Reddit Deal With OpenAI Gives ChatGPT Access To Content

OpenAI strikes deal with Reddit to train its AI tech on user posts and give ChatGPT direct access to the…

4 weeks ago

Reddit Shares Surge After Successful NYSE IPO

Reddit enjoys successful initial public offering in New York, as shares rose which in turn pushed its market cap to…

3 months ago

Reddit Seeks Valuation Up To $6.4bn In NYSE Listing

Social media platform Reddit seeks valuation of up to $6.4 billion in NYSE listing, as users express concern about investor…

3 months ago

Reddit Looks For $6.5bn Valuation In NYSE IPO

Social media platform Reddit looks for $6.5bn IPO valuation, significantly down from $10bn value in 2021 private funding funding round

3 months ago

Reddit Users React With Dismay To IPO Plans

Reddit users, moderators express scepticism about IPO plans for company as it licenses content to Google for AI training

4 months ago

Most Reddit Forums Still Dark, After CEO Doubles Down

Moderators of thousands of Reddit’s forums maintain blackout in protest at API fees, after Reddit CEO doubles down

12 months ago

Thousands Of Reddit Forums Go Dark In Protest

Moderators of thousands of of Reddit's forums, representing the vast majority of its content, have gone dark in protest at…

1 year ago

Reddit To Axe 5 Percent Of Workforce

More layoffs in tech sector, as Reddit confirms it will dismiss approximately 5 percent of its workforce and reduce hiring

1 year ago

Reddit Files To Go Public With US Regulator

Social news giant Reddit has joined the listing trend, after it filed for initial public offering (IPO) with US authorities

2 years ago

Reddit Co-Founder Quits In Racism Protest

Alexis Ohanian leaves Reddit's board of directors and says he will donate $1m to charity in move protesting hate speech…

4 years ago

Reddit Confirms ‘Serious’ Hack Of User Data

Reddit knew of 'security incident' since 19 June but only alerted users more than a month later

6 years ago

Reddit Tests Tracking Users After They Log Out

The feature has led some to speculate Reddit may be following the likes of Facebook and Twitter in tracking users

8 years ago

Bill Gates: The Future Is Robots (And Quantum Computing)

Microsoft founder chats AI regulation, hoverboards, and the company’s future in Reddit AMA

8 years ago

Beware – Governments Are All Over Your Data, Expert Warns

Governments “are doing a lousy job” when it comes to educating about online data collection, says F-Secure expert

8 years ago

Tim Berners-Lee: I Knew The Web Would Be Big

However, the inventor of the World Wide Web never thought his creation would facilitate the exchange of so many cat…

10 years ago

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Admits To Chipmaker’s Past Mobile Failings

Brian Krzanich reveals close partnership with Apple as well as a taste for PB&J Sandwiches during Reddit Ask Me Anything…

10 years ago

Reddit Hit By ‘Malicious DDoS’

Another day, another big site DDoSed

11 years ago

Aaron Swartz Prosecutor Defends Her Office

Carmen Ortiz says she recommended a reduced sentence of six months in a low security setting

11 years ago

Aaron Swartz Lawyer: I Warned Prosecutors Of Suicide Risk

Lawyer claims prosecutors said Swartz would have been safer in jail

11 years ago

Another Amazon Web Services Outage Takes Out Top Websites

AWS has more issues in northern Virginia

12 years ago