Reddit Files To Go Public With US Regulator

Social news giant Reddit has joined the listing trend, after it filed for initial public offering (IPO) with US authorities

7 months ago

Reddit Co-Founder Quits In Racism Protest

Alexis Ohanian leaves Reddit's board of directors and says he will donate $1m to charity in move protesting hate speech…

2 years ago

Reddit Confirms ‘Serious’ Hack Of User Data

Reddit knew of 'security incident' since 19 June but only alerted users more than a month later

4 years ago

Reddit Tests Tracking Users After They Log Out

The feature has led some to speculate Reddit may be following the likes of Facebook and Twitter in tracking users

6 years ago

Bill Gates: The Future Is Robots (And Quantum Computing)

Microsoft founder chats AI regulation, hoverboards, and the company’s future in Reddit AMA

6 years ago

Beware – Governments Are All Over Your Data, Expert Warns

Governments “are doing a lousy job” when it comes to educating about online data collection, says F-Secure expert

6 years ago

Tim Berners-Lee: I Knew The Web Would Be Big

However, the inventor of the World Wide Web never thought his creation would facilitate the exchange of so many cat…

8 years ago

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Admits To Chipmaker’s Past Mobile Failings

Brian Krzanich reveals close partnership with Apple as well as a taste for PB&J Sandwiches during Reddit Ask Me Anything…

8 years ago

Reddit Hit By ‘Malicious DDoS’

Another day, another big site DDoSed

9 years ago

Aaron Swartz Prosecutor Defends Her Office

Carmen Ortiz says she recommended a reduced sentence of six months in a low security setting

9 years ago

Aaron Swartz Lawyer: I Warned Prosecutors Of Suicide Risk

Lawyer claims prosecutors said Swartz would have been safer in jail

9 years ago

Another Amazon Web Services Outage Takes Out Top Websites

AWS has more issues in northern Virginia

10 years ago