class action lawsuit against streaming giant for leaving the Russian market

2 years ago

Netflix To Start Charging For Password Sharing

After two subscription price rises, it emerges that Netflix knows when a person shares their password with others, and will…

2 years ago

Sky Launches Streaming Television Unit, Sky Glass

Look mum, no satellite dish. Sky launches streaming television that doesn't require a satellite dish or even a set-top box

3 years ago

YouTube Trials Cheaper Premium Lite Option

Not that much cheaper. Google's YouTube is trialing a more affordable premium subscription tier that doesn't display adverts

3 years ago

Netflix Tests Crackdown On Password Sharing

Tightening up of account sharing as Netflix confirms test of account passwords, to ensure people are authorised to use account

3 years ago

Stop Streaming In Ultra HD On Phones To Save Planet, Scientists Warn

Boffins at UK Royal Society use mobile users to avoid streaming in unnecessarily high-resolutions in order to cut emmissions

3 years ago

Facebook Launches Gaming Streaming Service To Rival Twitch, YouTube

Facebook has rushed the launch of its gaming streaming app, in order to capitalise on the enforced lockdown of potential…

4 years ago

Coronvirus: Netflix Cuts Traffic To India

Streaming giant says it will reduce traffic to India by 25 percent as India declares total lockdown due to Coronavirus…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Facebook Joins Netflix, YouTube In Streaming Downgrade

Facebook confirms it will downgrade video streaming quality on its platform and on Instagram in Europe, until bandwidth concerns ease

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Netflix Urged To Stream Low Definition To Ease Network Strain

European Union Commissioner has urged Netflix and other streaming platforms to stop delivering content in high definition

4 years ago

Thousands Of Disney+ Customers Hacked – Report

Subscribers of the newly launched streaming service from the house of mouse say their accounts have been hacked

4 years ago

Disney CEO Leaves Apple Board Amid Streaming Clash

Boss of Disney resigns from Apple board as the two firms launch rival streaming services

5 years ago

Streaming Catching Traditional TV, Ofcom Finds

The UK is becoming a nation of streamers thanks to speedy broadband access, but traditional TV remains top for content

5 years ago

Facebook Live Streaming Restriction After NZ Shooting

Rules around the live streaming feature on Facebook to be tightened after New Zealand shootings

5 years ago

Cisco Creates System To Clamp Down On Video Piracy

Bootleggers beware, as Cisco touts system to take down growing threat of pirated video content

7 years ago

Livestream Warns Customers Of Possible Data Breach

Warns customers to reset passwords after 'third party' accesses sensitive account information

8 years ago

Netflix Denies Change To VPN Policies

Netflix denies caving into pressure from Hollywood and TV studios over geographic licensing issues

9 years ago

Amazon To Launch Cheap Video Service To Rival Netflix

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch an ad-supported video service early next year that will be cheaper than Netflix

9 years ago